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Review of the 2020 American Casino Guide

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Saving money in Las Vegas is always high on my list of priorities. I’m the type of guy that takes the $2 bus from the airport to Fremont Street, avoids player unfriendly table game adaptations, and eats my fair share of fast food. Certainly, doing Vegas on a shoestring budget isn’t for everyone, but most visitors don’t mind saving a few bucks where they can as long as there isn’t a massive sacrifice involved.

Enter the American Casino Guide, a casino coupon book that provides a variety of deals and discounts at Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, and bars. We just got our hands on the 2020 version and wanted to share our thoughts and answer the most common two questions asked by travelers:

  1. Is the American Casino Guide worth buying?
  2. Will the American Casino Guide pay for itself?

Lets dig into the content! Before you get to the coupon section of the book, American Casino Guide provides an impressive amount of information that the average guy or gal should find useful.

Topics covered in detail include slot machine payout ranges by manufacturer and specific slot machine title, table game strategy tips, differences in video poker pay tables (and the associated payback % for each), optimal strategy to employ in video poker, and the typical house edge for specific bets that can be made on table games. Also covered, is an easy to understand explanation of how to play table games like blackjack, baccarat, and craps.

What’s most impressive is the level of detail covered. For instance, video poker payback percentages are given for a number of pay tables for 3 different variations of the game (jacks or better, bonus poker, and deuces wild). On that same line of thought, optimal blackjack strategy is broken for 7 different variations of the game.

Following the game tutorials, complete with house edge breakdowns, is a listing of casinos across the country and in Las Vegas that provide details about the property to include casino games offered, hotel pricing, and other notable property amenities.

The final 125 pages of the book are comprised of coupons that can be redeemed at Las Vegas casinos, bars, and restaurants for free play, 2 for 1’s, and cash savings on food/attractions. Once you page through the deals it becomes quickly apparent that the American Casino Guide will pay for itself easily, and will likely reward you well in excess of what you paid. In fact, if you ONLY use one of the $25 table game match play coupons you have already come out ahead.

Without listing out every deal individually, here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the book:

Strip Deals

  • 7 unique 2 for 1 drink deals on the Strip at establishments like Rockhouse, AmeriCAN, Margaritaille, and PBR Rockbar.
  • 17 different buy one get one (BOGO) and discount offers redeemable at Strip attractions to include a 2 for 1 ticket deal at Madame Tussaud’s, 30% off admission to Titanic and Bodies exhibits at Luxor, and 2 for 1 Eiffel Tower Experience daytime tickets.
  • 16 different BOGO and discounted dining offers on the Strip. Among my favorites are $25 off of a $50 food purchase at Senior Frogs at TI and buy 10 wings get 10 free at Hooters… only because the wings are good ;).

Downtown Las Vegas Deals

  • 10 match and slot play coupons for various downtown casinos totaling up to $325 in total value. Notable offers in this category include $25 table game match play bets at The D and Golden Gate. Additionally, players can earn up to $100 in free slot play at both The D and Golden Gate (earn $5 in free play for each 50 loyalty points earned).
  • Over 10 BOGO and discounted food offers downtown Las Vegas to include $10 off of a $30 food purchase at Cal/Main Street Station/Fremont, a free glass of wine at Oscars, and 2 for 1 buffets at Cal/Mai Street Station/Fremont.

The highlights I pointed out are only a sampling of the deals in the American Casino Guide book which boasts over $1,000 in savings. Deals just off the Strip at places like OYO, Ellis Island, Rio, Palms, and Palace Station could also be worth your attention.

One thing my wife and I enjoy doing is allowing the American Casino Guide deals shape our next trip by introducing us to new bars, casinos, and restaurants that we wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

One drawback, albeit minor, is that free play offers must first be redeemed at the players club counter. Depending on time of day and how busy it is that process can take a few minutes, but if you are stingy like I am, it’s worth it.

As you can likely gather, the 2020 version of the American Casino Guide will pay for itself easily for most visitors. In fact, most will start profiting after their first or second coupon redemption. The guide is available both directly from the publishers of the American Casino Guide and on Amazon Prime. To ensure you get the best price, check both sources before you buy as promotions are commonly run on one website and not on the other.

There is a reason 75% of Amazon buyers rated their purchase 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon in 2019. The American Casino Guide coupon book is a winner.

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