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What Is a Casino Host? How Do I Get One?

Key Points:

  • A casino host is a marketing professional who has the task of attracting and retaining desirable players.
  • The host/player relationship is often initiated by the host who may reach out. Players can also ask if their play is adequate at the loyalty desk.
  • Once a relationship is established, a player should leverage their host to plan upcoming stays, activities at the resort, request comps, etc.

You have likely heard the stories on social media, or from friends, that their casino host in Las Vegas “took care of” charges like resort fees, meals billed to the room, or show tickets, and wonder how you can share in their good fortune.

Hearing firsthand how a host can be beneficial leaves many wondering, “What is a casino host?” and “How can I be assigned a host myself?”.

I thought it would be helpful to parse out what a casino host is, what they can do for you, and how to get one in Las Vegas.

What Does a Casino Host Do?

A casino host is a marketing professional that works for the casino and has the job of attracting and maintaining a relationship with big players to keep them coming back. Hosts do this by remembering their client’s preferences, ensuring they have a great time, and removing friction in the trip planning process.

Casino hosts can help you book hotel accommodations, transportation, shows, meals, and more. Depending on the resort and your level of play, many, if not all of your expenses can be comped by your host at the tail end of your stay.

Comp decisions are based on your theoretical loss, or how much the house expects you to lose. That’s calculated by looking at the games you play, the house edge on those games, length of play, and how much cash you put at risk.

Ultimately, hosts exist to build a relationship with desirable players, keep them happy, make them feel wanted, and keep them coming back to a specific resort.

How Do You Get a Casino Host?

Oftentimes, a casino host will reach out to you directly to initiate a relationship if your play is worth chasing.

If you’ve yet to receive outreach but feel your play may warrant a host, I suggest asking if your play is adequate at the loyalty club desk. They can connect you with a host of so.

During that conversation, you can also get a feel for what types of comps you could qualify for based on your play up to that point.

Oftentimes, players are shy to do this and fear being “shot down” and the embarrassment that comes with it. Don’t feel that way. In a worst-case scenario, you find out your play doesn’t warrant a dedicated host or additional perks and you’ll never have to see those people again. Don’t be shy.

Note that different casinos have different thresholds of play needed to be assigned a host. For instance, a luxury property like Wynn likely is a much higher bar to clear than a lower-tier property on the Strip or in downtown Las Vegas.

Typically slot players are more likely than table game players to earn the services of a host, but it all depends on how much money you’re throwing around.

Usually, players that are new to a resort or chain of casino properties will not yet have a host for obvious reasons. In that case, stop by at the end of your current stay so they can run the numbers and gauge if anything can be comped. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

How Should You Use Your Host?

Once assigned a host in Las Vegas, don’t be shy! Reach out when you’re looking to plan a trip to gauge if they can assist. Oftentimes, you’ll get a better deal than if you booked the trip on your own.

Think of your host as a concierge of sorts that can arrange all aspects of your stay, and will commonly comp those items if your play warrants it.

Don’t leave things to chance either, ask in advance what type of play would be needed to comp certain aspects of your Las Vegas experience.

At the tail end of your trip, ensure to check in with your host to gauge what meals, entertainment, etc. billed to your room can be comped based on your play.

As you plan your next trip, you should also point out offers from competing properties, whether it be rooms, comps, or even cashback on losses to gauge if they are willing to match or exceed. Again, the worst-case scenario is they say no.

Should You Tip a Casino Host?

Tipping a casino host in Las Vegas can be a tricky situation and the resort sets the rules. Tipping isn’t necessarily expected, as hosts are paid well and don’t rely on them, however, they are usually appreciated.

You’ll want to keep in mind that some resorts don’t allow tipping at all, while others allow hosts to accept cash or other gifts. I recommend asking in advance if they can accept a tip as a token of your appreciation, and what type of tip they can accept, to avoid any awkward situations.

If you’re a big gambler, a casino host can help reduce the friction in your booking process as they are able to arrange your booking, remember your preferences, and wipe away the expenses incurred during your stay based on your play.

I should caution you though – Never chase comps by gambling outside of your comfort zone. Those freebies will almost always end up costing more than simply paying for them while gambling within your means.

See Also: The basics of earning comps in Las Vegas.

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Joseph Petrozza

Friday 24th of March 2023

At one time Vegas was a players paridise, now all you get is BS, I am planning a trip to vegas and beyond, I am a player, (craps) I have been away for quite some time I am not used to the runaround that the family gets I come alone looking to play and enjoy myself. I would apreciate being contacted by a Casino host Although You may not have a record of me a Casino Host would make my life a little better, I go back to the days of the Junkets comming out of NYC in the 60's and 70's then like a schmuck I got married again. I do not expect much in the beginning just some courtesy for an old time gambler. The Thunderbird was my home base, I used to be in vegas once a month for 4/5 years, I have not been back since 93. So if you do not mind please put me in the hands of a very pretty Casino host and I will try to give you the action that you deserve and I will enjoy Joe pet


Wednesday 12th of July 2023

@Joseph Petrozza, the problem now with Vegas is you spent the money first then they will access your play to see if you will get the comps.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.