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Looser Alternatives to Penny Slots in Las Vegas

What if I told you there is a way to find looser slot machines in Las Vegas without increasing your bet?

Slot machines in Las Vegas have been getting tighter and tighter over time. It’s only natural we would try to find value and better slot payouts for our money. If you are a penny slot player, it’s likely you are doing it all wrong.

Penny slots are bright, engaging, and feature bonus games that we can’t stop chasing, however, they are also one of the tightest denominations of slot machine in Clark County according to Nevada Gambling Control Board reporting.

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Penny slot machines are skyrocketing in popularity and Las Vegas casinos are devoting more and more square footage to them. As recently as 2004, there were only 10,916 total penny slot machines in Clark County Non-Restricted casinos – In 2017, that figure exploded to 39,644.

Many think that patronizing the pennies can be a good way to stretch your money in Vegas, after all, you can play as little as a penny per spin! In reality though, who the heck plays 1-cent per spin? 5 cents per spin? 25 cents per spin? It’s rare. Most of us end up playing much more than the minimum as most penny machines have a significant number of lines to play and the ability to bet more than 1 credit per line.

While the graphics, themes, bonus features, and perception of value that “penny” slots provide make them hard to resist, we wanted to share actual data from Clark County casinos (which include the Strip and Fremont Street) that may sway you to play a larger denomination slot machine employing the same bet you would use in a penny machine.

Why? Because larger denomination slot machines are slightly looser. Details below!

First off, a quick housekeeping item. The “house win rate” statistic we reference below is the percentage of total bets made that the casino won from the player. For instance, if a player fed a machine $20 and made the money last for a while eventually playing a total of $200 in spins before going broke then the house win rate would be $20/$200= 10%. The house won 10% of the total money wagered.

In 2017, the house win rate on Clark County penny slots (% of total bets placed by players won by the house) was 8.82%.

In general, the larger the denomination of the slot machine, the looser the slots are. If you play 75 cents per spin on a penny slot, take that same bet over to a quarter machine. You’ll miss out on the addicting bonus games, but you’ll get a better return on your money as quarter slots in Clark County had a house win rate of 6.03% in 2017 – lower than the 8.82 % that the penny machines will hold from each bet on average. You aren’t betting more, but you are getting slightly better odds.

If you’re a 300-credit player on the pennies, take that $3 per pull over to the dollar slot machines which featured an even lower house win rate in Clark County of 5.55% in 2017. Obviously, the dollar slots are significantly looser than their penny counterparts.

When you are playing slots, spend within your means. Some gamblers are thrilled to sit at a penny machine and plug small bets for hours while taking advantage of some free cocktails.

If, however, you play 75 credits or more on penny machines, you can likely find a looser slot machine in Las Vegas by playing a larger denomination and not increasing the amount you are betting per pull.

Good luck!

Now that you know what denomination of slot is the loosest, check out where in Las Vegas and the surrounding area have the loosest slots!

*Data used came from the Nevada Gambling Control Board’s 2017 Revenue Report and 2004 revenue report detailing all of Clark County’s Non-Restricted Casinos.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.