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How to Earn Comps in Las Vegas – See My (low roller) Offers!

One of the most common questions posed by folks new to Vegas revolves around “comps” or freebies from the casino in the form of rooms, shows, food/beverage, and merchandise.

The key is to obtain a player’s card and use it while gambling and spending on the property. A player’s card allows the property to get to know you and your gaming habits to determine your worth to their business. 

Let’s start by defining some key terms you’ll undoubtedly come across as you navigate Las Vegas loyalty programs.

Earning Tier Credits and Reward Points

Tier Credits

The two major loyalty programs on the Strip are MGM Rewards (all MGM Resorts properties) and Caesars Rewards (Caesars Entertainment properties).

In both programs, you earn Tier Credits that count toward status upgrades within the respective programs.

Along with status upgrades in each program come additional perks like free parking, resort fee waivers, free early check-in/out, access to lounges, complimentary room upgrades, etc.  


In addition to tier credits, members of both loyalty programs also earn a separate set of points that carry an associated cash value redeemable for things like meals, shows, free play, merchandise, and rooms at the resort.

This separate point system is referred to as Reward Credits (Caesars) and Rewards Points (MGM).  

MGM also has a separate “Slot Dollars” bucket of money that can be used as free play. Slot dollars are slowly accumulated as you play slots at MGM properties.

Below, is a screenshot of the MGM Rewards phone app that shows my current “Rewards Points” and “Slot Dollars” balances. A screenshot of my Caesars phone app would be almost identical, however, only has a Reward Credit balance.

Screenshot of MGM Rewards Phone App showing Reward Points and Slot Dollars balance
As you can tell, I’m ballin’!

TIP: Don’t be shy – Ask for comps before spending your hard-earned points.

Whether you’ve been grinding a blackjack game for 5 hours or just hit a slot jackpot, simply ask an employee if your current play warrants what you want whether it be a buffet, meal, pack of cigarettes, or show tickets.

Keep in mind that being friendly toward the staff and throwing some tip money around goes a long way in earning freebies.  

Earning Free & Discounted Rooms

Players receive free and discounted room offers based specifically on what they spend at properties within a respective program.

Once you sign up for and use a player’s card you’ll likely receive email/mail offers for free slot tournaments, free slot play, trips to Laughlin, free rooms, etc.

Additionally, when you log into your program’s booking website, hotel pricing is tailored specifically to you and is based on your gaming habits.

Even as a low roller, you can expect discounted rates when booking directly with Caesars and MGM as compared to 3rd party booking websites, and will often receive free room night offers midweek and during slow times. Mid to high-rollers will rarely pay for hotel rooms in Vegas.

Comp offers are based on your theoretical expected loss which is calculated by how much money you typically run through games and what the house edge is on those games.  

Below is what my Caesars Entertainment room rate calendar looks like as a low roller (barely Platinum status) – A lot of “COMP”s and discounted rates.

A screenshot of Caesars booking website which shows my personalized hotel rates for the next month, many of which are comps.
From my personal Caesars Rewards account.

Oftentimes, complimentary/discounted hotel room offers are paired with a “resort credit” or “food & beverage credit” which can be spent like cash at the resort.

Based on my play within the MGM Rewards program, I’ve earned the offers below that include complimentary hotel rooms, free play, and even resort credits that can be spent on food & beverages.

A screenshot of my personalized "offers" page on MGM Rewards, which shows free hotel stays, freepaly, and free meal offers.
My personalized offers (at the bottom of the image) on MGM Rewards.

TIP: Concentrate your play at a single property or group of properties in the same program to inflate your value.

As an example, if you’re looking to earn free rooms, etc. in the future, don’t spread your play out between 3 or 4 casino chains daily. Instead, spend a single day gaming at Caesars properties, a day at MGM properties, etc. Doing this will make you look more lucrative to the property and they’ll be more likely to want you back for more.  

If your play is significant, a casino host may introduce themselves as your contact going forward to discuss comp offers, etc.  You can read up on what a casino host is, and what they can do for you!

I chose to focus on the 2 largest loyalty programs, however, others across town operate similarly. If earning status with a particular property is important to you, always make sure you are signed up for that property’s program, know what other casinos are a part of the program, and always use your player’s card.  

MGM Rewards vs. Caesars Rewards – Which offers better comps?

I actively play and stay at resorts within both loyalty programs and anecdotally feel I get slightly more “bang for the buck” with MGM Rewards.

While both offer similar hotel comps (# of nights, quality of property), MGM usually throws in a little free slot play and a small resort credit that covers a meal.

That being said, offers from the two main chains on the Strip are usually pretty comparable and I make an effort to maintain a loyalty relationship with both.

There are certainly times when MGM isn’t offering me a free room and Caesars is – It’s good to have options.

A Word of Warning…

Never play outside your limits to obtain status or comps within a loyalty program. The benefits you obtain typically won’t outweigh the money lost that you couldn’t afford to begin with. It’s a losing proposition.  

View the current program benefits for Caesars Rewards and MGM Rewards to become better acquainted with each.

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Mrs . Wayne Brandon

Thursday 27th of May 2021

I was wondering if things were changed in getting comps. My husband has passed away since we were there and was just thinking about maybe coming out to Vagas


Thursday 27th of May 2021

@Mrs . Wayne Brandon, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. No, nothing has really changed. I am personally pretty loyal to Caesars Rewards properties and am consistently able to take advantage of free/heavily discounted rooms as a low roller. Just make sure you use your players card!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.