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Lobster Me vs. Luke’s Lobster – Lobster Mac & Cheese in Vegas

If you’re anything like me, a long day of drinking in Las Vegas will get you craving specific types of food. In my case, that craving is almost always pointing me to either pizza by the slice or lobster mac and cheese.

While the best lobster mac and cheese in Las Vegas likely can be found at a sit-down restaurant with a more upscale vibe like Capital Grille or Yardbird, I’m not looking to spend that much. Nope. For my purposes today, I’m on the hunt for a quick, relatively cheap, and delish lobster mac and cheese dish.

That leaves me with two prominent options for cheap lobster mac and cheese: Luke’s Lobster at the Fashion Show Mall, and Lobster Me, with locations in both the Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian and the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

I bought them both and leveraged my tastebuds to tell you which is better. You’ll want to note that I’m not a “foodie”, nor do I know much about “food”. I do, however, know good taste, how filling something is, and whether it’s a good value for the price.

Lobster Mac & Cheese at Luke’s Lobster

Lobster Mac and Cheese from Luke's Lobster

Luke’s Lobster operates in a tiny structure in front of the Fashion Show Mall across the Street from Wynn. They do have a shaded outdoor seating area that was packed when I stopped by, but there were other spots to sit in the near vicinity.

The lobster mac and cheese at Luke’s Lobster was ready QUICK. After paying, the bag was in my hand within 15 seconds. First impressions were hampered by the fact the mac and cheese was served in what appeared to be a fishing bait container. No biggie. I’m not about aesthetics anyway. Taste is the only thing that matters.

The dish was hot, as in warm, and slathered in a thick, seriously delicious cheese. Within the small tub of cheesy noodles, I was able to identify 3 chunks of lobster… I have to admit… I expected more out of a dish that calls itself lobster mac and cheese.

The portion size was definitely on the small side, but it’s also clearly labeled and priced as a side dish at $12 before tax.

The verdict: It was a tasty snack. The mac and cheese alone was seriously good, although I yearned for a few more chunks of lobster. After all, that’s what I am paying a premium for. Perhaps I just received an unlucky scoop. Luke’s was packed, and seeing Lobster Roll after Lobster Roll walk past me, I understood why. While I wouldn’t buy their lobster mac and cheese as a standalone item again, I would certainly buy it as a side dish to one of their rolls.

Lobster Mac & Cheese at Lobster Me

Lobster Mac and Cheese at Lobster Me

Next, I stopped at Lobster Me in the Grand Canal Shoppes (they also have a location in the Miracle Mile Shops) for their Lobster Mac and Cheese which sells for $16. As you’ll likely agree, the initial presentation is far superior when compared to Luke’s.

Visible atop the dish was a solid amount of lobster meat, green onions, and gooey cheese. The portion size was also significantly larger than that at Luke’s, which makes sense as Lobster Me’s mac was $4 more expensive.

The lobster mac and cheese was really freaking good, with crunchy onions providing a nice blend of textures. I suggest mixing the lobster mac together before you start eating to blend the ingredients together a bit. After eating through the top, topping-rich layer, I was left with a second layer of semi-cheesy noodles and no lobster. Give it a good stir.

The Verdict: Unlike Luke’s, which I described as a tasty snack, I deemed Lobster Me’s lobster mac and cheese to be a tasty light meal. In my opinion, this lobster mac was well worth the extra $4 when compared to Luke’s as the portion size is bigger, and more lobster meat was incorporated into the meal. The crunchy onions also delivered a nice taste and texture change of pace.

Hopefully, I helped you decide which inexpensive lobster mac and cheese in Las Vegas will best fit your needs. Although options are essentially limited to Luke’s or Lobster Me, both represent a good opportunity to catch a unique snack or light meal.

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