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Where Are Masks Required in Las Vegas Right Now?

One of the most common questions asked by visitors throughout the pandemic is “Are masks required in Las Vegas?”. Making things more confusing, the answer has changed frequently over time as conditions have evolved.

As people are traveling to Las Vegas from around the country, and the world, we thought it would be helpful to put together a detailed breakdown of where masks are required and where they are not. We’ll be sure to keep this breakdown updated as conditions change (hopefully for the better).

Are Masks Required Indoors in Las Vegas?

Yes. Masks are required in Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, attractions, stores, etc. if you’re not actively eating or drinking. In casinos, you can also pull your mask down to smoke. Technically, you’re supposed to replace your mask between sips or drags, however, enforcement has been lighter, in general, this time compared to the previous mandate.

Governor Steve Sisolak has aligned masking requirements by county with CDC recommendations. The current CDC guidance recommends indoor masking in areas of “substantial” or “high” transmission”. Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas has been recognized as just that, and thus masks are required indoors.

Per Nevada’s COVID guidance, a county can drop their indoor mask requirement once they reach and maintain “moderate” or “low” transmission rates for 2 weeks.

Mask Requirements on Public Transportation

Yes. Masks are currently required when utilizing any form of public transit in Las Vegas. That mask requirement extends beyond busses and covers taxis, trams, and rideshare operators like Uber and Lyft.

The transportation mask mandate is a result of a federal government directive that is currently in effect until January 18th, 2022 but could be extended based on conditions.

Are Masks Required at Events and Shows in Las Vegas?

It depends. But for the most part, yes.

While masks are still required at the vast majority of shows, events, and conferences in Las Vegas, Governor Sisolak has extended some leniency to certain venues and conventions that require vaccination as a condition of entry. Specifically, large venues and trade shows (with a capacity of 4,000+) can allow their fully vaccinated attendees to remove their masks IF vaccination is a requirement to get in.

This rule also allows those venues to admit partially vaccinated patrons, however, the partially vaccinated would still need to wear a mask.

In his press conference, the Governor stated his intent to roll this option to smaller venues and events in the future, however, there are not yet updates to report on this front yet.

The Las Vegas Raiders have jumped on board and are requiring attendees to be vaccinated as a condition of entry. Fans will use the Clear app for verification and the Raiders will be offering a vaccination clinic on-site for those that need their first dose to gain entry.

The Vegas Golden Knights have decided to not mandate vaccination, and masks will be required until the indoor mandate is lifted.

Are Masks Required at the Pool in Las Vegas? Or Outdoors at all?

No. All outdoor areas are exempt from mask requirements, although businesses have the option to adopt stricter policies when deemed necessary.

Are Masks Required at the Airport & on Airplanes

Yes. Masks are currently required at all US Airports and on aircraft unless actively eating or drinking per the same federal mandate referenced above for public transportation.

Status of COVID in Clark County

When will the mask mandate in Las Vegas be lifted?

Only time will tell, however, it appears Clark County has turned the corner with both daily case counts and test positivity declining in recent weeks. For up-to-date reporting on pandemic figures in Nevada, we suggest checking out this dashboard put together by the Nevada Independent.

Could the Mask Mandate Be Called Off Early?

There have been rumors circulating on social media that the mask mandate could be called off early. In this scenario, counties wouldn’t need to achieve the previously defined benchmarks related to transmission to ditch indoor mask requirements.

Cold water was thrown on that hypothesis in early December by DuAne Young, an advisor to Governor Sisolak who stated that indoor masking will be a requirement, regardless of vaccination status, through the holidays and into early 2022 at a minimum.

Hopefully, we were able to clear up where masks are currently required in Las Vegas. As the delta wave subsides, and vaccinations pick up, we’re hopeful for a more normal and maskless version of Las Vegas in the near future!

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Ms Always Wright

Tuesday 4th of January 2022

Believe me and the science when I say that mask DO NOT work. It may "work" for the ones brainwashed into believing this but facts are facts. You cannot change science. Stop the madness. We had tickets to shows in Vegas this February. We did not sell them. We threw shredded them so that nobody could use them. Stop going to Vegas until they follow the science and lift mask mandates.


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

We just came back from Las Vegas. We have no problem wearing masks out of respect of other folks. The comments below saying the mask mandate is ruining Vegas and no one is there are 100% wrong. The city is crowed and packed. Hotels are full. We were surprised how crowded everything is. Since we respect others and don't want to get others sick, we wear our masks as required and enjoyed our time there. We just avoided losers who refused to wear masks and respect others and think of no one but their sad little selfs. But we were surprised at the lack of enforcement at Paris Las Vegas on the casino floor and the number of idiots who just don't give a damn about others or respect anyone but their own selfish self. Signs are posted all over, but it didn't seem to make things any better. Restaurants (to enter and leave) and the airport was much better and if someone even had their mask down, airport security was on them quick.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

@Georgie, Losers who don't wear masks? What about people who, due to a medical condition, can't wear masks? The only losers are judgmental idiots like you. You don't walk in other people's shoes. Educate yourself!

Brent E

Monday 27th of December 2021

By and large, the people of America are DONE with masks. It took way too long, but thankfully they finally realize masks are useless against a virus. That’s why only 1 in 20 wears them in grocery stores in cities like Phoenix, Denver, Miami, etc. True believers like Georgie will wear them forever.


Monday 13th of December 2021

Visit, but do not gamble, and it would be changed overnight.


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Just canceled my trip new yrs to Vegas. Not gonna sit in a casino with a mask. Especially when you can pull it off to smoke

James hanshoe

Friday 19th of November 2021

Remember your wonderful governor and how he killed the tourism industry in LV during the next election, Nevada.

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