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Get Dazzled by These Las Vegas Magic Shows

As the entertainment capital of the world, there is no shortage of shows to choose from in Las Vegas, and among the most popular are those that incorporate magic, illusion, and mentalism.

The mix of magic “flavors” is pretty wide-ranging and run the gambit from humorous to mind-bending.

Best yet, many are kid and family-friendly.

I thought it would be helpful to sum up your magic options while in town – For each, I’ll link to a couple of trusted ticket sellers so that you can quickly identify the best deal.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

While a different brand of magic than the illusionists below, mentalist Frederic Da Silva is known for stunning audiences with his ability to read minds and hypnotize. The show is kid-friendly, takes place in the afternoon, and incorporates copious amounts of audience participation.

Tickets start in the $30s and can be priced out with:

I recently saw Paranormal Mind Reading Magic and was blown away – It’s a great value.

Frederic Da Silva poses on stage in front of a picture of Charlie Chaplin at the end of his show.

Piff The Magic Dragon

A personal favorite of mine, I can’t get enough of Piff and his sarcastic sense of humor. Adding to the enjoyment factor, Piff incorporates his dog, a chihuahua named “Mr. Piffles” into the show.

Humorously, I’ve gotten my own kids hooked on Piff’s YouTube videos – He’s great for all ages.

Tickets start in the mid-$50s and can be priced out with:

Piff poses with Mr. Piffles the dog

The Magic of Jen Kramer

Performing at Westgate, Jen Kramer’s show is easily accessible from resorts on the Strip via the Monorail and incorporates mentalism, magic, and comedy.

For fans of Hibachi, grab dinner at Benihana before the show! In true Vegas style, the restaurant is modeled after a Japanese village. It’s really neat!

Tickets start at around $35 and can be priced out with:

Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly

You may know him from “America’s Got Talent”, but Mat Franco now calls LINQ home in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. Mat leverages audience participation to “reinvent” his 90-minute magic show every night, incorporating plenty of kid-friendly humor.

Tickets start at around $60 and can be priced out with:

Mat Franco on stage at LINQ

Mac King Comedy Magic

Playing at Excalibur, Mac King’s show is both family-friendly and a heck of a lot of fun. Both kids and adults will get a kick out of the use of live animals and legitimately cool magic with plenty of laughs mixed in.

Tickets start at around $30 and can be priced out with:

Mac King spitting out a goldfish

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

Among the best shows on Fremont Street, Mike Hammer plays at Four Queens at a reasonable price point south of $40. Mike expertly utilizes audience participation to keep his comedic magic show fresh, and hilarious.

An affordable option, tickets start at around $25 and can be priced out with:

Shin Lim – Limitless

While there are numerous performers in Vegas that have been featured on “America’s Got Talent”, few can say they won the whole thing twice – Shin Lim has accomplished just that.

Tickets start at $50 and can be priced out with:

Shin Lim passes a deck of playing cards from one hand to the other while gazing into the camera
Shin Lim – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Like Mat Franco, Nathan Burton is another product of “America’s Got Talent” and plays his popular magic show at the Showcase Mall. Popular with families, Comedy Magic is kid-friendly, showcasing a number of card tricks, and illusions, all while mixing in some laughs.

Tickets start in the $20s can can be priced out with:

Nathan Burton performing an illusion

Penn & Teller

The duo which performs at Rio just off the Strip has been a part of the Las Vegas magic scene since their 1993 debut at Horseshoe. Uniquely, only Penn speaks during performances with Teller remaining silent. Absent are the pyrotechnics and “high energy” elements that you may find at shows like Criss Angel, which could be positive or negative depending on your perspective.

Tickets start in the $70s and can be priced out with:

Criss Angel – MINDFREAK

One of the more recognizable magic acts in Las Vegas, Criss Angel performs at his namesake theater at Planet Hollywood. While some Vegas magic shows leverage comedy, Criss Angel utilizes special effects, dancers, and pyrotechnics to entertain.

Tickets start in the mid-$80s and can be priced out with:

Criss Angel poses on stage with two women at his feet and flames in the background

David Copperfield

A legendary magician, even those unfamiliar with Las Vegas know the name David Copperfield. Calling the MGM Grand home, Copperfield performs an assortment of tricks and illusions as part of a family-friendly show.

Tickets start at around $90 and can be priced out with:

Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic

Magic aficionados likely know him from his time on the show “Masters of Illusion”, but Farrell Dillon has taken his comedy/magic hybrid to Las Vegas where he calls Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at LINQ home. Best yet, this is one of the cheapest magic shows in Vegas, landing in the $20-$30 range.

Farrell Dillon is depicted in 7 different colored outfits performing magic.
Courtesy of Ivory Star Productions

Fortunately for those looking, magic shows in town are abundant and are a staple of the entertainment scene – Hopefully you found an option that works for you and your crew!

Looking for another genre or type of show while in Las Vegas? Check out:

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Feature Image: ©fergregory/123RF.COM

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