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Ways To Save in Las Vegas

If you’re anything like me, then ways to save money are always top of mind while traveling.

Here, I’ll share ideas for saving money on hotels, food, drinks, and even gambling in Las Vegas.

Top Picks

Our top ways to save in Las Vegas revolve around freebies, inexpensive attractions, and small sacrifices you can make to save money during your trip.

Food & Drink Deals in Vegas

I’m personally thrifty to a fault and have constructed breakdowns of cheap places to eat, happy hour deals, cheap buffets, and more that will help you piece together a budget-friendly Las Vegas itinerary.

Hotel Deals and Discounts

Las Vegas hotels offer an assortment of discount offers based on affiliation, career, and more. We’ve gone through and compiled which hotels offer money-saving offers for things like being a senior citizen, member of the military, first responder, etc.

Cheap Gambling in Las Vegas

Just like everything else we buy, inflation is affecting how much it costs to gamble in Las Vegas.

Let me help you save by pointing out where you can still find cheap table minimums on the Strip, nearby, and on Fremont Street!

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