Haunted Casino Properties of Las Vegas

Many Las Vegas haunting stories can be tied back to mob violence in the city, while others can be attributed to despair and suicide. Las Vegas after all is considered the suicide capitol of the United States. Over 40 million people visited Las Vegas in 2016 and with numbers that large, it is a statistical certainty that people will meet their end while in town.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Occasionally, those who die in Las Vegas also decide to stick around in spirit form…  Below, we list prevalent Las Vegas casino and hotel hauntings.


Westgate Las Vegas:

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Elvis Presley began an impressive string of performances in Las Vegas at the International Hotel (which is now Westgate) in 1969 and is rumored by employees and guests to have never left the establishment. It is said that Elvis’s ghost, when encountered, hangs out by the showroom and backstage elevator. Elvis has also been spotted wandering the halls of the upper floors at Westgate. Don’t forget to ask for an autograph.

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino:

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Circus Circus is one of the oldest properties in Las Vegas, opening in 1968. As you can imagine, that is plenty of time for numerous nefarious deeds to occur on premises. Room 123 tends to be a common trouble spot as a mother was said to have murdered her son and then herself. Guests have reported hearing the child calling for help, searching for his father, Robert. Guests have also reported seeing the words “help me” appear on bathroom mirrors and others have heard whispers for help that crescendo into agonizing screams.  Nobody can be sure of the Circus Circus death count. Rumors still swirl about how many undocumented deaths may have occurred when the property was still under mob influence but it is believed that a few unlucky folks got tossed from windows to meet the hard desert below.



Bally’s Hotel and Casino:

A fire at the MGM Grand (Now re-branded as Bally’s) killed 85 people, mostly due to smoke inhalation, in 1980. At the time, the fire was the second worst hotel fire in US history. The MGM Grand fire started in the Deli on the casino level due to an electrical ground fault and wasn’t slowed by sprinklers as they weren’t required at the time. Employees and guests alike have reported seeing ghosts wandering hotel hallways and the casino floor.  Additionally, Bally’s guests have reported hearing crying and whimpering in the upper hotel floors.

Luxor Hotel and Casino:

It is rumored that Luxor is haunted by several ghosts. Many of the haunting stories cite individuals that jumped from the hotel hallways lining the interior of the Luxor pyramid to their death below inside the casino. Luxor guests walking the hotel hallways have often reported feeling breath on their neck, walking through cold spots or hearing whispering in their ear. Also housed at Luxor is the Titanic Exhibit, featuring many artifacts from the doomed passenger liner as well a large piece of the ship itself salvaged from the ocean floor. Employees have said they feel as though spirits from the sunken White Star liner followed the artifacts and now haunt the exhibit at Luxor.

Flamingo Hotel and Casino:

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Infamous mobster Bugsy Siegel oversaw construction of the Flamingo and was subsequently murdered at his Beverly Hills home in 1947 due to cost overruns and an unprofitable opening. Bugsy’s ghost has been spotted by hundreds of guests and employees alike wandering the pool and wildlife habitat area at the Flamingo where his living quarters once stood. Siegel’s ghost has also been spotted in the wedding chapel at Flamingo as well as the presidential suite. The previous location of Siegel’s living quarters are still marked by a memorial to the man who now haunts the property that caused his demise. If you wander the Flamingo property at night and spot a 1940s mobster, its likely not a street performer.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino:

Excalibur opened in 1990 and is built to have the look and feel of a medieval castle. Although no particularly violent events were ever documented at Excalibur, guests have claimed to feel a presence and hear whispering in their ear while walking the casino hallways alone. Other eerie happenings to have been reported at Excalibur include moving furniture, ringing phones in the dead of night with nobody on the line and static emanating from TVs and radios that are turned off.

Sleep tight.

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