Hoover DAm from Las Vegas

a day trip

By: Jake Hoffman

Dam Tours

Both powerplant and full Dam tours are offered daily for $15 and $30 respectively.  We opted for the full dam tour!

Power Plant

At the base of the dam, we learned about how they generate hydroelectric power with water from Lake Mead. 

Into the Dam...

Then we moved into the bowels of the Dam, where we navigated a tunnel that spans the dam horizontally.  

Air Intake Shaft

Along the hallway, was an air intake valve that allowed for great views out of the front face of Hoover Dam. 

The View...

This was the view from the air intake vent on the front of the Dam that was captured by sticking my camera through the slats. 

The View Cont...

The green arrow is pointing to the ventilation shaft I was peering out.  Pretty awesome!

The Stairs...

We got to see a staircase that extended from the bottom to the top of the Dam, which was a unique visual. 

The Bridge Walk

After visiting Hoover Dam, ensure you walk across the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, which is free and provides one heck of a view. 

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