List of Las Vegas Resort Fees – 2020

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Ever rising resort fees in Las Vegas are taking a bite out of tourist’s wallets before they play their first hand of blackjack. For those unfamiliar, resort fees in Las Vegas are a fixed nightly fee that you pay when you check in.

What do you get for paying the resort fee? Not much. The resort fee is said to cover “amenities” like in room internet, fitness center access, local phone calls, shuttle services and in some cases a local newspaper. In reality, resort fees are designed to pad the bottom line via an additional expense passed on to consumers. Additionally, hotels don’t pay online travel agents (Expedia, Travelocity, etc) commission on the fee, only the advertised “room rate”.

We wanted to compile, and maintain, an up to date list of resort fees in Las Vegas so that you could plan your vacation accordingly and avoid surprises.

Note that resort fees are taxable, we noted in the tables below if tax is included in the resort fee that was quoted by the property.

Current Las Vegas Strip Resort Fees:

ResortResort FeeTax Included?
Caesars Palace$45No
Casino Royale$0No
Circus Circus$32No
Mandalay Bay$39No
MGM Grand$39No
New York New York$37No
Park MGM$39No
Planet Hollywood$37No
Polo Towers$32.95No
Waldorf Astoria$45No

**Note that Resort Fees at TI are optional if you book with their TV AD Special – More info here.

Downtown Las Vegas Resort Fees tend to be less expensive with 4 Queens and Binion’s being the last properties to not charge a resort fee. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Current Downtown Las Vegas Resort Fees:

ResortResort FeeTax Included?
4 Queens$0N/A
Binion’s Apache$0N/A
Downtown Grand$29.36Yes
El Cortez$22.54Yes
Golden Gate$28.25Yes
Golden Nugget$38.42Yes
Main Street Station$21.46Yes
The D$28.25Yes

Current Resort Fees Off the Beaten Path:

ResortResort FeeTax Included?
Arizona Charlies$21.46Yes
Boulder Station$22.59Yes
Eastside Cannery$20.33Yes
Ellis Island$28.99Yes
Gold Coast$29.47Yes
Green Valley Ranch$44.46Yes
M Resort$24.99Yes
Palace Station$34Yes
Red Rock$44.07Yes
Sam’s Town$25.98Yes
Signature at MGM$39No
Silver Sevens$32Yes
South Point$21No
Sunset Station$25.07Yes

Barring much needed legislation, resort fees in Las Vegas aren’t going away anytime soon. Given the current trend, we can only assume that Vegas casinos will continue to increase fees incrementally in lockstep with each other. Keep checking our updated list of resort fees to stay up to date.

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22 thoughts on “List of Las Vegas Resort Fees – 2020”

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. Highway robbery. We used to go to vegas3-5 times per year and now I don’t even want to consider it. And not because of the actual fee. Because this is how the casinos and their executives treat their guests. Like shit.

    1. totally on target, plus the cost to eat-really outrageous-vegas isn’t cheap anymore like it used to be.some of the buffets/restaurants in casinos, are MAJOR head shakers-a bonafide joke.

  2. I never understand why the Platinum is hardly included in these list. It’s a great place to stay, valet is free, perfectly locatated just east of Bally’s and resort fees of $15.

  3. Have travelled to Las Vegas 2-3 times a year for 20 years. Going to Palm Springs, CA this year instead. Just discovered resort fees there too. It’s like a virus or beards on 20-30 year old men, they’re eveywhere.

  4. Add in the Skyline on Boulder. It is trying to become an “old vegas” place and often in the cheapest around. Easy bus to downtown or to Sam’s, Eastside Cannery, Boulder. NO RESORT FEES. 25 minute walk to Henderson birding. Dummkoff’s Band on Sunday. Only downside I can find is that the casino and restaurant are a bit smoky. Rooms reported wonderful and 100 % smoke free. By car not too far from Sunset Station. Wild West must be pretty near. Refrig in every room.

  5. And yes, Resort Fees are not going away. Our chance was Harrah’s. No one paid attention to the math. They had to get on the bandwagon. Remember, it is the same dollars to us, but to a hotel taking a booking discounter like, the resort fee is money that is not shared with the advertiser. Also, it is another way to reward high rollers, another thing to be waived by the host.

  6. Oh, if you book the Skyline, book directly. Right now they have a promotion. If you ask, you get to roll the chuck a luck dice as you check in. Get lucky with trips and you get one of your nights comped. Sort of a reverse Resort Fee for the lucky.

  7. we went at the end of November,2 rooms 1 adult. first 2 nights were comped for my room.36.55for the rooms sun-wed and 39.95 thurs.bill should have been 299.20, instead-$528 in change.really leaves a sour taste.this was at the orleans.

  8. Have been going to Las Vegas for the last 12 years staying 14 nights each time the resort fee is shocking I only ever used WiFi it’s day light robbery,I asked manager to justify the fee and he couldn’t,this guy Steve hill seems he’s the one who enforces the resort fee I will not be back in Vegas I think I have given them enough money over 12 years,

  9. British tourist here in Las Vegas for the first time ever. It was always a childhood dream and now realised aged 50. Bottom line, as many state above just far too expensive and a feeling of being completely ripped off wherever you go. Customer service is pretty dreadful on the Strip, regardless of hotel, many of the toilets are dirty and unhygienic; waitresses are dressed like prostitutes and there’s little to no professionalism. It seems quite a seedy place actually and I am very disappointed. Lost a lot of money (over 5 thousand dollars in just a week) and Treasure Island wouldn’t even comp my room for 1 night. I find TI a dump and so old fashioned with staff really not that interested. I am really quite shocked to be honest, always assumed and had heard from people that the USA was great with customer services? Can’t agree with that and some of the things the women wear out here are beyond belief. Its just not a good place for an educated respectful human being. Glad I got it out of my system, no reason to visit again. Simon.

  10. It is deceptive to not advertise the resort fees when browsing booking web sites. The resort fees seem to cover what in other cities is included in the regular room cost.

  11. We went 3 times in the 90s, staying at San Remo, Imperial Palace and Maxim. No resort fees back then and still great prices everywhere, including buffets. Went back in March 2015, $22.00 resort fees at Exclaibur, following July, $26.00, then last week at Luxor, $35.00. Add to that the taxes and for Canadians, another 40% on every dollar, makes travel to the US, especially Las Vegas, extremely expensive.

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