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Table Game Innovations on Display at G2E

Casino gaming is something that is ever-changing. Game themes, technology, and the experience are constantly tweaked by gaming manufacturers to grow market share and engage current customers in new ways. Developments in slot technology such as skill-based games, 3D, and now 4D machines seem to get much of the attention, but there are impressive table game innovations worth noting that could be carving out space on Las Vegas casino floors in the not too distant future.

We had the opportunity to see what’s new in the world of table games at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, a platform for manufacturers to showcase their offerings to gaming executives from over 101 countries. Below are some of our favorite game adaptations that could soon be hitting casino floors near you.

Interblock Gaming

Some of the most unique table game adaptations at G2E were exhibited by Interblock Gaming. Interblock has transformed table games like Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat into a single-player machine that engages players with live-action meaning the dice pop and realistic cards flip (behind glass). The experience is differentiated and authentic as the game isn’t just happening on a screen, it’s actually happening.

Individual craps game from Interblock
Bubble Craps for One – Very cool.
Individual Baccarat Machine from Interblock
Baccarat for one – complete with life-like flipping cards.
Lineup of Interblock slot game concepts
Here’s the Interblock lineup – Note the single-player roulette wheel and blackjack.

Alfastreet Gaming

One of the more popular games displayed at G2E was Alfastreet’s Car Race game which plays similar to Sigma Derby and Sigma’s newer incarnation Fortune Cup which is currently taking over gaming floors across Las Vegas. The rally racing themed game sends 6 cars zipping head to head around a track illuminated by miniature street lamps. The detailed presentation of the game is impressive which makes for a fun viewing experience, cars even have working tail and headlights. Players have the opportunity to place wagers at one of 9 betting screens around the table.

Rendering of a car racing slot game
A rendering of Alfastreet’s Car Race game which was on display at G2E. It’s likely considered a “slot” but it looks like a table to us.

Also displayed at the Alfastreet booth was the 8-person digital roulette wheel and table pictured below. Players place their bets at one of 8 personal touch screens built into the table’s surface. Bets and winning numbers are marked on the video table just as they would during a dealer-hosted roulette game. Electronic roulette games such as Alfastreet’s are often offered at a lower minimum bet as the casino isn’t compensating a dealer. Electronic games will never completely replace dealer-hosted wagering, but technology like Alfastreet’s is an interesting and impressive adaptation of the game.

Rendering of a roulette table with LED screen for table surface
Rendering of Alfastreet’s Multi-Touch Roulette Table.

Aruze Gaming – Roll to Win Craps

Another concept that caught a lot of attention was Aruze’s new take on craps where players place bets digitally on a personal betting screen but still physically roll the dice. All player wagers are visible on the layout as they would be on a traditional craps table and a single dealer keeps the dice moving. Because no chips are in play, Roll to Win Craps eliminates pay errors and keeps the game moving quickly. Craps traditionalists need not worry, Roll to Win is designed to serve a specific segment of the population – The traditional game is safe.

Craps table with personal betting screen and LED screen displaying game action instead of felt
Aruze Gaming’s Roll to Win Craps


Continuing along with the topic of craps, TCSJOHNHUXLEY had their Blaze Craps table on display which illuminates winning bets on the layout after the dealer manually enters the roll. Not an Earth-shattering innovation, but we thought it to be an interesting addition to the craps table that may even be embraced by traditionalists as it increases dealer accuracy and looks great. Craps isn’t the only game that can be rigged with LED lighting, TCS offers this setup for Roulette, Sicbo, and Big6 as well.

Craps table with illuminated felt
Blaze Craps from TCSJOHNHUXLEY

Jackpot Digital – Jackpot Blitz Poker Table

Used to playing hold’ em on felt? That may be changing. Jackpot Digital’s Jackpot Blitz poker table utilizes an 84 inch 4K touchscreen as the playing surface. Digital cards are dealt just as they are on a poker table face down. The player is forced to cover their hand and then press a button to view their cards. The interface and gameplay is very similar to that of online poker, only the game is played in person. Players even have the option to play their favorite casino game during or in between hands. While the player enjoys a dazzling display, the house also enjoys more hands per hour, labor savings as there is no need for a dealer and real-time tracking of gameplay stats. Jackpot Blitz doesn’t currently have a presence in Las Vegas casinos, however, around 30 are in operation elsewhere.

Digital poker table with an LED screen as the surface
Jackpot Blitz’s Digital Poker Table

What are your thoughts on the new table game concepts and adaptations that may be making their way to casinos? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Wednesday 17th of October 2018

That poker table would be perfect for a home game. No more waiting for John to drunkenly shuffle the cards, no misdeals. Please keep your drinks on the floor though.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.