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Cheap Places to Eat on Fremont Street – Downtown Las Vegas

According to a survey conducted by the LVCVA, 42% of Las Vegas visitors made a point to visit downtown during their trip. Many of those visitors likely chose to spend time on Fremont Street to take advantage of less expensive gambling, drinking, and food compared to the Strip.

We put together a directory of cheap places to eat downtown in an effort to aid budget-conscious guests. After all, taking advantage of an inexpensive breakfast, lunch, or dinner can help stretch the budget for more important activities… like gambling.

For restaurants to qualify for the downtown Vegas cheap eats list, meal options must be available at a price point of around $15 or less.

Below, is a property-by-property list of cheap places to eat on Fremont Street.

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Cheap Eats at Plaza

Pop Up Pizza: Ranked by this blog as one of the best pizza by the slice spots in all of Vegas, Pop up Pizza offers numerous inexpensive items that range from a basic slice, to more exotic, high-quality options.

Fresh Mexican Grill: The cheapest item on the menu is the $3.25 Street Tacos, but Fresh Mexican Grill also offers nachos, burritos, and quesadillas at a cheap sub-$10 price point.

Manchu Wok: Offering grab-and-go Chinese options like Orange Chicken, General Tso Chicken, and other popular options, Manchu is a popular cheap lunch/dinner option in downtown Las Vegas.

Fast Food Chain Options: Plaza also has a Subway and McDonalds for those looking for a quick, cheap bite to eat.

Cheap Eats at Binion’s

Binion’s Cafe: Serving up a basic burger for $7.99, a garden salad for $4.99, and numerous other breakfast, sandwich, burger, and salad options for less than $10, Binion’s cafe qualifies as a cheap place to grab a bite to eat downtown.

Binion’s Deli: Quick, fresh, and most importantly, cheap burgers, salads, sandwiches, and soup are available at Binion’s Deli. Of note, guests looking for a cheap snack can score a $7.49 burger, $4.99 soup or salad, or choose from a number of hot sandwiches for around $11.

Benny’s Smokin’ BBQ & Brews: Several meals on the menu at Benny’s qualify as cheap eats including their $14.99 BBQ Brisket, $13.99 1/2 Chicken, and Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs for $16.99. Meals come with baked beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and jalapeno cheese cornbread. Note that prices are for loyalty club members only. Pricing for non-members is $2 more.

Cheap Eats at Golden Nugget

Chick Fil A: The popular chicken chain has a location at Golden Nugget, however, like other locations nationwide is closed Sundays. Most sandwich options at Chick Fil A cost around $5 and meals can be had for under $10.

CJ: While teetering on the edge of being an inexpensive option, CJ serves a number of burgers and breakfast items at a price point of around $15 or less.

The Grille: Offering items like Quesadillas, a Cheeseburger, Street Tacos, Pizza, and Chicken Tenders at a price point of $14 or less, The Grill could be a solid spot to fuel up on a budget. The Grille is also a great spot to grab breakfast on the cheap with items like pancakes, French toast, a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito, and an American breakfast all weighing in at under $15.

Cheap Eats at The D

American Coney Island: With cheap items like a $3.95 Coney Island Hot Dog, $4.50 Chili Cheese Fries, and a $6.75 Gyro Sandwich, Coney Island has what it takes to satisfy your late-night hunger inexpensively.

American Coney Island Exterior at The D
Trust me, nothing hits the spot after a long night in Vegas.

McDonalds: Albeit familiar, and rather unexciting, there is also a Mcdonald’s at The D.

Cheap Eats at Fremont

Lanai Express: Offering cuisine on demand from a variety of cultural influences, Lanai Express literally has something for everyone. From hot dogs to Chinese, to oxtail soup, Lanai has it. Of note, they offer the last truly .99 cent Shrimp Cocktail in downtown Las Vegas.

Fremont Casino Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Cocktail at Lanai Express – Fremont Hotel and Casino

Second Street Grill: Cheap breakfast items at Second Street Grill include their Two Eggs Any Style for $10.99 that come with breakfast potatoes, toast, and an English muffin or biscuit. They also offer both French Toast and Country Biscuits and Gravy for under $10 in addition to other inexpensive options. For lunch and dinner, the menu is packed full of a selection of sandwiches, burgers, and entrees at a price point under $15.

Dunkin’: Cheap pastries, donuts, and coffee. Basic and to the point.

Cheap Eats at 4 Queens

Magnolia’s Veranda: Whether looking for a cheap breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Magnolia’s at 4 Queens has some nice options. Many breakfast options including omelets can be had for less than $10. Inexpensive lunch and dinner options include burgers, hot sandwiches, and fresh chopped salads which can all be had for around $10 or less.

Notably, Magnolia’s is among the few restaurants on Fremont Street offering all-day breakfast.

Chicago Brewing: Cheap meal options at Chicago brewing include a $7.99 Chicago dog, a $9.99 Brew Burger, and 10″ pizzas that start at $12. Also offered are a selection of salads, appetizers, and sandwiches at a relatively inexpensive price point.

