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Review of the “Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon” at Horseshoe

Key Points:

  • Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon emulates the popular TV Series, featuring 6 battles per show.

  • The show features commentary by hosts Bil Dwyer and Steve Judkins, which makes it feel like a real-world episode.

  • The robot battles and the passion of the fans in attendance made this a one-of-a-kind experience that fans of the show will enjoy.

Ranking as one of the more unique show concepts in Las Vegas, the Battlebotts Destruct-A-Thon pits killer robots against each other in live combat.

Capitalizing on the popularity of the TV series, the Destruct-A-Thon brings back classic bots like Mammoth, Whiplash, Overkill, Witch Doctor, and Bronco so that fans can expect to see bots they’re familiar with.

These robots cut, flip, and smash one another in an arena with several deadly obstacles until a winner is crowned.

Years ago, I frequently tuned in to Battlebots and figured it would be fun to revisit that passion in Las Vegas, buy a ticket, and make the hike to the parking lot behind Horseshoe to check it out with the intent of sharing my experience.

My Experience At Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon

How to Get to the Battlebots Arena

This is the first hurdle I faced, as the Battlebots Arena isn’t connected to Horseshoe, rather, is in a parking lot behind the casino.

The best way to get there from Horseshoe’s casino floor is to walk toward the back of the casino, take the escalator down, and walk past the Cabinet of Curiosities, Dino Safari, and Real Bodies.

Hit the exit doors near the arcade and food court, then take a right onto the sidewalk that runs along Flamingo Rd.

You’ll see the Battlebots Arena and will need to walk through a few parking lots with chain-link fencing.

To be honest, it’s a bit confusing and feels a bit unsafe due to traffic in and out of the lot and the absence of a sidewalk.

Several parking lots surrounded by makeshift fencing that needs to be navigated to reach the arena.
Just have to work your way through the maze of chain link fencing.

Fortunately, the arena itself is tough to miss.

Exterior of the Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon Arena.

The Show

The venue is set up with seating on both sides of the arena, although only one side was used the night I was there.

Battlebots Destructathon Areana from my seats.

Although this session wasn’t being taped for TV, I thought it was cool that the fights were treated as though they were.

Hosts Bil Dwyer and Steve Judkins introduced bots, interviewed bot crews, pumped the crowd up before and after fights, made fun side bets regarding which bot would win, led chants, and maintained a humorous back-and-forth that kept a wry little smile on my face.

Steve Judkins standing on a podium talking into a microphone.
Steve Judkins revving up the crowd pre-battle.
A robot is introduced and enters the arena surrounded by its team.
Bil Dwyer leads a bot introduction

If I’m being honest, the whole production felt a little scripted and trumped up, similar to professional wrestling. That being said, it worked. The crowd was into it.

The bot battles themselves were really fun to watch, action-packed, and often triggered smoke, fire, or all-out destruction of a participant.

Fire erups from a robot during a battle.
We’ve got fire!
2 robots fight in the corner of the Battlebots Arena.

It’s hard for me to overstate how into this event the fans in attendance were. There was a roar with every hit, standing ovations, and genuine energy. It felt like being at a real-world sporting event.

My favorite battle, however, was when the bot Nightmare took down an actual slot machine. It was a pretty one-sided fight as you’d imagine, doubling as hilarious.

A robot with a spinning blade moves in to destroy an actual slot machine.
It’s final moments.

Best Seats For Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon

I arrived early and had the opportunity to move around and sample various seats within the arena to identify the best options.

There are 4 seating options (Listed from $$$ to $):

  • Platinum Club – End of the Arena
  • VIP General Admission – Front Middle
  • Premium General Admission – Back Middle
  • Standard General Admission – Right and Left Ends

I purchased the cheapest Standard GA ticket. Since the show wasn’t a sellout, I lucked out and was upgraded to Premium GA, which is right in the middle of the arena. My seat was in the back row of the venue, and I had a rock-solid view.

Comparing the two cheapest options, I think Premium GA tickets are worth the extra $30 when compared to Standard GA. Being able to sit mid-arena was a nice upgrade vs. being on the far right or left side of the stands.

Considering VIP GA tickets are just a few rows (and a matter of 10-15 feet) closer to the arena, I’m not sure they’re worth the $35 upgrade from Premium GA.

TIP: Arrive early as every ticket tier is “general admission”, meaning seats are not assigned. It’s first come first served.

Hardcore Battlebots fans may want to consider the Platinum Club, which costs about $200 per ticket and entitles you to some extras like arena-side seating, a post-show tour, a dedicated hostess, free snacks, merch discounts, and more.

Fortunately, there’s also a large video screen broadcasting the action in case the bots tuck into a portion of the arena that you don’t have a great view of.

The Verdict: Is Battlebots Destruct-A-Thon Worth It?

Tickets to Battlebots start at $79.40 (fees included) directly with the box office, but I was able to score mine for $64.14 (fees included) by booking through, here. I recommend pricing out both to get the best deal!

Now, I’ve seen and done a lot of things in Las Vegas, and this is one of the most unique offerings in town.

My guess is, you know at this point whether or not this is something you’d be interested in. It’s a niche offering that certainly won’t appeal to everyone.

Most of the folks at Battlebots were very obviously fans of the TV show, knew the robots, knew the personalities, etc. and they were having a blast.

As mentioned, the fan environment was electric with roars, standing ovations, and chants. It was fun to be a part of.

For fans of the TV series, this is a worthwhile show. The nostalgia will be thick as the robots, hosts, and drivers are folks you’ve seen and gotten to know on TV.

Not only speaking for myself here but the people around me were genuinely enthralled with what was going on, many unable to wipe the grins off their faces. The Battlebot franchise clearly has a loyal cult following.

If you’re coming to Las Vegas with kids, this is also a great candidate for a family-friendly itinerary.

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