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Average Monthly Temperatures in Las Vegas – What to Expect

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While Las Vegas is known for being a sun-soaked desert paradise, there’s actually a significant amount of variability in weather throughout the year. For many visiting Vegas for the first time, or visiting for the first time during a specific season, knowing what to pack can be a challenge. While most realize Las Vegas is hot during the summer, some are taken aback by how cold the destination can get in the winter months.

Below, we wanted to cover what to expect from a high and low-temperature perspective on a month-to-month basis so you can determine what to plan for. Of course, checking the extended forecast as your trip approaches is your best bet, but the averages provided below should act as a solid guide.

To determine the average monthly average temperatures in Las Vegas, we leveraged real-world data from the National Weather Service. Specifically, we looked at high and low-temperature data from that month in 2020, while highlighting extremes that occurred in either direction.

Las Vegas Weather in January

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 60.3 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 41 Degrees

January weather in Las Vegas can be downright chilly, surprising visitors from northern states expecting heat. Although average highs reached 60.3 degrees, lows frequently dipped into the mid to upper 30s. Visitors will certainly want to consider bringing a light jacket, pants, etc. to ensure they are prepared as January is the second coldest month of the year in Vegas.

Las Vegas Weather in February

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 64.3 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 43.5 Degrees

High temperatures in Las Vegas start moving in the right direction in February, warming slightly from January’s averages. Ensure to look at the extended forecast in advance as high temperatures varied quite a bit, ranging from the low 70s to the high 40s. Lows also dipped into the 30s on numerous occasions making for an uncomfortable night on the town if underdressed.

Las Vegas Weather in March

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 67.4 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 50 Degrees

Weather in March continues along a warming trajectory with high temperatures frequently reaching the low 70s, and lows at a much more palatable 50-degrees on average. March also marks the start of pool season in Las Vegas, but you’ll want to check the forecast to ensure the weather will allow for a comfortable experience as high temperatures dipped as low as the upper 50s.

Las Vegas Weather in April

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 79.6 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 59 Degrees

April served up high temperatures ranging from the low 60s to upper 90s in 2020, so there can be quite a bit of variation! Low temperatures in April averaged 59 degrees. For those averse to weather on the hot or cold extremes of the spectrum, April could be the perfect time to visit.

Las Vegas Weather in May

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 92.2 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 69.2 Degrees

Weather in Las Vegas really starts to hit its summer stride in May with average high temperatures of 92.2 degrees in 2020. Those high temperatures fell into a range from the low 80’s all the way up to 108 degrees. Fear of frigid lows dissipates considerably in May with temps typically staying 60 degrees or warmer.

Las Vegas Weather in June

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 98.5 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 74.5 Degrees

Summer weather in Vegas can feel oppressive to some, but those from northern climates that commonly suffer through sub-zero polar vortexes relish it. Although the average high temperature in 2020 was 98.5 degrees, approximately half the month subjected visitors to highs over 100 degrees.

Las Vegas Weather in July

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 106.5 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 83.2 Degrees

Not surprisingly, the weather in Las Vegas in July is HOT, with the month ranking as the second hottest of the year. Notably, only 1 single day in 2020 had a high temperature below 100 degrees. Like June, July tends to be exceedingly sunny. In 2020, the month tallied 26 clear days, 5 partly cloudy, and 0 cloudy days.

Las Vegas Weather in August

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 107.3 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 83.9 Degrees

The hottest month of the year, August weather in Las Vegas can be downright dangerous if you’re not careful. In 2020, every single day of the month featured high temperatures over 100 degrees, with 10 reaching 110 degrees or hotter. Similar to June and July, the entire month was clear, or only partly cloudy in 2020.

Las Vegas Weather in September

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 98.8 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 73.7 Degrees

Weather in September sees temperatures start to decline from their summer highs to more comfortable levels with high temperatures averaging 98.8 degrees, although 13 days did still see temperatures reach 100 or greater in 2020. With highs ranging from the low 80s to the 110s, the extended forecast will be your friend as your travel dates approach.

Las Vegas Weather in October

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 87.6 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 61.6 Degrees

The cool-off is in full swing! In 2020, only 1 day reached a high of 100 degrees in October, and the average high temperature receded to 87.6 degrees. With low temperatures ranging from the low 40’s to the high 60’s, we suggest bringing a light jacket just in case a colder evening aligns with your dates of travel. Most pools start closing up for the winter in October, although there are some that stay open year-round.

Las Vegas Weather in November

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 69.2 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 48.1 Degrees

November weather in Las Vegas can be pretty darn cold by most people’s standards. High temperatures in 2020 averaged 69.2 degrees but ranged from the 50s all the way up to the mid-80s (early in the month). Lows averaged 48.1 throughout the month with several occasions of temps dipping into the high 30s.

Las Vegas Weather in December

  • Average High Temperature in 2020: 58.7 Degrees
  • Average Low Temperature in 2020: 38.4 Degrees

Statistically, December weather in Vegas is the coldest of the year with high temperatures averaging a measly 58.7 degrees in 2020, falling within a range of 48 degrees – 70 degrees. Low temperatures are certainly something you will want to prepare for from a wardrobe perspective, frequently dipping into the low 30s.

Las Vegas Weather Tips

  • Use and re-apply sunblock as perscribed on the package as its protection doesn’t last all day. I personally learned the hard way wearing flip-flops to the outdoor neon museum, then suffering through brutal sunburn on the tops of my feet for the following few days.
  • You’ll also want to be sure to not misjudge walking distances only to get fried by the heat. This is also a lesson learned the hard way on a walk from the Planet Hollywood to Hard Rock (now Virgin) just a mile off the Strip. Trust me, the air conditioned Uber ride is worth the $10-$15. Not only is it safer in dangerous heat, but you won’t get disgustingly sweaty.
  • If traveling in the winter, ensure you bring a light jacket and/or long pants. Especially at night, things get downright brisk. Even inside casinos, you’ll likely be chilly.

Although Las Vegas is reliably sunny, month by month temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit dipping to temps that will make visitors from the heartiest of northern climates uncomfortable if not dressed appropriately. Hopefully, we are able to help you pack more effectively for your upcoming trip based on past weather trends!

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