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Where To Find a Cheap (yet, decent) Burger in Las Vegas

When it comes to burgers in Las Vegas, your options are all over the map.

On one end of the spectrum are low-quality fast food options, and on the other are ritzy designer burgers that cost a fortune.

If you’re anything like me, you prefer the middle ground. McDonald’s, White Castle, and Johnny Rockets can be eaten at home, but a $40 burger is excessive.

I wanted to put together a rundown of cheap burgers, both on the Strip and Fremont Street that provide a solid burger, at a price that’ll preserve your bankroll.

To qualify, options needed to be priced at around $15-$20. As you’ll see, there is some great value out there, especially in downtown Las Vegas!

Of course, prices change often. I’ll do my best to keep this post up to date but will also link out to each restaurant’s menu so that you can double-check pricing before making the trip.

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Cheap Burgers on the Strip

Ocean One at Planet Hollywood: Found in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Ocean One offers one of the cheapest sit-down burgers on the Las Vegas Strip as part of their $5.99 lunch menu.

Ocean One’s 1/2 lb. Sirloin Burger comes with your choice of seasoned fries, coleslaw, or rice and is sincerely good, and filling, for the price. Highly recommended… but don’t accidentally order the rice instead of the fries like I did…

Hamburger with lettuce and tomato with rice on the side
Honestly, pretty darn satisfying for $5.99.

Shake Shack at NYNY: Although “fast-casual” and pretty darn close to being considered a fast food option, Shake Shack at New York New York offers some of the cheapest (and delicious) burgers on the Strip.

Exterior of Shake Shack at NYNY Las Vegas.

Fatburger: With locations at both Excalibur and The Venetian, Fatburger serves burgers in various sizes that range from a 1/3 to a full pound. Although fries and drinks are sold separately, a meal can easily be constructed for around $15 or less.

Blondies at Planet Hollywood: Also offering one of my favorite “all you can drink deals“, Blondies offers a 1/2 lb. cheeseburger on a brioche bun for around $15.

Exterior of Blondies in the MIracle Mile Shops.

Buffalo Wild Wings at Planet Hollywood: You have one in your hometown, and know what to expect. Just know that BWW has a location in the Miracle Mile Shops at PH.

Ketchup at Planet Hollywood: Another hidden gem in the Miracle Mile Shops, Ketchup offers an assortment of burgers at price points starting at $10 – $15 in addition to several solid drink deals.

exterior and entrance of Ketchup in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

America at NYNY: Offering some of the cheapest burgers on the Strip (that aren’t fast food), America offers a half-pound American burger with fries for around $15 in addition to other inexpensive options.

I recently snagged breakfast at America and found it to be completely adequate – A solid budget-friendly option that will neither disappoint nor blow you away.

Broadway Burger at NYNY: Tucked within the themed Greenwich Village section of NYNY that is fun to walk through, Broadway offers several cheap burgers which include fries and a drink for around $20.

Backstage Deli at Luxor: One of the least expensive non-fast food burgers on the Las Vegas Strip, Backstage offers a cheeseburger with your choice of fries or chips for under $20.

Beer Park at Paris: In addition to stunning views of the Bellagio Fountains from its rooftop perch, Beer Park serves a “Beer Park Cheeseburger” at a relatively inexpensive price point.

View of Las Vegas Blvd. and Caesars Palace from Beer Park
Beer Park at Paris

Wahlburgers at Horseshoe: Located out in front of Horseshoe in the colorful Grand Bazaar Shops, Wahlburgers offers a 1/3 lb. hamburger complete with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles for under $15. Note that sides are separate and adding fries will set you back around $5.

Yard House at LINQ: Located along the LINQ Promenade, Yard House serves a solid lineup of burger meals at a sub $20 price point. In addition to beef patties, they even serve a pork burger, something I haven’t seen before.

Exterior of YardHOuse along the LINQ Promenade.

In N Out at LINQ: Yeah, it’s a chain, but In N Out serves the best cheap burger on the Strip for my money. Nothing beats the fresh tomato, onion, and lettuce stacked on a cheesy patty.

Exterior of In N Out along the LINQ Promenade with a fountain in the foreground.

Nine Fine Irishmen: Also at NYNY, Nine Fine Irishmen offers a standard burger with Irish cheddar, Irish bacon, lettuce, tomato, and caramelized onions for $20.

PrimeBurger at The Venetian: Located in the Grand Canal Shoppes, PrimeBurger serves 8 burgers comprised of ground chuck, short rib, and brisket for $15-$20, depending on your selection.

Grand Lux Cafe at Venetian: Representing a strong value, the Double Smash Cheeseburger, with two beef patties is served with fries and will only set you back a hair over $15.

Grand Lux is also open 24-hours, meaning you can get your burger fix regardless of what time it is.

Exterior of Grand Lux Cafe.

Tom’s Urban at NYNY: Located in the front facade of New York New York, Tom’s offers an All American Burger complete with Angus beef, and American cheese, served on a brioche bun with garlic fries for under $20… but you should add bacon for $3…

Tom's Urban exterior from the perspective of the Strip. To the left is NYNY's replica Brooklyn Bridge.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Ellis Island: An honorable mention, Ellis Island is located just off the Strip a short walk behind Horseshoe. Hamburgers at Ellis’ Villiage Pub & Cafe are almost all sub-$15 and I recommend ordering the 50/50 burger which is 50% beef, and 50% ground bacon.

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Cheap Burgers in Downtown Las Vegas

Binion’s Deli: Offering quick, inexpensive food, Binion’s Famous Burger can be had for a mere $12.99, or you can upgrade to the Double Burger for $14.99. Items are served a la carte, so sides are extra.

Empty seating area and counter at Binion's Deli.

Chicago Brewing at 4 Queens: In addition to a selection of craft beer, Chicago Brewing offers an inexpensive Brew Burger which is served with lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, and french fries.

Exterior of Chicago Brewing Cigar Lounge at 4 Queens

Tony Roma’s at Fremont: Burger options at Fremont hover around a $15 price point, all of which include french fries and a pickle. Fremont also has an impressive prime rib deal offered daily!

Entrance to Tony Romas from Fremont's casino floor.

Siegel’s 1941 at El Cortez: The El Cortez Burger is a 1/2 lb. patty served with tomato, onion, and pickles along with your choice of french fries, chips, or coleslaw for $18.

Exterior of Siegel's 1941 at El Cortez.

Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand: While the Freedom Beat Burger which comes complete with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and pickle is pretty inexpensive to begin with ($16), it’s eligible for DTG’s “Gambler’s Special”. Simply accumulate 25 points in the casino to receive 50% off your meal. Not bad if you plan to gamble a bit anyway.

Freedom Beat exterior at Downtown Grand.

Market Street Cafe at The Cal: Market Street offers the Cal Cheeseburger for $10.99 and their Teriyaki Burger for $11.99. Sides are not included and fries cost an additional $3.99.

Exterior of Market Street Cafe within The Cal.

Hopefully, I helped you to see that there’s a clear middle ground between fast food and gourmet burger options that cost an arm and a leg. Enjoy your time in Vegas, and seriously, give that 50/50 burger at Ellis Island a shot.

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Feature Image: ©ehaurylik/123RF.COM

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