Optional Resort Fee at TI Explained

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Resort Fees in Las Vegas are becoming a real burden for travelers and Treasure Island has introduced an intriguing option in response– Optional Resort Fees.  

The idea itself is genius, Vegas travelers have been screaming for years that they don’t use the damn fitness center, wireless internet or make local phone calls from their room… so why is the resort fee mandatory? Why can’t guests choose to forego payment in exchange for not using the services?  


Optional resort fees at TI are offered online exclusively to My TI Guestbook members. You simply navigate to their website and select your dates and room options. You will then have the option to choose a room with an optional resort fee as part of their TV Ad Special – TI’s resort fee is generally $37.

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We called TI and were able to confirm that the deal is available only for guests that book the TV Ad Special and it cannot be added to your booking retroactively. Guests that opt out of the resort fee will not have access to the fitness center, business center and wireless internet.  

If you choose to forgo the resort fee, wireless internet is still available for a fee of $25 per day plus tax. You will not be able to pay for access to the fitness or business center at TI separately however. Additionally, you cannot pick and choose individual days you want to pay the resort fee and have access to the amenities it covers – It’s an all or nothing proposition.  

Even better, if you book with the TV Ad Special that allows you to opt out of the $37 resort fee, you will also receive a 2 for 1 draft beer ticket to Gilley’s Saloon, 2 for 1 dinner buffet, 20% off Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N and 20% off services at Oleksandra Spa with a $100 minimum purchase.  

You won’t find an option to decline paying resort fees at any other property on the strip, and when paired with free self-parking, TI represents an opportunity to bypass getting “fee’d to death” at a quality property.  

Again, you NEED to specifically book the TV Ad Special on TI’s website to be eligible for the optional resort fee offer. Bookings that are not booked as that specific offer are not eligible for the resort fee to be waived.  

If you are staying at another resort on the Las Vegas strip, there isn’t an option to avoid or refuse paying the hotel’s resort fee. The chance to do so at TI represents a unique and welcome opportunity.  

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8 thoughts on “Optional Resort Fee at TI Explained”

  1. I’m booking thru a travel agent in Scotland thinking of 9 or 10nts which would amount to a lot of resort fees any chance we could get it waived?????

  2. So disappointed with my booking experience at this hotel.

    I heard about resort fee in the State and did asked the hotel for confirmation before making the booking via Agoda. I ask specifically that if the room rate published in their website and the rate in other third party platform like Agoda and Booking include resort fee.

    Hotel agent confirmed that the published rate is included resort fee but then we check in, they asked for $44.22/night which is even much higher than room rate we paid via Agoda and their website (only $36/night on the selected dates)

    It is hotel fault when their staff confirmed with us first but they put it all on their client. I tried to work with hotel but they refused to give me any solution. I forgot to screenshot the first chat but this is their confirmation when I asked them again.

    Such a terrible experience after a long flight and very non-customer-oriented-service from the hotel. Be careful with any low price you might find for this hotel. It is cheating price.

    We can say that we do not have any benefit from the resort fee they quoted. Even the buffet lunch/dinner is not applied for the weekend while we checking on Sun.

    Do not to mention the room facilities are poor, low complimentary water, heat system does not work well, everything is old and the mattresses is unacceptable soft.

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