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Circa is Open! Here’s a Look Inside

Followers and fans of Las Vegas received a glimmer of good news in an otherwise challenging year when Circa Las Vegas opened for business at 12:01 am on Wednesday, October 28th.

Circa’s grand opening comes as a welcome relief to a city accustomed to renderings and grand project announcements that frequently don’t see the light of day. Not even a global pandemic that crippled, and is still negatively affecting travel to Las Vegas, could stop Derek and Greg Stevens from advancing their project across the finish line.

The new resort replaces the Las Vegas Club, Mermaids, and Girls of Glitter Gulch gentlemen’s club, which were deconstructed and disposed of piece by piece to clear the way for the first new construction resort downtown in decades.

We had the opportunity to visit Circa on opening night and are excited to give you a photographic tour of the property that has set the new standard for Downtown Las Vegas.

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Circa Resort Exterior

With a modern look and feel, Circa is a stark contrast to other resorts on Fremont Street. In addition to stunning aesthetics, the resort offers an outdoor bar and even a “Project BBQ” food truck which is accessible from the exterior of the building.

Circa Exterior with Videoboard
Circa photographed from behind
Circa Las Vegas Exterior from Plaza
Circa photographed from Plaza
Circa Exterior from Binion's
Lastly, this photo shot from in front of Binion’s

Stadium Swim Pool Deck

You’ve seen the renderings, and they don’t do the rooftop pool deck at Circa justice. Stadium Swim at Circa has 6 pools which will be open, and heated, during the winter. The focal point of the rooftop pool deck is a 40 foot tall (143 foot diagonal), 14 million pixel screen that will broadcast sporting events and host big-game watch parties. Circa’s pool deck has over 330 loungers, 30 cabanas, 38 daybeds, and can hold up to 4,000 people. Also incorporated into the pool deck is a small space dedicated to table games.

Two separate swim-up bars are built into the top-level pools nearest the hotel tower. There are also 2 bars located under the massive screen that serve the full assortment of slushy cocktails you would expect at a Vegas pool scene.

Non-hotel guests can access Circa’s pool for a cover fee of $10.

Stadium Swim Rooftop Pool Deck at Circa Las Vegas
Circa’s Stadium Swim rooftop pool deck screen
Circa Stadium Swim
Another angle of Circa’s Pool Deck with a view of Plaza
Circa Las Vegas Stadium Swim
Looking back at Circa’s hotel tower, seating options, and cabanas.
Circa Las Vegas Stadium Swim
Last angle of Circa’s Stadium Swim.. I promise.
Escalator to Circa's Pool
NGL, the escalator to Stadium Swim is something.

Circa’s 2 Level Casino

One of only two multi-level casinos in Vegas (The D being the other), Circa’s casino has an elegant, modern feel while providing guests their choice of 1,350 slot games, 55 table games, and 138 bar top devices.

Giving the gaming floor a touch of “wow factor” that is missing from so many casinos is the presence of Vegas Vickie who is visible from parts each level. Neon shining, and mechanical leg kicking, she narrowly edges out Circa’s sportsbook as the best photo opportunity on the property.

Notably, all but one blackjack table in the casino pay 3-2. The only 6-5 table we found was not in play. Table minimums on opening night were $25, however, we would expect to see that come down into the $10-$15 range after the initial surge of demand dies down.

Circa Las Vegas Craps Table Felt
Blackjack Table at Circa Las Vegas
Blackjack at Circa – Note that this was the only 6-5 table in the casino with the rest being 3-2

Circa’s Sportsbook

Absurd is the best way to describe the sportsbook at Circa. Unlike anything in Vegas, or the world for that matter, Circa’s screen is 3 stories tall and has 78 million pixels. Just look at it. In addition to the BIG features, the small details are impressive as well. For instance, some guest tables in the book have historic Las Vegas newspapers laminated into the finish.

While there is seating for 350, each level of the casino offers a significant number of tabletop gaming machines that face into the book. For those that like to gamble while they gamble on sports (raises hand), these could be a great option. If you want a seat in the actual book, we would recommend reserving in advance on Circa’s website as they will likely be in high demand.

As every floor of Circa’s casino opens to the sportsbook, the towering screen is almost omnipresent as you navigate the casino floor. It’s inescapable in the best way possible.

Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook
It’s better than the renderings. Overpowering, in the best way.
Sportsbook Seating at Circa Las Vegas
Seating in Circa’s Sportsbook.
Tabletop gaming at Circa Las Vegas
The view from one of many tabletop gaming units overlooking Circa’s massive sportsbook
Satellite betting station at Circa
One of a number of satellite betting stations at Circa. There are also self serve kiosks if you prefer to not interact with a person.

