Las Vegas Slot Machine Fun Facts

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Slot machines are the backbone of the casino operation in Las Vegas. We play them knowing the odds aren’t in our favor but crave the next bonus or quick hit. With the popularity of slots, why not throw together a list of fun facts?


  • There were 38,743 individual slot machines on the Las Vegas Strip in 2017 according to NV Gaming Control Board Revenue Reporting (All Non-Restricted Locations).


  • There were 9,753 individual slot machines in downtown Las Vegas in 2017 according to NV Gaming Control Board Revenue Reporting (All Non-Restricted Locations)


  • The outcome of a spin on a modern slot machine is determined by a random number generator (RNG) at the time you pull the lever/press the button to spin. The reels simply move to the pre-determined position on the screen to match the RNG’s output. The RNG is always kicking out numbers, when you push to spin you “lock” the combination that will determine your fate. Scrap your dances, rituals and rubbing the screen – Just press that button at the right time!


  • Because the RNG is 100%, random, each spin is an individual event. The slot machine is unable to “go cold” in order to win back money paid out by the machine. Player slot odds are the same on each and every spin.


  • Las Vegas Strip casinos  made 51.9% of their gaming revenue from slot machines in 2017 according to the NV Gaming Commission’s Gaming Abstract report (locations with gaming revenue of over $1 million).


  • Las Vegas Strip Casinos made an average slot revenue of $105.80 per room, per day in 2017 according to the Gaming Abstract report (locations with gaming revenue of over $1 million).


  • 83.28% of casino floor square footage was dedicated to coin operated machines in 2017 vs 16.72% reserved for table games, poker and the sportsbook according to the Gaming Abstract (locations with gaming revenue of over $1 million).


  • A software engineer won the biggest slot jackpot in history while playing Megabucks at Excalibur in 2003 – $39,710,826.36. Coincidentally, Megabucks machines were the tightest slot denomination on the Strip in 2017 at a 12.72% casino win rate (meaning the house won $12.72 of every $100 wagered in non-restricted locations).


  • Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip featured the tightest slots in the region in 2017 at a 8.04% casino win rate meaning the casino won an average of $8.04 per every $100 wagered on the machine. The Boulder Strip’s slot machines paid out at the highest rate as the casinos only won or held 5.66% of money bet on machines. Data included all denominations and looked at all non-restricted locations.


  • Similar to the Boulder Strip, North Las Vegas had comparatively looser slots vs. Strip casinos coming in at a 6.56% casino win rate in 2017. Get off the beaten path in Vegas for slots that pay out.



  • Machines featuring your favorite shows or characters are often not owned by the casino but leased from the manufacturer for a % of revenue generated by players or a fixed daily rate.

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We referenced Vegas slot statistics from the following Nevada Gaming Control Board reports linked below:

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