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97 Things to Do In Las Vegas With Kids – Activities & More!

Las Vegas has built a reputation as being an adult playground, with many opting to leave the kids at home. The reality though, is that there’s an abundance of things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

While adult vices still command the lion’s share of the attention, resorts have been adding more and more family-friendly attractions and things to do that appeal to all ages. Common kid-friendly attractions include thrill rides, museums, virtual reality experiences, and more.

Below, I’ll leverage the expertise I’ve gained over countless trips to share the most complete list of things for kids to do in Las Vegas available on the internet.

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Activities for Kids on the Las Vegas Strip

High Roller Observation Wheel: The featured attraction of LINQ’s Promenade, the High Roller reaches 550 feet tall and held the Guinness world record as the largest observation wheel in the world until 2021 when it was surpassed by the Ain Dubai wheel.

The 28 pods hold up to 40 riders each and boast floor-to-ceiling glass, providing mesmerizing views of Vegas below.

I recommend buying tickets online in advance, which will allow you to skip the line at the attraction.

Price it out to find the best deal:

I recently took my 5th ride on the High Roller – Check it out!

Another high roller pod is visible to the left, while north Strip hotels can be seen from the height of the High Roller to the right.

STRAT’s SkyPod: Strat’s observation deck stands tall at 1,149 ft. above the Las Vegas Strip. Kids visiting Las Vegas will be drawn to the thrill rides up top – XScream, Big Shot, and Insanity which provide excitement by either shooting you straight up or dangling you off the edge of the SkyPod.

You can commonly save a few bucks on your observation deck + rides (if desired) pass when booking via, here.

Strat Las Vegas Skypod Exterior

FlyLinq Zipline: One of two distinct zipline options in Las Vegas, FlyLinq sends riders flying from the Strip to the base of the High Roller observation wheel above the Linq promenade below.

I suggest reserving your preferred flight time in advance:

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Ziplines above the Linq Promenade
FlyLINQ soaring over the promenade.

A Bar Made of Ice: While you likely didn’t expect a bar to make the list of things to do with kids in Las Vegas, this one is a bit different.

See, Minus5 Icebar at LINQ is made entirely of ice and is kept at a refreshing 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

You read that right – The bar, walls, decor, chairs, tables, and even the cups are all made of ice.

While your kids will enjoy the mocktails, they’ll also enjoy milling about the room to see the unique decor and sculptures – There’s even a scavenger hunt they can participate in!

I recently stopped by – Take a look inside the Minus5 Icebar!

A wide angle photo of the Icebar which features a faux fireplace on the right and the bar on the left.

Shark Reef Aquarium: Your kiddos will get a kick out of this oasis in the middle of the desert. Found at Mandalay Bay, the Shark Reef Aquarium features over 200 varieties of sea life including sharks.

While you’ll have the opportunity to walk through a glass tunnel at the bottom of the “sea floor”, your kids are likely to enjoy the touch pool even more.

Tickets to the aquarium can be purchased in advance here, commonly at a slight discount.

I recently stopped by – Check out my Shark Reef Aquarium Review!

The Longer of two glass tunnels that are underwater at the Aquarium.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck Experience: There are few better ways to introduce your kids to Vegas than from 46 stories above it all. Take the trip to the top at night and enjoy the Bellagio Fountains from a new vantage point. Price out the best deal in advance, below.

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Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck with fencing surrounding it

Helicopter Tours: The kids will be blown away by a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip or surrounding attractions such as the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam.

Pricing for kid-friendly aerial tours of the Las Vegas Strip starts at around $115 per person and can be priced out with Maverick, here!

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View of the Strip from a helicopter
Give the gift of this view – Courtesy of Maverick

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N at TI: Fans of the comic will likely enjoy checking out the costumes and equipment used by Marvel characters. If this attraction is of interest, you’ll want to note that you can commonly save a few dollars by booking with

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A row of Iron Man suits in illuminated cabinets.

Dino Safari at Horseshoe: Walk amongst animatronic dinosaurs at Horseshoe while learning about their time here on Earth.

Tickets to Dino Safari start just north of $20 and can be priced out with the:

I recently stopped by – Take a look inside Dino Safari!

2 different types of dinosaurs standing next to eachother. The one in the foreground is on his hind legs and has a startled look on his face.

The Hunger Games Exhibition at MGM Grand: Check out set re-creations, sharpen your archery skills, and make your own rebellion propaganda commercial at The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at MGM Grand.

