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Las Vegas Hotels With Smoking Rooms

Hotel rooms in Las Vegas that allow smoking are becoming increasingly hard to find as MGM Resorts has become the most recent chain to ban the activity in guest rooms. The movement to eliminate smoking rooms has been slow, albeit inevitable. Smoke is hard to contain, spilling into hallways and other guest rooms, and smoking rooms cost more to clean and maintain. We anticipate more and more resorts, in Las Vegas, and elsewhere will continue to do away with the burdensome room type.

With options disappearing, we thought it would be helpful to share which Las Vegas hotels still offer smoking hotel rooms.

For each hotel that offers smoking rooms, we also explain how to book that specific accommodation. Oftentimes, it’s as easy as selecting a “smoking” room, but other properties require you to check a specific box, call to request a smoking room directly, or have you add that preference to a “special request” box.

Hotels on the Strip that Allow Smoking

Caesars Entertainment Properties: Hotels that allow smoking within the Caesars Entertainment chain include Linq, Flamingo, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood, Paris, and Caesars Palace, and Harrah’s. Caesars Palace, Rio, and Cromwell do not offer smoking rooms. To book a hotel room that allows smoking, navigate to the booking portal, select your dates of travel, and select the “smoking” filter at the top of the results page. Smoking rooms are also clearly marked as you scroll through the room options available.

Tropicana: The iconic south Strip hotel offers smoking hotel rooms which are labeled as such when booking via their website here.

TI: Guests that desire a smoking hotel room at TI will need to select the “Smoking Deluxe Room” type specifically when booking with the property.

Wynn/Encore: While Wynn and Encore don’t have smoking hotel rooms listed on their website, they do have smoking rooms available. To reserve a room that smoking is allowed in, simply type that request into the “Special Request” box when booking online.

STRAT: Marking the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, STRAT does have designated smoking rooms that can be requested at the time of reservation by checking the “smoking” box when prompted for “Additional Room Requests” when booking online via their website. That check box will be seen only after selecting your dates of travel and room type.

Hotels Downtown Las Vegas that Allow Smoking

Plaza: Smoking rooms are available in the hotel and can be reserved by selecting the “Deluxe Room Smoking” room type when booking directly with Plaza.

Golden Gate: Smoking rooms in the hotel are available on Golden Gate’s website and come with either one queen bed, or two doubles here.

Golden Nugget: Although the majority of Golden Nuggets rooms do not allow smoking, there are a limited number of smoking rooms available in their Carson Tower. We recommend calling Golden Nugget directly to reserve a smoking room in the hotel as the option doesn’t exist on their website.

4 Queens: Smoking rooms are available in 4 Queens’ hotel. To reserve, guests will want to check the “Smoking Requested” box after selecting their dates and room type when booking to indicate their preference here.

The D: Smoking rooms are available in The D’s hotel on floors 3,4, and 21. To book a room that allows smoking, guests will need to check the “Smoking Room” option at the time of booking here. Note that an additional fee of $22.60 per night will be added to your reservation total.

El Cortez: Offering a limited number of smoking hotel rooms, guests simply need to select a “smoking” room type when booking directly as they are clearly marked.

Fremont: An old-school Vegas hotel and casino in the heart of Fremont Street, Fremont offers numerous smoking hotel room options bookable on their website.

California: Found just steps away from Fremont Street, The Cal offers a number of smoking hotel room options, which are bookable on their website.

Main Street Station: Another hotel option found a short walk from Fremont Street, Main Street Station offers hotel rooms that allow for smoking which are bookable on their website.

Off-Strip Hotels Offering Smoking Rooms

Palace Station: A casino popular with locals, Palace Station offers a free shuttle both to and from the Airport and the Strip. The hotel also offers smoking rooms to guests. To book, navigate to the hotel’s booking website, and select a room labeled as smoking after selecting your dates of travel.

South Point: Located just south of the Strip, South Point offers smoking rooms. To book, simply select a smoking room option at the time of booking on the property’s website.

What Happens if I Smoke in a Non-Smoking Hotel Room?

If you plan to smoke in your hotel room, booking one that allows the activity should be a priority as smoking in a non-smoking room can be an expensive proposition. For instance, if you smoke in an MGM Resorts hotel room (they don’t allow smoking) you’ll be billed $500 for deep cleaning.

Can I Vape In My Las Vegas Hotel Room?

Las Vegas resorts consider vaping to be the same as smoking. If you plan to vape, book a smoking hotel room to avoid a hefty financial penalty.

Can I Smoke Marijuana In My Las Vegas Hotel Room?

Nope. Although legal in Nevada, smoking marijuana is prohibited in every resort. You’ll have to find a back ally to indulge, for now at least.

Although smoking rooms in Las Vegas are slowly going extinct, there are still a healthy number of hotels that allow smoking in rooms. Even if your preferred resort doesn’t allow smoking in the hotel room, the casino floor is typically a short elevator ride away, and almost all casinos (except for Park MGM) still allow for smoking in gaming areas. Hopefully, you were able to find a smoking hotel room option that will work for you!

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Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Although I smoke I don’t want to stay in a smoking room… I’d rather smoke outside… I don’t like the smell in the rooms

Steven e Haftner

Monday 23rd of August 2021

Thank you Jake, as a smoker I appreciate your research and will book a room at a resort that allows smoking. Great help thanks ellery h

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