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Get To Know The Las Vegas Arts District – Eat, Drink & Shop

Key Points:

  • The Las Vegas Arts District is known for its collection of restaurants, breweries, and unique shopping opportunities (art, antiques, and more).
  • The neighborhood’s vibe is more “residential” than “touristy”, providing a much different feel than The Strip and Fremont Street Experience.
  • Visitors can get to the Arts District for free from Fremont Street via the Downtown Loop Shuttle.

Situated in a bit of a “no man’s land” between the Strip and Fremont Street, the Las Vegas Arts District is commonly (and unfortunately) overlooked by visitors.

Those who stop, however, are rewarded with 18 blocks of opportunities to dine, drink craft beer, and shop for unique, rare, and eclectic items found nowhere else in town.

I recently spent a day exploring the arts district to get a feel for what there is to do and help you gauge if its worth visiting.

18b Neon Sign in the Arts District

Getting to the Las Vegas Arts District

From Fremont Street

If you’re on Fremont Street, the best, and cheapest way, to get to the Arts District is the FREE Downtown Loop shuttle.

Running from Sunday – Thursday from 11 am – 6 pm and Friday – Saturday from 3 pm – 10 pm, the Downtown loop picks up at Circa, the Mob Museum, Fremont Street Experience, and Fremont East and drops you off in the Arts District.

When I say free, I mean it. The driver couldn’t even accept my attempted tip.

From The Strip

The cheapest way to reach the Arts District from the Strip is The Deuce bus, which runs up and down The Strip to Fremont Street and costs just $6 for a 2-hour pass or $8 for a 24-hour pass.

Just get on and off at the “Arts District (Charleston) stop.

Notable Things To Do in the Las Vegas Arts District

Experience Brewery Row

The Las Vegas Arts District is home to a vibrant craft beer scene that includes:

  • Hop Nuts Brewing
  • CraftHaus Brewery
  • HUDL Brewing
  • Able Baker Brewing
  • Nevada Brew Works
  • Tenaya Creek Brewery

As the name “Brewery Row” would suggest, the breweries are located within walking distance of each other, making this the perfect place for bar hopping.

In addition to craft beer options, the Arts District is home to other worthwhile bars that include The Silver Stamp and Servehzah Bottle Shop & Tap Room.

If you prefer stimulants to depressants, the Arts District is also home to a number of unique coffee joints like Vesta Coffee Roasters, and Makers & Finders Coffee. Grab a cup, sit outdoors, and enjoy the day.

Grab a Great Meal

Whether you’re craving Mexican, Cajun, or Thai, the Las Vegas Arts District is chalked full of unique restaurant options.

Vegas history dweebs (like me) will enjoy Esther’s Kitchen as they use flatware and utensils from the Dunes, which was imploded in 1993 to make way for Bellagio.

Check out these top dining picks in the Arts District from Eater Vegas. You’re destined to find something that fits your tastes.

Can’t decide where to eat? Consider booking the “Arts District Lip Smacking Foodie Tour” which takes groups to Esther’s Kitchen, Jammyland, and the Cornish Pasty Co. Tickets are $125 per person and there is an optional beverage package that is $50.

Get a $10 Tattoo

Koolsville in the Arts District ranks as one of the more unique tattoo shops in Vegas, offering a selection of $10 tattoos. Yea, they’re basic and small, but a $10 tat could be the perfect permanent souvenir.

Visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame

It doesn’t get more Vegas than visiting a museum dedicated to the art and history of burlesque shows, which have been a staple of the entertainment scene in Sin City for decades.

Visitors will learn the history of burlesque, which dates back to the late 1800s, and be able to see artifacts, costumes, posters, art, and more.

Plan your museum visit, then hit up one of these live burlesque shows in Vegas!

Sing Karaoke

Ninja Karaoke is found within the Las Vegas Arts District and uniquely offers a number of themed rooms that can be rented out by groups of between 6 and 40 people. Themes include sumo wrestling, Little Tokyo, anime, and a ninja dojo room among others.

View the full song list and get more information.

Unique Shopping – Antiques, Art, and More

I’m not a shopper.

With that out of the way, I have to say that exploring the shops was easily my favorite activity in the Arts District.

Options included shops specializing in antiques, crafts, and art – The Arts District WILL have a shopping option you find to be interesting. I guarantee it.

For those into Vegas history, there’s an entire historic Las Vegas casino artifact section at the Antique Alley Mall.

There, I found old Video Poker machine pay table inserts, casino chips, slot buckets, ashtrays, and matchbooks from long-gone properties like Maxim, Desert Inn, Marina, and Holiday Casino, among others.

A collection of historic casino matchbooks
Vintage Vegas Casino Matchbooks
Glass Ashtray with Desert Inn logo
DI Ashtray at Antique Ally
Collection of Casino Chips for sale in the Arts District
Casino Chips!

On the topic of vintage Vegas memorabilia, Spinetti’s Gaming is chock-full of historic casino artifacts.

I recently snagged the slot token encased in concrete below, which was recovered from the foundation of the New Frontier Hotel & Casino during the demolition process.

A metal slot token encased in a chunk of jagged concrete.
Best paperweight ever?

I also stumbled across a shop dedicated exclusively to “man cave” items and Nightmare Toys, which deals in spooky action figures, props, home decor, clothing, and masks.

The shopping scene is almost best described as a series of museums and galleries guaranteed to captivate, selling unique items found nowhere else.

Preview Thursday / First Friday

The first Friday of every month, the Las Vegas Arts District hosts a popular block party in which artists, food vendors, and musicians line the streets to display and sell their products.

The event has become so popular that it typically draws upwards of 15,000 people.

Keep tabs on upcoming events in the Arts District here.

If you want a less stressful environment to check out and purchase art, stop by the Arts District the night before First Friday for Preview Thursday which serves as an opportunity for buyers to shop while avoiding the crowds.

See a Drag Brunch Show

The Garden offers drag brunch shows at both 11 am and 2 pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

The show boasts “Bottomless cocktails, Delicious Food, and Sickening Queens” for as little as $80 per person.

As an added bonus, it’s settled science that bottomless mimosas are the best hangover remedy on the market.

The rotating cast of Queens starring in the show are selected from the popular RuPaul’s Drag Race, which ranks among the most popular drag shows on the Strip, calling Flamingo home.

See the Murals

I particularly enjoyed stumbling across the numerous murals scattered about the Arts District, which were all unique in their own way, many of which were a commentary on current events.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Space themed mural in the Arts District
Party scene mural in the Arts District
Mural of a palm tree in the Arts District
Mural of a cow in the Arts District
Mona Lisa mural with the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign in the background
"Fear of Covid in " Las Vegas mural
Mural depicing a masked lady spraying disenfectant with the caption "Stay Fresh"
Mural of Neon flowers in the Arts District
Collection of 3 wall murals in the Arts District

Is the Arts District Worth Visiting?

I’ve visited Las Vegas over 50 times and have never before prioritized visiting the Arts District. That was a mistake.

The area provides a needed contrast to the environment along the Strip and Fremont Street – Not a casino in sight, with what I’d describe as a more “neighborhood” or “commercial” vibe.

It’s chill, laid back, casual, and genuinely fun to explore.

My recommendation is to stop by late afternoon to shop, grab a couple of drinks, and have dinner before heading back to a tourist center to get your gamble on.

If you’ve grown tired of slot machines, crowds, buskers, and cigarette smoke, or just need a break from gambling, the Arts District could be the perfect place to explore and recharge your batteries.

Check out these other things to do besides gambling in Las Vegas:

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