Cheap Eats at California

Aloha Specialties: Catering to California’s Hawaiian clientele, Aloha Specialties has an island feel and theme. Attracting guests though is the chance to snag a cheap lunch, dinner, or snack. Popular chicken or beef bowls will run you $5-$7 bucks, while a hamburger or cheeseburger can be had for under $6. Cheap, and quick!

Market Street Cafe: If you’re in the market for a cheap breakfast, don’t overlook Market Street which serves an assortment of omelets, waffles, french toast, and other breakfast items for $10 – $15. An assortment of burgers, soups, salads, and island favorites are available for lunch and dinner at a similarly inexpensive price point.

Cheap Eats at El Cortez

Subway: The popular sandwich chain can be found behind the real coin video poker machines near the rear entrance to the casino.

Eureka!: Located just across the street from El Cortez, Eureka offers an American Cheeseburger and fries for under $15. They also offer a daily “Hoppy Hour” that features a $5 tap beer, defined on the sidewalk chalkboard.

Siegels 1941: If you’re looking for a cheap breakfast downtown, look no further than Siegel’s which is one of the few restaurants downtown that offers breakfast all day at a price point of $10-$20.

Prime rib is also offered 24/7 for $16.95.

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Cheap Eats at Downtown Grand

Pizza Rock: Rated by us as the best slice of pizza in Vegas, slices at Pizza Rock are both substantial in size, and low in price. A deadly combination. Below, is a picture of my most recent slice.

Massive slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Rock at Downtown Grand
Pizza Rock – Look at that topping density. Look.

Freedom Beat: If you’re a gambler, then Freedom Beat could be an outstanding option for a cheap meal, as their “Gambler’s Special” entitles you to 50% off the menu price of certain items. To qualify, players need to accumulate 25 loyalty points that day. If on the hunt for a cheap breakfast, the gambler’s special entitles you to the Freedom Beat All American Breakfast for only $6. For lunch/dinner, diners can score a $14.99 prime rib dinner, a $7.50 Freedom Beat burger, or an $8.50 Herb-Marinated Grilled Chicken. Not bad!

Even if you don’t qualify for the “gambler’s special”, Freedom Beat offers numerous all-day breakfast items and a number of sandwiches for $15 or less.

Cheap Eats at Main Street Station

Triple 7 Brewery: Offering a double whammy of cheap food and drinks, Triple 7 has been a personal go-to of mine for some time. On the food front, the typical meal falls into the $10 – $15 range and includes a selection of burgers, sandwiches, prime rib, pizza, and poke. A selection of craft beers brewed on-site are also offered for $6 (16 oz.) or $7.50 (23 oz.).

Garden Court Buffet: As the only buffet open in downtown Las Vegas, Garden Court at Main Street Station could be a great option for those looking to gorge themselves. The buffet is currently open for brunch daily and dinner on select days.

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Entryway at Main Street Station's Garden Court Buffet
Garden Court Buffet at MSS

Cheap Eats at Circa

Project BBQ: A food truck located outside of Circa, Project BBQ offers a number of sandwiches including a Bratwurst and BBQ Chicken option for $13. Both options come with a side of homemade chips. See the menu.

Project BBQ at Circa
Project BBQ food truck outside Circa

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Other Cheap Places to Eat on Fremont Street

International Eatery: Located in Neonopolis, International Eatery is a quick-serve food court with Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranian, and Italian options. All of the food options are cheap, and pretty darn filling for the price. For our money, there isn’t much that beats a Gyro from Doner Kebab.

International Eatery Exterior
Something cheap and filling for all tastes inside.

White Castle: You know it, and you either love it or hate it. Just know, it’s a cheap meal option available on Fremont Street near Neonopolis.

Denny’s: Serving up an assortment of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, Denny’s in Neonopolis is an option for those looking for cheap eats on Fremont Street. With numerous options priced at or less than $15, Denny’s is one of the best places to find a cheap breakfast on Fremont Street.

Le Thai: Located near El Cortez, Le Thai serves up a wide variety of noodles, fried rice dishes, curries, soups, and more at a price point of around $15. In addition to their standard menu, they offer a $10.95 lunch special during the week which allows you to eat for under $11. View Le Thai’s full menu here.

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Le Thai sign illuminated at night

Evel Pie: Slinging some of the best pizza in Las Vegas, guests can order it by the slice for as little as $4 (cheese), or $4.50 (pepperoni). According to us, and we know about this kind of stuff, Evel’s pizza by the slice is the second-best in Vegas, bested only by Pizza Rock.

Slice of pizza from Evel Pie on Fremont Street
Evel Pie’s take on Pep

Hopefully, we were able to aid you in your hunt for a cheap breakfast, lunch, or dinner in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street is known for providing a stronger value proposition than that of the Strip, and it shines through in its diversity of cheap food options.

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