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Las Vegas Food & Drink

Las Vegas is home to food and drink options that span the spectrum from high-end celebrity chef restaurants to value buffets that allow you to gorge yourself on the cheap.

My goal is to lay out your options in Las Vegas, give you a look inside popular restaurants & buffets, and assist you in finding deals.

Top Picks

The Las Vegas culinary scene is VAST. My intent is to help you find the cuisine, buffet, cheap eats, or drink deal that will make your vacation better while saving you a few bucks.

I explore the nooks and crannies of the Las Vegas restaurant and bar scene for tidbits of information that will aid in that quest.

Las Vegas Speakeasies

What’s better than a bar? A hidden bar.

It’s tough to explain, but there’s just something cool about the speakeasy concept. Ducking into an unmarked door for a clandestine cocktail makes you feel like an insider. Someone who knows things.

With that in mind, I’ve created a guide to each speakeasy in Las Vegas so that you can be in on the secret.

Las Vegas Buffets

Buffets and Las Vegas have gone hand in hand for decades. While many didn’t survive the pandemic, there are still a wide variety of options available that range from upscale (and pretty darn expensive) to budget-friendly.

As an avid buffet connoisseur myself, I’ve made it a point to eat at every single one to share what you can expect at each (with plenty of pictures of course).

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