Ensure you price out the best deal between the attraction’s website, and, here, which tends to be a tad cheaper.

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President Snow's office, which has white marble walls and desk, a red rug, red chair, and chandelier hanging above.

Pay up for a Better Pool: While some resorts reserve pool access for their guests, others allow non-guests to access theirs for free or a small fee.

If you’re looking to upgrade for your kid’s sake, I’d recommend Mandalay Bay (pictured below), which offers a lazy river, a wave pool, and natural sand beach.

Pool Complex at Mandalay Bay from above
Rent a cabana and enjoy Mandalay’s pool complex – Courtesy MGM Resorts

Paris Eiffel Tower Light Show: Every half hour, from sunset to midnight, Paris’ replica Eiffel Tower puts on a dazzling light show thanks to a recent $1.7 million renovation that added synchronized lighting. More on Paris’ free light show here.

Paris Las Vegas and Eiffel Tower LIght Show
Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

GLOW at Resorts World: On the topic of free shows, Resorts World runs a video production on the hour from noon to 1 am that’s choreographed across the resort’s exterior LED displays. Shows take the audience into a bioluminescent ocean, a synthwave cityscape, and even on a “psychedelic” trip to space led by a cat.

Hershey’s Chocolate World at NYNY: Located along NYNY’s Strip facade, Hershey’s World is stocked with a wide-ranging assortment of chocolates, candy-branded apparel, and more.

My suggestion: Stop in for one of their dessert counter creations or a milkshake!

I recently stopped in – See my Hershey’s Chocolate World Review!

Photo opp depicing a life like Hershey's bar and a Hershey's Kiss in front of a Hershey's sign intended to look like the "welcome to Las Vegas Sign".
Neat free photo opportunity at Hershey’s World

Virtual Reality at MGM Grand: Players will choose from a handful of VR game options and complete for 30 minutes. The VR arena is a 2,000-square-foot room that transforms into a virtual world once the headset is on. Parents, feel free to join in on the fun, as non-gamers will also enjoy this attraction.

CBS Television City: If you need some time off your feet, take the kids to CBS Television City at MGM Grand. There, you can spend an hour screening future television episodes from networks like Nickelodeon and providing your feedback in exchange for a book of coupons redeemable in Vegas. Kids need to be over the age of 10 and be accompanied by an adult.

Exterior of CBS Television City at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
CBS Television City

Take a Gondola Ride: Float through the canals of Venice, either indoors or outside along the Strip at Venetian. Whether you decide to take a spin on a gondola or just stroll through the wonderfully themed property, you’ll swear you were transported to Europe. Gondoliers also serenade guests adding to the experience.

gondola with passengers

Canyon Ranch Rock Wall: Found in The Venetian’s Canyon Ranch Spa is a 40-foot tall rock wall that your kids can attempt to conquer. This particular kid-friendly activity is limited to those aged 10 – 17 and parental supervision is required.

Immersive Van Gogh at Crystals: Kids that are passionate about art and art history will enjoy the 35-minute show at Crystals near Aria that brings 44 of Van Gogh’s paintings to life.

The 360-degree presentation is intended to allow guests into the paintings of the iconic artist and is displayed in a cavernous 500,000 cubic foot room with projector technology.

See my full review of Immersive Van Gogh in Las Vegas.

Painting of a face in the night sky hovering over a body of water.
Immersive Van Gogh at Crystals

Immersive Disney at Crystals: A similar attraction to Immersive Van Gogh, above, Immersive Disney drops guests into their favorite Disney movies like Encanto, The Lion King, Peter Pan, and more.

Price out tickets to Immersive Disney with:

See my full review of Immersive Disney Las Vegas.

A scene from Encanto Plays on the Surround screen at Immersive Disney
Credit: Disney Animation: Immersive Experience – Courtesy of Lighthouse Immersive Studios

Play a Par 3 Golf Course: While Vegas is home to numerous golf courses, both the Angel Park Golf Club and the Las Vegas Golf Center offer a short par 3 that could be an appealing outdoor activity for kids in Las Vegas. Another unique feature is that both courses are illuminated at night, making play after sundown possible.

Find a Hidden Pizza Place: Your kids like “Where’s Waldo” right? If so, they’ll love the “insider” feeling of finding the hidden pizza joint at Cosmo dubbed “Secret Pizza”.

The slice will impress too, making my list of the best pizza by the slice joints in Vegas.

Here’s more on how to find Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan.

Hallway lined with records leading to Secret Pizza
Once you find this hallway, you’ve made it.

