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Las Vegas Buffets That Offer Day Passes

As the buffet capital of the world, even mediocre buffets by Vegas standards tend to be significantly better than their peers across the country. With options ranging form budget to high end, there is a truly a buffet in Vegas for all tastes and budgets.

Although one daily trip to the buffet is enough for most people, heavier eaters often opt for a day pass that allowing them to come and go for multiple rounds of engorgement. While buffet passes will limit you to a single buffet or specific chain of buffets, they often represent an opportunity to save some money when compared to paying for each visit separately.

We endeavored to find out what Las Vegas casinos offer buffet day passes, and how much money can be saved by taking advantage of the deal.

Note that due to the current public health crisis, many Vegas buffets are closed with no defined re-opening date. We recommend calling ahead to ensure the buffet you wish to visit will be open.

The Buffet at Aria offers an all-day pass for $60. Passes are only good for one calendar day and expire at midnight regardless of when that day it was purchased. Aria’s pass represents a total of $37.97 in savings when compared to purchasing breakfast, brunch, and dinner separately at standard weekday pricing.

The Buffet at Excalibur offers an all day wristband for $49.99. The package represents a total savings of $15.48 when compared to buying breakfast, brunch, and dinner at typical weekday pricing. Your buffet pass will expire at 10pm the day of purchase.

The Buffet at Luxor, like Excalibur, also offers an all day pass for $49.99. Due to pricing differences though, this pass would save the diner eating all 3 meals at the buffet $17.98 on weekdays. As with Excalibur, your wristband expires at 10pm the date of purchase.

Buffet of Buffets Pass offered by Caesars Entertainment is one of the more alluring deals if only because you won’t be locked into a specific property’s offering. For $69.99 ($79.99 weekends) you will have access to buffets at Paris, Planet Hollywood, Harrah’s Flamingo, and Rio. For an additional fee of $25 ($35 for dinner) Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace can be added to the package.

Another advantage of the Buffet of Buffets pass is that it lasts an entire 24 hours and doesn’t expire at the end of the calendar day. Use a sound strategy to ensure the meals you want will be covered by the pass as the clock starts ticking the moment it is issued.

Off the Strip

Orleans’ Medley Buffet offers inexpensive all day passes that run $34 Sunday – Thursday and $38 on Friday.

In our opinion, Aria’s buffet day pass deal is the strongest value offered in Vegas from both a quality and total savings perspective. If, however, variety and desire to not be tied to a specific property outweighs quality on your list of important criteria, Caesars Buffet of Buffets deal is a rock solid alternative.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.