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Where to Find Big Drinks in Vegas – Margs by the Yard!

It’s difficult to walk a block on the Strip or Fremont Street without seeing someone sipping from a giant cocktail, oftentimes slightly taller than a toddler.

The phenomenon of big drinks in Vegas isn’t difficult to understand, after all, Vegas and the abuse of mind-altering substances are a package deal for most.

Although oversize drinks often come at an inflated cost, it’s a small price to pay in exchange for the joy they provide in the form of an elevated BAC, and reprieve offered from the oppressive Nevada heat.

Below, I’ll highlight some of the most popular spots to grab a big drink in Vegas, both on the Strip and downtown, with many options reaching 100 oz. in size.

Where to Find Big Drinks on the Strip

Tacos & Ritas: Found in both the Venetian and MGM Grand food courts, Tacos & Ritas serves big margaritas in sizes ranging from 16 oz. up to a giant 44 oz. option which costs about $40.

Senor Frogs: Located at TI, Senor Frogs typically offers 2 28 oz. Yard Drinks for $40-$50 depending on the cocktail type selected. Those are available both inside the restaurant or at their kiosk outside of TI (near the pirate ships).

Pirate ship with TI's hotel tower in the background

Beer Park at Paris: “The End Zone” is a 50 oz. monster concocted by mixing Stella Artois, lemonade, and Maker’s Mark. It can be all yours for around $40. View Beer Park’s full menu, here.

Oh, and the view isn’t bad either.

View of Las Vegas Blvd. and Caesars Palace from Beer Park
Beer Park at Paris

Fat Tuesday’s: Among the most popular spots to grab a big slushie drink in Las Vegas, Fat Tuesday’s has locations at STRAT, Venetian, Casino Royale, Resorts World, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, and in a strip mall across the street from Aria.

Drink sizes range from normal to a massive 100 oz option. Big drinks at Fat Tuesday are priced in the mid-$30s, however, refills can be purchased at a slight discount.

Numb Bar: With locations at both Caesars Palace and Harrah’s, Numb specializes in frozen cocktails, serving large options of up to 64 oz. at a price point in the $30’s.

Exterior of NUMB at Harrah's Las Vegas.

Carlos ‘n Charlie’s: Yard drinks on the menu at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s come in a few different forms. Their “Yard” is $23.07, the “Big Mama” is $34.14, and the giant 100 oz. “Bazooka” will set you back $77.51.

Exterior of Carlos n Charlie's at Flamingo Las Vegas.

Tom’s Urban: Found at New York New York, Tom’s Urban serves “Punch Bowls” that have 6 servings for $74.99 or 10 servings for $112.99. Concoctions available include a Vintage Mule, Sangria, Margarita, and Rockabilly Juice.

Tom's Urban exterior from the perspective of the Strip. To the left is NYNY's replica Brooklyn Bridge.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Paris Sidewalk Bar: Wondering where people are getting those drinks in a souvenir “Paris” balloon or Eiffel Tower mug? They’re finding them at the Paris Sidewalk Bar out front of the resort along the Strip.

Margarita Bar: Located just outside of TI along the Strip, the Margarita Bar specializes in slushie drinks ranging from “normal” sizes up to a 100 oz. behemoth. A 48 oz. Yard drink will set you back $29.

La Salsa Cantina: Located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, La Salsa Cantina serves a 48 oz, yard-long slushie drink. Stop by during happy hour which runs from 5 pm – 7 pm to score a discount!

Exterior of La Salsa Cantina from the MIracle Mile Shops.

Diablo’s Cantina: A destination drink, people commonly seek out Diablo’s 45oz. “El Gordo” frozen margarita which comes in a souvenir cup. Available add-ons include 1 or 2 bottled beer which are served tipped upside down in the icy concoction.

Dick’s Last Resort: The restaurant notorious for hurling insults at their customers serves a number of big cocktails in a souvenir glass including the “Big Dick Super Margarita”, a 45 oz citrus tequila drink offered for $33.99. Dick’s claims it’s “big enough for 2”, but it’s Vegas… Grow up and down it by yourself.

Exterior of Dick's Last Resort at Excalibur.

Spanish Steps at Caesars: Found right in front of the Absinthe tent, this little bar specializes in big drinks with plenty of booze. Although absent are the tall drink containers, these mugs pack a punch and are worth the money if looking to tie one on.

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Where to Find Big Drinks on Fremont Street

Oversized drinks on Fremont Street are extremely easy to find as most outdoor bars serve them. Check out the outdoor bars at Golden Gate, Circa, The D, and Binion’s as they all serve big, tall slushie cocktails.

Hammered Harry’s: Located in Neonopolis (in Dick’s Last Resort’s former location), Hammered Harry’s offers a 45oz. “Mega Bowl” signature margarita that’s concocted with El Jimador Tequila and a 12oz Dos Equis lager.

There you go. Now you can be one of the cool kids toting a massive yard drink around as you stroll down the strip.

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Feature Image: ©nitr/123RF.COM

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