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Review of “Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater” in Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater has a unique cast that includes dogs, cats, birds, and even a pig.

  • While the animals stole the show, Popovich proved he’s no slouch himself via some impressive circus acts.

  • At under $30, Comedy Pet Theater is one of the most affordable shows in Las Vegas and I found it to be worthwhile.

In a city known for scantily clad showgirls, big-name headliners, and high-flying Cirque du Soleil acts, Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater certainly stands out.

The production calls the V Theater within the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood home and casts cats, dogs, parrots, and even a pig as the stars of the show.

Gregory Popovich is also likely no stranger to you, as his act has been featured on multiple late-night shows, America’s Got Talent, Animal Planet, and more.

As my interest has always been piqued, I figured it was due time to snag a ticket to Popovich’s show with the intent of sharing my experience with you.

Exterior of the V Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops, which still sports a distict arabian theme from the resort's days as Aladdin.

What I Liked About Comedy Pet Theater

It’s Adorable

Popovich has trained his crew of animals to perform fire rescues, board trains, and sit patiently in school.

If seeing animals doing cute things is the reason you bought a ticket, you won’t be disappointed.

Dogs sit in desks, pretending to be in school.
Popovich poses next to cats sitting on pedistals.
Popovich directing animals in front of a burning building.

They also perform some pretty cool tricks… Ok, a pig walking over a bridge isn’t that “cool” but it is freaking cute.

A pig walking over a bridge.
The star of the show.
A parrot is navigating it's way across a tightrope.

Popovich’s Circus Acts

Now, I expected house pets to do tricks, but I didn’t necessarily expect Gregory Popovich to get in on the act.

Popovich juggles, balances, catches saucers, claps blocks, and more.

I was legitimately fearful for his safety atop that ladder.

Popovich on stage juggling a number of white disks.
Gregory Popovich balancing atop a ladder on stage.

What Was Lacking

The Theater

I have to say, the V Theater has seen some better days.

My seat for the show was one of the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in, with a metal bar (or something similar) protruding through the cushioning into my lower back.

The seat was also connected to a row that mustn’t be bolted down well, as every time someone adjusted or moved in the row, the entire bank would move.

Stage and seating from the back row straight on.

Throughout the theater is kind of a hodgepodge of seating that ranged from bolted-in stadium seats, to padded folding chairs. Seats were often numbered with unprofessional stickers with handwritten numbers on them.

Hand written numbers on pieces of white tape used to label seats.

It didn’t take away from the show on stage, but the theater itself doesn’t exactly impress.

I should point out that I saw V The Ultimate Variety Show in the same theater later in the day and my seat was significantly more comfortable.

On a completely separate note, I did appreciate the subtle architectural reminders inside the theater that it was once part of the Aladdin Hotel and Casino before it transitioned to Planet Hollywood.

See if you can spot the few “Easter Eggs” that hint at the past that remain.

Ragged Props & Costumes

Nit picking here, but a lot of the props and costumes used by Popovich and his crew were dated, grimy, and had a “budget vibe”.

Everything just seemed a bit frayed, dirty, and dusty.

Popovich zip-tied more rope lights to his props than my 12-year-old has strung up in her room.

This is a budget show, which is reflected in the price you pay. As long as you don’t expect mind-blowing production value, you’ll be satisfied.

Where to Sit at Comedy Pet Theater

Due to the small nature of the theater, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

I got into the theater early to sample views from various sections around the venue to get a feel for where the best seats are. They all offered an adequate view.

For perspective, the picture below is taken from one of the furthest rows.

Wide angle shot of seating at the small V Theater.

Obviously, for a show like this, the seats up front are going to give you the best view of the animals (and better photos), but even if you get stuck in the back row, you’ll have a solid perspective.

I bought the cheapest ticket available and was moved up closer to the stage as the show wasn’t sold out.

I recommend doing the same, as the staff will always aim to consolidate the crowd nearer the stage in that situation.

Is Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater Worth Seeing?

Tickets to Popovich start at $29.99 via the V Theater box office, but I paid $28.50 through, here ($22.44 + $6.06 fees). I suggest shopping both to get the best deal.

Was Popovich worth the price of admission? Heck yea. That was a really fun show for the price and I was smiling the whole time at the level of cuteness on display.

This is a great idea for folks looking for kid-friendly things to do in Las Vegas and for animal-loving adults alike.

Yeah, the props, theater, and overall production value aren’t the most amazing in town, but the value is there – Buy your ticket to Popovich Comedy Pet Theater with confidence.

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