Dive-in Movies at Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool: On Monday nights during the summer Cosmopolitan plays popular movies like “Karate Kid” and “Back to the Future” on their Boulevard Pool marquee.

Overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, catching a flick at Cosmo is one of the more unique things to do in Vegas with kids. While hotel guests can attend for free, access for non-guests is $15 (NV locals can get in for $10). Doors open at 7 pm, and the movie fires up at 8.

Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Pool with no people in it, surrounded by purple loungers and daybeds.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Ice Skating at Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool: In the winter months, the Boulevard Pool area is transformed to an ice rink with great views of the Strip. You can rent a pair of skates and even enjoy fireside s’mores. One of those can’t-miss Vegas activities for kids (especially ones from northern states).

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Skaters glide across the ice skating rink at Cosmopolitan.
The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan – Courtesy of the LVCVA

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum: See the collection of movie stars, politicians, and musicians in wax form at Venetian.

In addition to the wax museum, Madame Tussauds has added a Virtual Reality attraction that tasks guests with moving around, finding items, and working with a team. Note that the VR attraction is only for kids age 12 and up.

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Sister Mary Clarence dressed as a nun. Above her in neon is the phrase "Forgive me father, Im about to sin".

REAL Bodies at Horseshoe: Look! An educational thing to do in Vegas with kids! Both kids, and adults, will enjoy checking out the REAL Bodies Exhibition at Horseshoe which is home to over 200 human body specimens.

I recently stopped by – Check out my Review of Real Bodies at Horseshoe!

A full human body speciman cut in half and separated. The cut goes straight down between the eyes, middle of the chest, and is separated to show internal organs.
Real Bodies at Horseshoe

Bodies the Exhibition at Luxor: A similar attraction to the one above at Horseshoe, Bodies the Exhibition can be found on the south end of the Strip at Luxor and features 13 whole-body specimens and 260+ organs.

I recently stopped by – Check out my Review of Bodies at Luxor!

A body specimen that shows internal organs and muscles from the legs up to the head.

$1 Million Display at Horseshoe: Horseshoe has unveiled a new display of one hundred $10,000 bills that are hanging from an upside-down horseshoe.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that each bill has the same serial number…so it’s fake… but your friends back home in Omaha won’t know that.

An upside down golden horseshoe with a large sheet of paper money hanging from the middle

See Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon at Horseshoe: See robots like “Witch Doctor”, “Kraken”, and “Whiplash” engage in combat live, every day at Horseshoe. The live, unscripted show is a spinoff of the popular TV show that featured fighting robots. It’s survival of the fittest, and your kids will dig it.

Tickets start in the mid $70s and can be bought in advance here.

ARCADE at Horseshoe: Located in Horseshoe’s former sportsbook is an arcade with 80 total games that include classics like pinball and skeeball in addition to more modern offerings.

While it isn’t the biggest arcade in Vegas, ARCADE is certainly the nicest & most modern feeling option.

I recently stopped in – See my Horseshoe ARCADE Review!

Several motorcycle riding games extend along a wall into the distance.

Enjoy an Extreme Dessert: While there are a few different spots to grab a unique, massive, and absurdly over-the-top dessert in Las Vegas, I recommend stopping into Black Tap at Venetian. While their normal milkshakes cost about $12, you can upgrade to a “CrazyShake” for $5-$7 more.

While there are numerous CrazyShake options, The Cakeshake steals the show, topped with a slice of funfetti cake, whipped cream, and a cherry.

HyperX Esports Arena: One of those perfect activities for kids that are video game nuts, Luxor’s Esports arena hosts both scheduled tournaments in addition to pay-by-the-hour gameplay.

Additionally, vintage consoles like Atari, Sega, NES, etc. are available for play.

Esports Arena Big Screen at Luxor

Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat: The wildlife habitat behind Flamingo near the pool complex is home to pelicans, ring teal ducks, and a flock of Chilean flamingos. My favorite aspect of the attraction though is the opportunity to take a photo with one of the habitat’s resident parrots.

Flock of flamingos standing on grass with a pond in the foreground
Flamingo’s wildlife habitat

Titanic Artifact Exhibition: Also at Luxor, your little history buff will appreciate the Titanic Exhibit which features 250 real artifacts from the wreck and a large piece of the ship’s hull salvaged from the seafloor.

It’s the personal items recovered and the stories behind actual Titanic passengers that make this exhibit hit home.

You can often score a slight discount on Titanic tickets when buying here, with

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A large section of titanic's hull hangs vertically from the ceiling.

