Valley of Fire  from Las Vegas

a Day Trip to

By: Jake Hoffman

1 Hour Away...

From the lights of Las Vegas is Valley of Fire State Park, a collection of hiking trails and natural sites that are awe inspiring. 

Elaphant Rock

It's almost as though Mother Nature planned this formation to look familiar. 

The Cabins

See where early visitors to the new state park stayed. The Cabins were constructed in the 1930s by the CCC.

Fire Wave

A stunning display, the Fire Wave can be reached via a 20-minute hike. It's worth the walk. 

White Domes 

Highlighting the White Domes Loop hiking trail are these narrows. 

White Domes Cont..

Also along the trail are ruins from the set of "The Professionals" which was filmed on site in the 1960s. 

Rainbow Vista

Rainbow Vista trail guides you to a scenic canyon overlook that's worth trudging through loose sand. 


I saw no fewer than 15 bighorn sheep, and some were as close as 10-feet to me. Certainly, be mindful of your surroundings.

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