Packing List for Vegas – What to Bring

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What should you be packing for Vegas beyond the basics? Obviously, anyone coming to town knows to bring clothing, toiletries, etc, but what other packing list items are commonly forgotten that could make for a better trip?

We’ll lean on our expertise gained over 20+ Vegas trips to recommend items that you may want to consider packing.

USB Charge Cord/Battery: Your cell phone battery is bound to drain as you explore the sights. Many slot games now offer USB charge ports that will allow you to juice up if you have a USB charge cord handy. I also like to bring an inexpensive backup battery (like this one on Amazon) allowing me to charge my phone in my pocket/wife’s purse while wandering. A must-have item on your packing list for Vegas.

Waterproof Phone Case: Planning to sit by the pool? Don’t get caught having to make a decision to bring your phone with you into the water, risking water damage, or leaving it behind with your belongings, risking theft. A cheap waterproof phone case, like this one available on Amazon, is the perfect solution for pool-goers.

Identification: You’ll need it to board the plane, but more importantly you’ll need it to get paid on that slot jackpot you plan on hitting.

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Comfortable Shoes: I get it. You wan’t to look cute on your trip to Vegas, however, if you plan on roaming the Strip then comfortable shoes are essential. While properties look close, they aren’t and you’ll be putting on some serious mileage.

Travel Flats: Ladies, if you plan on wearing heels to the club, or anywhere for that matter, you’ll want to have travel flats. It’s only inevitable that at the end of the night you will want to ditch the heels. I’d be rich If I had a dollar for every time I saw a lady walking barefoot down the strip holding heels in her hand. The Strip is disgusting. People barf on it, spill drinks on it and even urinate on it. Add some cheap backup travel flats to your packing list like these available on Amazon.

Band-Aids: Even with comfortable shoes, the amount of steps you’ll take (30-50,000 daily steps for me typically) may lead to some nasty foot blisters. Be prepared to cover them up if the need arises. Mole skin, which is slightly more “heavy duty” than bandages are a blister are game changer as well.

Hangover Remedies: You don’t want to wake up at 8am with a pounding headache, queasy guts, and no recourse. Plan ahead. Bring pain relievers and electrolyte powder (like Pedialyte) which is light, easily fits in your carry on, and mixes with water to quickly get you back in the game. There are also a number of taylor made hangover remedies like these available on Amazon. But honestly, Pedialyte will do the trick for less.

Travel Coffee Brewing Options: Coffee is a necessity for many, and unfortunately, few Vegas hotels offer an in room coffee machine. You can avoid walking a mile across the resort for a cup by planning ahead. We love Starbucks VIA which can be added to hot water for a high quality instant cup, or this travel coffee brewer which uses traditional grounds. Just keep your fingers crossed that your room tap water gets hot!

Sunscreen: Simply put, the sun in Vegas is amplified and skipping this essential item could put quite the damper on your trip. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way by not applying sunscreen while visiting the Neon Museum wearing Sandals. I couldn’t put shoes or socks on the remainder of the trip due to the pain. Sunglasses are a must pack item as well!

Lip Balm: Your lips will get chapped, dry, and downright painful 100% of the time you visit Vegas. It never fails.

Saline Nasal Spray: Potentially too much info, but I commonly used to wake up with nosebleeds in Vegas. After realizing the culprit was likely the sudden transition to dry desert air, I started to embrace moisturizing nasal spray. I fire a few sprays up the nasal passage before bed nightly and haven’t had an issue since.

Travel Hotel Room Humidifier: Solve the issue of dry hotel room air with this nifty battery-powered contraption. Simply fill a glass of water, set it by your bed, drop the travel humidifier into the glass, and enjoy moisturized air.

Antacid/Heartburn Tablets: Tums, or similar antacids are essential for those who plan on gorging themselves while in Vegas for obvious reasons.

American Casino Guide: We never visit Vegas without packing the American Casino Guide which includes dining, attraction, drink, 2 for 1, and free play/match bet offers. Order via Amazon Prime and have it on your doorstep in time for your trip. It’ll pay for itself multiple times over.

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Light Jacket: While Vegas summers are blazing hot, mid-westerners and Canadians often don’t realize Vegas can get downright chilly in the winter. Low temps in the fall and winter can easily dip into the 40’s and 30’s Fahrenheit. Check the forecast and plan your packing list accordingly.

Cash: ATMs at casinos are expensive, many running upwards of $10+ to access your own money. Skip that expense and add cold hard currency to your packing list for Vegas.

Travel/Anti-Theft Wallet: Tourists carrying copious amounts of cash, oftentimes while drinking heavily is an irresistible mix for petty thieves. A good travel wallet (like this one on Amazon that wears like a belt) can eliminate the risk of losing your cash to a thief. Yes, you’ll feel a bit dweeby, but the piece of mind is worth it.

Earplugs: If you are staying downtown Las Vegas, you won’t regret bringing earplugs or noise cancelling headphones (or both). Live entertainment and street performers on the Fremont Street Experience create quite a racket until the wee hours of the morning. Even if your accommodations are typically quiet, you could end up next to the elevator or neighbors that constantly slam their door. Give yourself a fighting chance to fall asleep with ear protection. Or just drink more. Your choice.

Nice Clothes: If you plan on seeing a show or grabbing a nice dinner, you will want to bring something nicer than your normal casual wear. I will point out though that dressing up to hit the casino isn’t necessary. There will be a WIDE diversity of attire on the casino floor and you wont feel out of place even if dressed down.

Lint Roller: If you are bringing something nice, or dark in color to wear, a travel size lint roller can’t hurt!

Hand Sanitizer: Touching slot buttons, cards, and door handles that thousands of people from all over the world are also fondling can increase your chances of illness. Bring along a clip on or travel sized hand sanitizer.

Anything we missed? What items do you recommend visitors pack for Vegas? Help a newcomer out and leave it in the comments!

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