Discovering King Tut’s Tomb: A new attraction at the Egyptian-themed Luxor, Discovering King Tut’s Tomb allows guests to re-live Howard Carter’s career-defining discovery. Your kids will be able to explore passageways, see a replica burial chamber, peer into the antechamber, and see nested coffins.

Tickets to King Tut’s Tomb can be purchased, here, at

A golden death mask behind glass

Taste Test at the Coca-Cola Store: Buy the sampler tray of popular sodas from various countries around the world at the Coca-Cola Store. You’ll enjoy watching your kid’s facial expressions as they realize what tastes good elsewhere, doesn’t always agree with our flavor palate.

Circus Circus FREE Circus Acts: The longest-running circus in the world is at Circus Circus and is free to attend and acts run throughout the day, 7 days per week. See the full circus act schedule here.

Trapeze performer gets ready to grab the bar and swing

Find Your Way Out of an Escape Room: Located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, The Escape Game can immerse you in a variety of unique 60-minute long adventures.

Escape room scenarios include escaping from prison, recovering a stolen painting, finding a stash of gold before the mafia does, and even a “Rugrats” themed quest to find lost toys.

Image of people participating in the Prison Break Escape Game
Prison Break – Courtesy of The Escape Game

Brooklyn Bowl: I know, it’s Vegas and you should probably do something you can’t do at home. However, if you are hankering to hit the lanes, Brooklyn’s 32-lane bowling alley is located along the Linq Promenade and has a swankier vibe than your AMF lanes back home.

High Roller Observation Wheel with Brooklyn Bowl sign in the foreground
Linq’s Promenade anchored by the High Roller

Museum of Selfies: Also found along LINQ’s Promenade, the Museum of Selfies offers the opportunity to… take unique selfies (as you likely gathered from the name). Fun selfie opportunities include diving into a gold bath, optical illusions, and an infinity room.

The exterior facade of the Museum of Selfies, which depicts a "crying emoji".

Paradox Museum: Like the Museum of Selfies, the Paradox Museum offers a number of “mind-bending” rooms that make for unique pictures.

The attraction is located in the Showcase Mall near MGM Grand.

Tickets start in the $30 range and you can be priced out with:

2 people appear to be upside down in Paradox's "Upside Down Room"
Upside Down room at the Paradox Museum

Barbie Exhibition at Crystals: Familiarize yourself with the origins and evolution of Barbie over the iconic doll’s 60+year history to see how fashion, careers, and pop culture have changed over time.

This is a museum-like attraction and may be more suitable for older kids who have a history with the Barbie brand vs. youngsters that may be a bit bored.

I recently stopped in, and you can see my full review of the Barbie Exhibition in Las Vegas, here.

Tickets to the Barbie Exhibition are available for purchase here.

Display case showing careers of the 1990s, which include a soldier, doctor, etc.
Careers in the 1990s.

Circus Circus Adventuredome: The Adventuredome features 5 acres of carnival attractions and thrill rides in climate-controlled comfort.

All-day ride passes are available and pricing information can be found here. This attraction could be the key to freeing up some time to throw some dice or hit the slots.

I recently stopped in and you can see my full Adventuredome Review, here!

A circular swing ride that spins riders in a circle slowly.

Circus Circus Midway/Arcade: After spending time at Adventuredome, check out Circus Circus’ Midway & Arcade which offers both carnival games and an arcade comprised of over 200 games.

Between the Midway and the Adventuredome, visiting Circus Circus is among the most popular things to do in Vegas with kids.

Arcade games with a neon sign above that says "Shake Rattle & Roll"

Bellagio Botanical Gardens and Conservatory: A floral display at Bellagio that changes seasonally. Simply stunning. Ensure you take a moment to look up at Chihuly’s “Firori de Como”, glass floral display in Bellagio’s hotel lobby as well. 

Check here for more things to do at Bellagio!

A hot air balloon and blimp made of flowers in Bellagio's Conservatory

Mini Golf: While there are only a few options to play mini-golf in Las Vegas, the ones that exist are impressive.

Your kids will love the “Twilight Zone” themed option at Horseshoe, which is a product of Monster Mini Golf and features a blacklight-fueled visual feast for the eyes.

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The mini golf course photographed from a distance. Each hole is lined by white and black walls, the white glows under the black lighting.
Twilight Zone Mini Golf at Horseshoe

New York New York Roller Coaster: Full transparency, this roller coaster is rough. It’s also a lot of fun, but you may need to enter the concussion protocol after your ride.

