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Vegas Variety Shows – See It All, From Magic to Acrobatics

Variety shows in Las Vegas are popular due to the diversity of the performance. With most incorporating acrobatics, feats of strength, music, magic, and comedy, there’s usually a little something for everyone.

I thought it would be helpful to create a rundown of the most popular variety shows currently running on the Strip and nearby.

For each show, I’ll link out to both the box office and so you can quickly compare pricing and score the best deal.

Absinthe at Caesars Palace: The show takes place in the Absinthe tent in front of Caesars Palace, a small venue in which everyone feels close to the action on stage.

Hosted by The Gazillionaire, who is an entertaining and hilarious personality described as being “Filthy rich and just plain filthy”, Absinthe wows with feats of strength, acrobatics, and other outlandish acts.

Full disclosure, to enjoy Absinthe, you need to be into raunchy comedy. Like, real raunchy. If that doesn’t float your boat, I’d recommend looking at other options… or getting a better sense of humor…(I kid, I kid).

For my money, Absinthe is the best variety show in Las Vegas, and it isn’t particularly close.

The Gazillionaire performing on stage

V – The Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood: Found in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, V – The Ultimate Variety Show is among the cheapest variety shows in town, with tickets commonly starting in the $50 range.

The family-friendly production incorporates magic, stand-up comedy, and physical acts and features a rotating cast of performers, some of whom you’ve likely seen on TV.

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Two performers perform acrobatic acts shirtless
V – The Ultimate Variety Show

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular: Found just off the Strip at Rio, WOW – The Vegas Spectacular leverages 30 artists and water effects to put on a dazzling kid-friendly show.

Notably, WOW is comparatively affordable at just $50 per person.

Man doing a hand stand on the back of another person
WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

Rouge at STRAT: This ain’t your father’s variety show. Dubbed by producers as “The Sexiest Show in Vegas”, Rouge is a topless revue that employs a cast of 18 stunning men and women.

Incorporated into the “sexposition” are variety acts that include contortionists, comedians, aerial acts, and more. If you like your variety with a sexy twist, this could be the show for you!

Leave the kids at home for this one…

Performers from Rouge on stage wearing very little clothing

Atomic Saloon at Venetian: From the same group that created Absinthe and OPM (mentioned above), Atomic Saloon qualifies as a solid option, albeit the 3rd best show among them in my opinion.

The show, which is performed in the Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian is set in the wild wild west and follows the exploits of Boozy Skunkton.

Like with Absinthe, those that are put off by inappropriate humor should look at other options as Atomic Saloon is a compilation of vulgar humor, acrobatic acts, and plenty of sexy.

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Performers swing through the air at Atomic Saloon
Atomic Saloon

Mad Apple at NYNY: A new twist on the typical Cirque du Soleil show, Mad Apple is a variety show that combines dance, music, comedy, magic, and the daring acrobatics that Cirque is known for.

The high-energy production calls the old Zumanity theater home at New York New York.

A performer does a flip as others stand around watching.
Credit – Denise Truscello/MGM Resorts

Variety Shows: Coming Soon

DiscoShow at Linq: The folks at Spiegelworld are at it again, and I couldn’t be more excited. Their new production, DiscoShow, will call LINQ home and debuts on July 27th, 2024.

Uniquely, the show will occupy the former Imperial Palace sportsbook which is currently being renovated into a theater.

While there isn’t yet much detail about the show’s plot, I can only imagine that the Spiegelworld brand of brash humor will spill into this performance as well.

Performers in attire from the 1980s smash the old TV screens in the old IP sportsbook.
Courtesy of Spiegelworld

Hopefully, I was able to help you identify a variety show or two that works for you and your group! If you can only make it to one, I suggest making it Absinthe. If you’re into raunchy humor, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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Feature Image Credit: ©nikitavas/123RF.COM

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