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Review of “V – The Ultimate Variety Show” in Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • V – The Ultimate Variety Show showcases talent that ranges from juggling and balancing, to music and comedy.

  • While not every act “meshed” with my tastes, the ones that did blew me away. My jaw was on the floor.

  • At around $40-$50, this show is one of the best values in Las Vegas.

Variety shows shine the spotlight on a wide-ranging assortment of talent, almost guaranteeing that something will appeal to your tastes.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show calls the V Theater home, which is located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and features comedy, acts of strength, musical acts, and (literally) death-defying feats.

I recently snagged a ticket to the show with the intent of sharing my experience.

For this review, I thought it would be most helpful to cover what I liked and what was lacking, ending with whether or not I think the show is worth your time and the cost of admission.

No photos are allowed during the performance, so I’ll do my best to articulate the offering with my mediocre writing ability.

What I Liked About V

Several Unreal Acts

For a relatively inexpensive show, there are some amazing acts, and I don’t say that lightly.

The opening act was a “balancer” for lack of a better term, who created a wobbly stack of boards cylinders (some of which lying on their side), and even bowling balls, on top of each other and then climbed to the top.

I was legitimately fearful that he could die right there in front of me.

It was one of those acts that was both exhilarating in the moment, and a relief when it was over.

In addition to the balancing act, impressive performers included a dancer who used a giant champagne glass as a prop, a hoop routine, and an acro-balancing duo.

These weren’t “run of the mill” variety acts you’d expect to see at a high school talent show. They blew me away.

Notably, V swaps acts in and out depending on the show – You never know exactly what you’re going to get.

The Host – Wally Eastwood

A variety show can feel a bit scattered, jumping from one unrelated act to another, and the host Wally Eastman did a spectacular job of tying it all together with humor, self-deprecation, and some impressive talent in his own right.

In addition to announcing the next act, Wally juggled, played music by bouncing balls off a keyboard, juggled balls with his mouth, and more.

The guy is funny, likable, and talented as heck.

Wally Eastman, the host, juggling on stage.
Courtesy of V – Wally Eastman

What Was Lacking

A Couple Acts Felt Like “Filler Content”

There were a couple of acts that just “didn’t do it for me”.

Examples of this included a drum-playing duo and a comedian who pulled audience members up and had them wear masks while making funny hand gestures.

While they weren’t my favorite acts, it’s not as though they were horrible. They were entertaining and funny. I was simply ready for them to be wrapped up so that we could move on to something more in line with my tastes.

That being said, this is a variety show. By definition, not everything is going to appeal to you.

I equate it to a comedy club that features 4 or 5 up and coming comics, all with different styles. Your sense of humor will never “mesh” with each of them, rather, you hope you get to see 2 or 3 gems that make it all worth it – That’s what this is.

The V Theater Could Use an Upgrade

Put bluntly, the theater itself is pretty uninspiring and needs a facelift.

I’ve now seen 2 shows at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood and while my seat for V – The Ultimate Variety Show was comfortable, my seat at a previous show was one of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever sat in.

Not only was a bar poking into my back, but the row of seats wasn’t bolted down well. Every time someone in the row adjusted their weight, every seat in the row moved.

There’s also an unprofessional hodgepodge of seating that ranges from bolted-in theater seating to padded folding chairs. Many seats were numbered with a black Sharpie on a piece of white tape.

Hand written numbers on pieces of white tape used to label seats.
We can do better than this…

Now, for Vegas history nerds (like me) there are some fun “Easter eggs” in the theater that hint at Planet Hollywood’s former identity of “Aladdin” – See if you can spot them when you go!

Those “whispers of the past” are much less subtle outside the theater in the Miracle Mile Shops, where the resort’s Arabian-themed history is still on full display.

Exterior of the V Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops, which still sports a distict arabian theme from the resort's days as Aladdin.

Best Seats in the V Theater

I arrived early to give myself a chance to jump from seat to seat to get a feel for the venue and where the best seats in the V Theater are.

Thanks to the intimate nature of the venue, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

I sat in the very last row in the middle of the theater and was thrilled with my view (below).

View of the Stage at V from the last row in the theater.
My view from the last row of the theater.

Even if you buy a seat on the right or left side, you’ll have a solid vantage point. Here’s a picture of the V Theater that I snapped before a different show, earlier in the day.

Wide angle shot of seating at the small V Theater.

If money isn’t a huge concern, this is the type of show I’d recommend splurging on front-row seats for. I would’ve loved to be a few feet away from some of the acts.

With that being said, you should feel confident grabbing the cheapest ticket in the venue knowing that you’ll have a solid view of the stage.

Is V – The Ultimate Variety Show Worth the Money?

Tickets to V start at $59 when booking with the box office online, but I scored a ticket for $45.01 ($35.44 ticket + $9.57 fees) by booking through – Shop them both to get the best deal!

For the price, this is one of the best show values in Las Vegas. Although not every act meshed with my preferences, the ones that did were spectacular.

I didn’t expect to be wowed like that.

I distinctly recall wondering to myself why some of these performers were entertaining such a small crowd in a relatively rundown theater.

Some of these folks deserve a bigger stage and brighter lights and I’m sure they’ll find their way there.

Perfect for adults, or those looking for things to do as a family in Vegas, book V – The Ultimate Variety Show with confidence. You’re going to love it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.