Traveling at speeds of up to 67 mph, the ride offers great views of the Strip and I attest to its awesomeness. I’m in pain just thinking about it. 

Big Apple Coaster tickets can be purchased in advance here.

Big Apple Coaster at NYNY Las Vegas
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

The Big Apple Arcade at New York New York: While New York New York’s isn’t the biggest arcade in Las Vegas, it is packed with a nice variety of modern feeling games and is steps away from the Big Apple Coaster’s boarding area.

I recently stopped by – Read up on New York New York’s Arcade!

A wide angle photo of the arcade with a plethora of games scattered about.
Big Apple Arcade

Mirage Volcano: Sitting outside Mirage, the iconic volcano erupts several times per night (See the Volcano schedule here). Your kids will appreciate the sheer power and heat of the display which is choreographed to music and never disappoints. Parents – grab a beer at the closest Walgreens and enjoy!

Mirage's volcano at dusk
Mirage’s Volcano before the action starts.

Bellagio Fountains: A Las Vegas activity idea for kids made better by the fact it is free. The Fountains of Bellagio dance every 15 – 30 minutes depending on the time of day.   

Bellagio Fountains pictured from above

Topgolf: Located behind MGM Grand, Topgolf is a driving range on steroids.

The Las Vegas version offers 4 levels of hitting bays with views of the Strip. With a number of different games to play, Topgolf is the perfect activity for kids in Vegas to unleash their competitive spirit.

Driving range at Topgolf
Topgolf Las Vegas

Fun Dungeon Arcade at Excalibur: The arcade at Excalibur features over 200 games including the world’s largest Pac-Man, carnival-style midway games, and Smash Air Hockey among others. 

I recently stopped in – See my Fun Dungeon Arcade Review!

Various arcade games lined up against a wall.

4D Experience at Excalibur: Check out a 15-minute video clip that combines 3D animations, state-of-the-art sound/light effects, and in-seat effects. Current clips being offered in 4D include “Happy Feet”, “Yogi Bear”, “Dino Island”, and “Funhouse 4D”.

Tickets to the 4D Experience cost $12 and allow you to watch all 4 short films back to back.

Exterior of the 4D experience at Excalibur.

FlyOver Vegas: Explore the western United States from above at FlyOver Vegas, an attraction that suspends guests in a bank of seats over a 52.5-foot spherical screen. In addition to seat movements that simulate flight, your other senses will be stimulated by simulated wind and the smells of nature.

See my FlyOver Las Vegas Review, here!

Riders seated in FlyOver Vegas ride
Photography by In Color Studios – Courtesy of FlyOver Vegas

Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition: A newer attraction found at Crystals (near Aria), Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition allows guests to view various artifacts from her life. If your kids have a passion for royalty, they’ll dig this.

See my recent Review of the Princess Diana Tribute Exhibition.

Exterior Rendering of the Princess Diana Exhibit
Courtesy of “Princess Diana A Tribute Exhibition

Admire Themed Properties: Resorts like Luxor, Venetian, Excalibur, and Caesars Palace are a marvel to behold for adults. Imagine them through a child’s eyes.

Luxor Las Vegas Interior
There is a LOT to see at Luxor

Pinball Hall of Fame: Boasting a new location right on the Strip, the Pinball Hall of Fame is 10,000 square feet of pinball machines from the 1950s to the 1990s.

While free to enter, you’ll want to bring plenty of quarters.

2 rows of pinball machines

Activities for Kids Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience Canopy Light Show: Fremont Street’s $34 million renovation of the canopy is complete and it’s impressive. All 16.4 million overhead pixels sync up to popular music to create a beautiful display nightly that you, and your kids, are sure to enjoy.

Check here for more non-gambling things to do in downtown Las Vegas!

Lightshow above Fremont Street

The Mob Museum: Something to do for older kids that can appreciate history, The Mob Museum downtown offers interactive exhibits focused on mob history in Las Vegas and around the country.

I recently visited The Mob Museum – Check out the full review!

Mob Museum Las Vegas
Mob Museum Las Vegas

Container Park: Just blocks away from the Mob Museum is the container park which is comprised of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Of interest to your kids though are the nightly praying mantis fire shows and the treehouse playground inside the complex.

Additionally, the Container Park frequently makes yard games like cornhole available at no charge near the events stage.

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Downtown Container Park Praying Mantis

SlotZilla Zipline on Fremont Street: If you don’t mind your child being exposed to the debauchery of Fremont Street then buy them a ticket to ride the SlotZilla Zipline!

