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Yes, You Can Buy That Mattress You Slept on in Vegas

Yes, You Can Buy That Mattress You Slept on in Vegas

For many visitors, mattresses at upper echelon Las Vegas hotels are a stark upgrade when compared to what awaits back at home. As you would expect, many look to buy the exact brand and model mattress that they slept on in their hotel. Fortunately, many properties have moved to monetize their sleep quality by selling the mattresses and bedding products used in the hotel directly to customers.

Adding to the allure, many mattresses used in Las Vegas hotels are made specifically for the property and not available via traditional retail stores.

We thought it would be helpful to track down what type of mattress Las Vegas hotels use, their price point, and where they can be purchased so you can bring that perfect night of sleep home with you.

As you’ll notice, the process for purchasing a resort mattress differs greatly by property and isn’t always overly convenient, with some requiring phone calls, in-person shopping, or outdated feeling order forms. Hopefully, all resorts will get on board with the whole “ordering online” trend here soon to simplify the process!

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Bellagio is the crown jewel of MGM’s portfolio and they spare no expense on their mattress, made by Sealy, which is also available for purchase in their “Bellagio at Home” store. A king is priced at $2,175. Bellagio also sells their “Bellagio at Home” branded pillows and comforters on Amazon.

Caesars Palace uses the Caesars Bouvet Island Plush mattress from Simmons in their recently renovated Julius Tower rooms. Nobu at Caesars also features this line of mattresses in their guestrooms. A king will run you $1,949 but pocketed coils and AirCool technology (whatever that is) likely make the price tag worth it.

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Wynn’s Dream Bed, custom made by Sealy, claims to deliver the “best sleep you’ve ever experienced” and at a price point of $3,550 for a king, it better. Fortunately, Wynn is one of the few resorts that allow you to make a mattress purchase online.

TI employs the Sealy Posturpedic Elite Sensational mattress and it is available for purchase for $1,900. For that price, you will receive the king mattress, box spring, and free delivery. You will need to call Sealy directly to buy the mattress at (866) 251-6471, but can view more info on that specific model here.

Aria offers two different “trim levels” for their beds. The higher-end Sealy Suite mattress is sold for $2,595 and the Sealy Deluxe mattress goes for $2,155. You can explore your options further and fill out an online order form if interested here.

Mirage offers the Serta mattress used exclusively in resort guestrooms, however, the item is only available for purchase in the resort’s Essentials Gift Shop. The price tag for a king is $1,800 which includes delivery and orders need to be placed at the resort or by phone.

Vdara sells two models of resort exclusive mattresses in their Elements retail shop. Their Sky Suite mattresses are made by Sealy and run $2,595 for a king. They use a Serta model in the deluxe rooms and they run $2,155 for a king. Shipping is included in the price as long as you reside in the United States.

Venetian and Palazzo use a custom made mattress from Sealy called the Venetian Plush. A king costs $1,575 and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. For ordering information, you will need to call Sealy directly at (866) 438-7378.

Cosmopolitan appoints guestrooms with a custom-built Serta mattress called the Perfect Sleeper Grand Chateau which will set you back $1750 for a king. Ordering must go through Serta directly by calling (877) 468-3540.

Park MGM and Mandalay Bay both use the custom-designed MGM Suite Pillowtop mattress made by Serta. A king mattress costs $1,250 and purchasing needs to go through Serta directly at (877) 468-3540 or online here.

Prices quoted are typically only for the mattress and do not include any accessories such as a box spring unless otherwise noted. Delivery and haul away of your previous mattress is typically included in the stated price, however.

Now that you know how to buy a Las Vegas resort mattress, we wish you nothing but restful nights!

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Rose Arangio

Friday 17th of July 2020

I want a king mattress like the one at Venetian las vegas but in Canada

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