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Tips for Earning Free Drink Tickets at Vegas Sportsbooks

Tips for Earning Free Drink Tickets at Vegas Sportsbooks

Las Vegas sportsbooks, at least some of them, are becoming more and more stingy when it comes to handing out free drink tickets to patrons placing bets. Although not ideal for bettors, we understand why it doesn’t make sense to distribute drink coupons as liberally as porn slapper cards on the Strip. After all, sportsbooks only hold, or win about 5% of wagers placed on sports. If you place $200 in sports wagers, the house can reasonably expect to win only about $10 of it.

As sports betting, and alcohol consumption are two topics near and dear to our hearts we figured it would be helpful to throw together a few tips for maximizing your drink ticket haul in Vegas. Keep in mind, there are a lot of variables at play – most importantly the generosity of the establishment and your individual ticket writer, but, there are actions you can take to improve your chances of earning a free cocktail or two.

Get away from the big chain casinos

Earning free drink coupons at at corporate controlled mega resorts on the Strip can be challenging if you are placing bets under $100. Check out casinos off the Strip such as South Point, Palace Station, Fremont, Gold Coast, Golden Gate and the D. Essentially, the less grandiose a book is, the more free drinks they will reward your action with. Get away from the tourist centers where they want to earn your business.

Tip your ticket writer

My buddies and I were recently at Westgate for March Madness in Las Vegas this past year. I was standing in a never ending line to get my bets in for upcoming games and noticed nobody ahead of me were getting drink tickets. I got the to counter to place my measly few hundred dollars in bets I slipped an extra $10 to the young lady writing tickets. Her mood went from dismissive and ornery to cheerful as she handed me 7 drink tickets. Those same drinks would have cost me over $40 bucks at the bar – worth it. Throwing a few bucks to your ticket writer is the right thing to do anyway, however, it’s also damn near guaranteed to earn you a few free drink tickets.

Don’t be afraid to ask

It’s happened to every casual bettor. You make your wagers at the counter, the writer takes your cash, hands over your bet slips and the transaction is seemingly over. He or she tells you to have a good day which is a signal to you that it’s time to leave the counter without any coveted drink tickets. Don’t be shy, this is your moment. Politely ask if you can have a drink ticket or two. In the a worst case scenario they’ll say no, however, in my experience they’ll typically toss you a couple. They want the awkward moment to end as quickly as you do.

Being a good person goes a long way

Think of your job. If someone is courteous and friendly to you, I imagine you’re willing to go the extra mile for them right? Same goes for earning free drinks at the sportsbook. If I am writing tickets, the nice guy is getting more than the guy who’s a jerk. I don’t care if you are down a few grand – be courteous so you can drink your losses away.

We also keep a running tab of Las Vegas March Madness and Super Bowl watch parties annually! Bookmark either page to reference as your event approaches.

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