One caveat is that kids under the age of 13 need to ride with someone that is 13 or older. Pricing for the lower, shorter Fly Zip-Zilla zipline starts at $54 and the higher, longer Fly Super-Hero Zoomline starts at $74.

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Slotzilla Zipline tower flanked by Walgreens and Neonopolis

Explore The Old Mormon Fort: Originally constructed in the mid-1800s, the Old Mormon Fort was the first permanent settlement erected in Las Vegas.

The State Historic Park starts visitors off in an indoor museum, where they learn about the site’s rich history before letting them loose outside to explore.

Uniquely, you’ll have the opportunity to see the oldest still-standing structure in the state of Nevada!

If your kid’s a history buff, put the Old Mormon Fort on your itinerary!

I recently stopped by – See my Old Mormon Fort Review!

A guard tower rises above the walls in the corner of the fort.

Million Dollar Photo Opp at Binion’s: Binion’s popular photo opp disappeared during the pandemic and was absent for a couple of years until making its triumphant return in 2023.

The revamped display is made of real cash (unlike the one at Horseshoe) and allows you to take a free digital photo, which is then electronically delivered.

A glass pyramid with $1 million on display within it sits on a table for people to take pictures with.

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum: Reserved for kids 14+ years old with an adult chaperone, the Haunted Museum is located near the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop downtown.

Inside, you’ll find a collection of oddities, macabre items, and haunted artifacts that are sure to give you the creeps.

I recently visited – See my Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum Review!

Dolls sitting on shelves surrounding a fake candle

Visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop: If your kids are anything like mine, then they can’t enough of the hit show “Pawn Stars”. My oldest daughter loves Chumlee’s antics and learning about the unique items that are brought in… but mostly Chumlee’s antics. Best yet, the pawn shop is free to visit.

See my Pawn Stars Pawn shop review!

Exterior of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Neon Museum: A solid activity for kids with a curiosity about history, the Neon Museum is home to over 200 vintage neon signs from past incarnations of Las Vegas.

If you really want to wow them, go at night for the Neon Museum’s “Brilliant! Jackpot” display where they utilize projection technology to bring the signs back to life. Check out the Neon Museum’s website for more info and tickets.

Kids 17 and under get a discount, while kids 6 and under are free.

A sign depicting a cowboy with a handlebar moustache with the letters STAR in the background.
Brilliant! Jackpot at the Neon Museum

The Movie Prop Experience: Found in Neonopolis, The Movie Prop Experience is a museum dedicated to showcasing props from hit movies and TV shows.

Want to know the best news, though? Kids get in for free.

See my Movie Prop Experience Review!

A tour vehicle from the movie Jurassic Park sits in front of the Movie Prop Experience.

The Tank Swimming Pool at Golden Nugget: Not just any pool, The Tank features as its centerpiece a 200,000-gallon shark and fish tank. Better yet, your kids will enjoy riding The Tank’s water slide which goes through the middle of the shark tank.

Currently, non-hotel guests can access the pool on Monday – Thursday for a small fee payable at the entrance podium. You can also call the pool day of to gauge pricing for the day.

The Tank at Golden Nugget

Toy Shack: Located in Neonopolis downtown Las Vegas, the Toy Shack was made famous by Pawn Stars. Your kids will enjoy stopping in to check out their unique toy offerings!

Toy Shack Las Vegas
Toy Shack in Neonopolis

Gene Woods Racing “Drift” Experience: Also located in Neonapolis, this indoor track is specifically designed to test your drifting skills. The go-karts are all-electric meaning no fumes and quick acceleration.

Things For Kids To Do in Las Vegas Away From The Strip

Discovery Children’s Museum: Near the Fremont Street Experience, kids will enjoy exploring a number of engaging exhibits that aim to educate about water power, inventing, experimentation, and so much more. A museum dedicated to children is the itinerary item for kids when in Vegas.

Mini Golf at Rio: KISS by Monster Mini Golf is a visual spectacle fueled by blacklights and props that pop scattered throughout the course.

Of course, you’ll be jamming out to a KISS playlist for the duration of your experience.

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Glowing wall art depicting a band member that says "Kiss, Rock the Nation LIVE".

Cowabunga Canyon: Desert summers are hot, and one activity I recommend for kids in Vegas is cooling off at Cowabunga Canyon (formerly called Wet’n’Wild). Between their water slide options, pools, and lazy river, your kids will have a blast.

