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$5.99 Lunch Menu at Ocean One Las Vegas – Not Bad!

Key Points:

  • Items on Ocean One’s lunch menu all cost $5.99. Cocktails are always 3 – 1.

  • The meal is filling and good, although it’s unlikely to “blow you away”.

  • This is a deal I prioritize if I’m in the area, but wouldn’t make a separate trip to Planet Hollywood for.

In a city that seemingly gets more expensive by the day, the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood serve as a bastion of value.

In addition to Ocean One’s $5.99 lunch menu, there’s also a $4.99 breakfast at Blondies, a $9.99 breakfast at La Salsa Cantina, and numerous happy hour deals.

Considering Ocean One is a frequent lunch stop of mine when I’m in the area, I figured it would be fun to give you a look at what to expect when ordering from their ultra-cheap lunch menu.

Exterior of the Ocean One restaurant in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood before crowds arrive.
Before the lunch rush.

Ocean One’s Lunch Menu Items

Put bluntly, your lunch at Ocean One isn’t going to be your best meal in Las Vegas. It won’t blow you away.

It’ll be fine for the price, however, and allow you to conserve your budget for something fancy at dinner, gambling, or a show.

While not fancy, I’d describe the lunch items as being “hearty” for the price. I doubt you’ll leave hungry.

During my 2 most recent visits, I ordered:

  • A French Dip with french fries
  • A Hamburger with… rice & black beans… Which was an accident/miscommunication.

The burger was legitimately good and filling enough that I didn’t miss the fries.

Hamburger with lettuce and tomato with rice on the side
Honestly, pretty darn satisfying for $5.99.

The French Dip was tasty, cheesy, and filling for the price. The fries were seasoned to perfection and darn good.

A white plate with a french dip sandwich and french fries on it.

They Serve Cheap Drinks, Too!

In addition to cheap eats, Ocean One also serves 3 for 1 cocktails ($12) all day, every day.

Bottled beer will only set you back $3.49 – Not bad by Las Vegas standards.

Sounds Amazing! What’s The Catch?

There’s Likely To Be a Wait

Ocean One’s lunch menu is one of the more popular deals in Las Vegas, and it attracts a significant crowd.

If you’re dining with a group, be prepared to stand around waiting for your name to be called.

Fortunately for me, I dine solo nearly every time and have always been able to snag a nearly immediate seat at the bar.

Service is Hit or Miss

I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. There are times when the server/bartender is super friendly, talkative, and attentive… then there are visits like my last one where I felt like an absolute afterthought.

Poor guy just seemed unenthused and beaten down by life. Maybe just an off day?

Not a huge issue – It’s worth it for a cheap, filling lunch.

Should You Take Advantage of Ocean One’s Lunch Menu?

This isn’t a lunch menu I travel far for, but it IS one that I’ll hit up if I’m in the area and there’s minimal wait.

It’s not great, but it’s good enough. Most importantly, the price is right.

If you’re in the neighborhood of Planet Hollywood over lunch, swing in for a cheap bite and 3-1 cocktails!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.