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Carnival Court Las Vegas Schedule – Live Music Times & Bands!

Few bars in Las Vegas are more popular than Carnival Court, which is nestled between Harrah’s and Linq on the Strip.

The reasons for Carnival Court’s popularity are numerous. The outdoor bar employs flair bartenders, has blackjack tables, and serves the popular “fickle dip” drink (made famous by the Everything Las Vegas Facebook Group). For those unfamiliar, a fickle dip combines captain, amaretto, triple sec, orange juice, lime, and pineapple. It’s freaking good.

Of course, the main reason people visit Carnival Court is live music. Bands that regularly take the stage include The Droids, The Whip Its, The Spazmatics, Mr. $ Mrs. Smith, Original Chaos, and The District among others.

As a Las Vegas live music connoisseur myself, I recently checked Carnival Court’s website to gauge what bands would be playing and when and found that information to be elusive. There just isn’t a published calendar of events, unfortunately.

With that in mind, I wanted to dig around in an attempt to clarify the live music schedule at Carnival Court, including which bands will be playing, so that itineraries can be planned accordingly.

Carnival Court Bar exterior
Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Live Music Schedule at Carnival Court

Carnival Court’s Entertainment Times

Live music at Carnival Court takes place daily during two main time slots:

  • The first live music window is from 2:30 pm – 7 pm.
  • The Second live music window is from 8 pm – 12:30 am.
  • On Friday and Saturdays, a DJ commonly takes the stage at 12:30 am. Not really my style, but to each their own.

Unfortunately, Carnival Court doesn’t do a great job of publicizing which bands will be filling the above timeslots.

Thankfully, individual bands that play there do, and publish that information on their respective websites and/or social media profiles.

Carnival Court Band Schedules

Disclaimer: The days, times, and performers listed below likely change frequently.

I’ll do my best to keep this post updated, but if a specific band is what you seek, I’d recommend calling Carnival Court directly (contact information here) for information. Alternatively, you can check the band’s social media profile or website linked below for more information on their upcoming performances.

Here’s the scheduling information I was able to chase down:

  • The Whip Its play from 2:30 pm – 7 pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Mr. $ Mrs. Smith play from 8 pm – 12:30 am every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The Droids play from 2:30 pm – 7 pm every Monday and from 8 pm – 12:30 pm every Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Original Chaos plays from 2:30 pm – 7 every Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The Spazmatics play from 8 pm – 12:30 am every Sunday and Monday.

Hopefully, our breakdown of Carnival Court’s live music schedule was helpful. While I wish a more detailed, up-to-date calendar was published online, any act that takes the stage is sure to entertain. Have a great time, and enjoy your fickle dip (or 8).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.