Cowabunga Bay: Another water attraction, Cowabunga Bay will also delight your kids with numerous waterslides, a lazy river, wave pool. The park, located in Henderson and is likely worth the 20-25 minute drive from mid-Strip resorts if you are seeking to beat the heat with your family.

Natural History Museum: A Smithsonian Affiliate, the Museum of Natural History has numerous fossils and artifacts on display from around the world.

I recently stopped by and found the museum to be a bit underwhelming albeit inexpensive.

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A stuffed Rhino stands alonside stuffed primates in an African animal scene.
A display at the Natural History Museum.

Area15: A short Uber ride from the Strip, Area15 is a feast for the eyes. While tickets to the Area15 campus can be reserved for free, additional rides and activities can be added to your experience for a fee.

Your kids will love Omega Mart, which looks like a simple supermarket but offers hidden portals to an otherworldly experience complete with visual effects, massive slides, and a mystery.

See Also: More on Area15 in Las Vegas, including reviews of Haley’s Comet and Wink World.

Rider strapped into Haley's Comet at Area15
A rider on Haley’s Comet – Courtesy of Area15

Indoor Skydiving: You don’t have to jump off a plane, or off the Strat’s SklyPod for a thrill. Instead, enjoy a simulated free fall at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. The 120 mph winds generated by their 1,000 horsepower fan will give your kid a similar thrill, but closer to the ground.

Take ’em Out to the Ballgame: The brand spanking new Las Vegas Ballpark can be found a short drive from resorts on the Strip and is home to the Las Vegas Aviators, a minor league affiliate of the Oakland A’s.

While the park offers traditional stadium seating, your kids will love catching the game from the grass berm just over the outfield fence.

Las Vegas Ballpark photographed from behind home plate at night
Credit: David Becker/Las Vegas News Bureau

Tour Allegiant Stadium: Kids that are football fans are sure to enjoy a “behind the scenes” look at the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Tours include access to the owner’s box, field, and even the locker rooms.

Tickets can be purchased in advance with the Raiders, here.

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Exterior of Allegiant Stadium at night.
Courtesy of the LVCVA

Springs Preserve: Located 3 miles from downtown Las Vegas, Springs Preserve is a 180-acre attraction that is comprised of botanical gardens, a playground, a splash pad, a butterfly habitat, and several museum attractions that dive into the origins and history of Las Vegas.

My favorite thing to explore at Springs Preserve was Boomtown 1905 (pictured below) which is a recreation of an early 1900s town that you’re able to explore.

I recently visited Springs Preserve and was blown away by the diversity and depth of things to do for the price.

A street view of Boomtown 1905, where all the buildings on wone dside of the street are visible.
Boomtown 1905 at Springs Preserve

Tour a Chocolate Factory: Kids and chocolate go together like peas and carrots. The Ethel M chocolate factory in Henderson, a short drive from the Strip offers self-guided tours of both their chocolate factory and 3-acre cactus garden.

Exterior of Ethel M's Chocolate Factory.

If you’re looking for things to do in Vegas during the winter months, your kids will love the holiday decor on display in the cactus garden!

People walking through illuminated decor in The Park
People wander the walkways during the annual cactus lighting ceremony at Ethel M Chocolates Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016 in Henderson. CREDIT: Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau

Clark County Museum: Check out the exhibits at the Clark County Museum including the “Heritage Street” collection of historic buildings that depict life in early Nevada. Even better, the Museum is a cheap thing to do with kids priced at a mere $2 for adults and $1 for kids.

I recently visited the Clark County Museum and was blown away.

A weathered building with a front covered porch labled "General Store".

Rex Center: While more popular with locals than tourists, the Rex Center is a short distance from the Strip (behind Wynn) and offers mini-golf, go-karts, laser tag, rock climbing, and axe throwing. They offer pricing per attraction, or both half and full-day packages.

Dig This: An option only for kids 13 years old and up, Dig This is unique and sure to create lifelong memories. The desert is your canvas to operate heavy equipment like bulldozers and excavators. You’ll dig trenches, push around boulders, stack tires, and roll over rough terrain. Don’t know how to operate heavy equipment? No problem, instructors are on hand to help! You can check ticket prices to Dig This for your dates here.

Pole Position: Indoor go-karts just off the Strip. No need to say more. It’s a blast. Kids do need to be over 48″ tall to participate as a driver, however. Race packages at Pole Position start in the $25 range.

See Silverton’s Mermaids: Watch real mermaids swim in a 117,000-gallon fish tank at Silverton daily. An all-ages show, this is one of the most unique things for kids to do in Vegas. Learn more, and get exact mermaid showtimes, here.