Circa’s Dining Options

With options that include quick-serve BBQ from a food truck, Saginaw’s Delicatessen, Victory Burger & Wings, high-end steaks at Barry’s Downtown Prime, and Asian fare at 8 East, Circa has all tastes covered.

Notably, price points are higher than the typical Fremont Street casino goer may be used to. Guests can plan ahead and check out Circa’s menus here.

Saginaw’s deli has also brought back the .99 cent Shrimp Cocktail made famous by Du-par’s at Golden Gate in the past. Typically $11, Saginaw’s serves the classic dish for .99 cents between 3 – 5 am with the purchase of an entrée. We somehow were able to order one without an entrée for .99 cents and were impressed with the quality and loved the “kick” in the cocktail sauce.

Jack Pots Coffee at Circa Las Vegas
Jack Pots serves up coffee on the second level.
Project BBQ at Circa
Project BBQ food truck outside Circa
Victory Burger at Circa Las Vegas
Victory Burger at Circa also has a view of the Sportsbook
Saginaw's Delicatessen at Circa Las Vegas
Saginaw’s Deli at Circa

Bars at Circa

So many casino bars are boring, unexciting, and utilitarian in nature. A row of seats at a counter where you can buy drinks. Circa ups the ante with bars that are a destination within themselves. Not one of Circa’s bars is “normal” or boring.

For instance, you’ll have a view of a restored Vegas Vickie at her namesake bar Vegas Vickie’s.

Vegas Vickie at Circa Las Vegas
She’s still got it

At Overhang Bar, you’ll have an elevated view of the sportsbook’s 3 story screen.

Overhang Bar at Circa Las Vegas
Overhang Bar at Circa overlooks the signature sportsbook

Mega Bar is the longest in Vegas at 165 feet and offers 40 TVs, all with top-notch active content management.

Mega Bar at Circa Las Vegas
It’s glorious.

Lastly, Circa Bar on the exterior of the resort sets the tone as you walk in with almost 120 feet of bar space, dancing bartenders, and frozen cocktails.

Circa Bar
Circa Bar built into the side of the building on the Fremont Street Experience

Retail Options

Although I’m not a big shopper per se, a few outlets at Circa caught my eye. The most intriguing was a store that can create a life-size Lego sculpture of anyone or anything that you can provide a photo of. Pricing ranges from approx. $5,000 for a child, $12,000 for an adult woman, $15,000 for an adult male, and about $3,000 for a pet. Pricing depends on the size of the figure, the time it will take to construct, and the materials needed. On display is a cocktail-toting Lego version of Circa owner Derek Stevens and a dancing dealer.

Lego Derek Stevens at Circa Las Vegas
Lego versions of Derek Stevens and a dancing dealer
Life sized hockey goalie made of legos
Another Lego masterpiece

Art on Display at Circa

As is the case with many upscale Las Vegas properties, there is a lot of unique art on display that catches the eye. We snapped photos of some of our favorite, unique, pieces.

Neon Art at Circa Las Vegas
Neon artwork on display at Circa
Playing card Decor at Circa
There is a lot of classic playing card decor sprinkled about Circa. Love it.

Garage Mahal

You rarely see casino parking garages mentioned at all, much less celebrated, however, “Garage Mahal” is a notable exception. Connected to the casino by an enclosed walkway, Garage Mahal is the first in Vegas to employ dedicated rideshare lanes designed for quick drop-offs and pickups steps away from the gaming floor. Welcoming guests to the property is the “Time of your life” chandelier pictured below.

Self-parking rates are $4/hour, with a daily max of $25. Club One members that have achieved Maverick or Legend status will receive complimentary self-parking.

Chandelier in Garage Mahal at Circa
The centerpiece of Circa’s Garage Mahal

In all, we were impressed and thrilled to visit Circa. Vegas needed and needs more of this. More “different”. It would have been easy for the Stevens’ to build a typical casino, with normal amenities but they didn’t. They built a property with world class attributes worth visiting and downtown Las Vegas will be better for it.

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Jim Quackenbush

Friday 30th of October 2020

I was there Thursday night Oct 28. Circa is really impressive, but the incredible volume of the music just outside the main entrance on Fremont was completely stupid loud! Literally covered my ears and couldn't get away fast enough. I've stayed and played a lot on Fremont in the last few years, but will have to avoid the area around Circa if the volume isn't lowered. BTW, it was overhead music but not the hourly "Fremont Experience" overhead show.


Friday 30th of October 2020

Thank you! It's absolutely amazing . I love all the details and the decor . The pool area well just wow ! I can't wait to see in person !

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.