Large fish tank at Silverton Las Vegas

Hoover Dam: Your kids, and you, will be blown away by the sheer size of the Hoover Dam. Take a guided tour, then when wrapped up, rent a jet ski at the Lake Mead Marina and rip around Lake Mead.

Check out my recent Hoover Dam visit, which included a guided tour!

Hoover Dam holding back Lake Mead

Explore the Outdoors: Not far from Las Vegas are a number of outdoorsy day trip options with stunning scenery including Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

It turns out some of the best things to do with kids in Las Vegas aren’t in Vegas at all.

Road leading into Valley of Fire National Park

See a Ghost Town: On the topic of the outdoors, kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy exploring the ruins of St. Thomas, NV, a ghost town that has been submerged under Lake Mead (under 70 ft. of water!), until recently.

Thanks to drought conditions gripping the western United States, St. Thomas is no longer underwater and can be explored.

I recently made the 1.5-hour drive out to the site, which is in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and found it to be fascinating!

See my experience at the St. Thomas Ghost Town!

A closer visual of the school house's entry steps, which are in great shape.
A view inside the Hanning Store from behind.

4 Wheeler Excursion: While the majority of ATV tours in Las Vegas ban kids, one allows those that are 6 years old and up to participate. All Above Las Vegas ATV Tours offers both 90cc and 125cc ATV options which are more manageable for kids.

Flightlinez Canon Zipline: Located about a half-hour from resorts on the Strip, this outdoor attraction dwarfs zipline options available in Vegas. Flightlinez sends riders flying at speeds of nearly 60 MPH over a distance of 8,000 feet. The scenery is pretty spectacular as well with views of Bootleg Canyon, Lake Mead, and the broader desert landscape. Note that you must weigh between 75 and 250 lbs. to participate, but this attraction could be the perfect activity for kids near Vegas.

Gene Woods Racing Experience: Test your go-kart skills going head to head on a half-mile outdoor track with the Las Vegas Strip in the background.

Movie Theaters: While no Strip resorts have one, a number of casinos off the Strip offer movie theaters which make for a solid activity for kids while parents hit the tables.

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Kid-Friendly Shows in Las Vegas

Below, are a number of Las Vegas shows that may be appropriate for kids. While there are a ton of things to do in Vegas with kids, seeing a show is hard to beat due to the diversity of options offered.

While I mention a few popular options below, I’ve also put together a full breakdown of kid-friendly shows in Vegas which goes more in-depth.

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater: For animal lovers, this kid-friendly performance incorporates cats, dogs, birds, and other animals into a comedy performance. If of interest, ensure to price out the options below to get the best deal:

A cat pushing a dog in a stroller

Potted Potter at Horseshoe: If your kid is anything like mine, they love everything Harry Potter. Potted Potter, at Horseshoe, is a hilarious 70-minute parody that takes you through all 7 books. Tickets can be purchased in advance with:

2 performers from Potted Potter pose outside Flamingo at night

Cirque du Soleil: Shows that amaze adults with daring acrobatics, feats of strength, and stunning visual displays are sure to please your kid.

Check here for a breakdown of Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas.

Pool with a ship hovering over it at O
“O” by Cirque du Soleil

Magic Acts: Magicians such as Mat Franco at Linq, Penn and Teller at Rio, or Mac King at Harrah’s keep it clean and represent a great option for visitors with kids. Here is an overview of magic shows in Las Vegas ranked based on customer reviews.

Mat Franco on stage at LINQ
Matt Franco at LINQ

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur: A 3-course dinner show which immerses you into the middle ages. Your family will feast as you witness horse-mounted knights defend their honor. Tickets are usually pretty affordable by Vegas standards, costing around $70.

Knights on Horseback
Tournament of Kings – © Erik Kabik/MGM Resorts

iLuminate at STRAT: Unlike traditional choreographed dance shows, the dancers of iLuminate wear LED illuminated suites, creating a pretty unique visual. Tickets cost around $60 per person and can be purchased:

Dancers stand on a dark stage wearing costumes with LED lighting features

In addition to the ones mentioned above, I put together a complete breakdown of kid-friendly shows in Las Vegas. Check it out!

Hopefully, my list of things to do in Las Vegas with kids was helpful in your quest to find kid-friendly activities! While Vegas is known as an adult playground, there is certainly a ton of stuff to do with kids!

Don’t hesitate to drop your favorite things to do with kids in Las Vegas into the comments below!

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