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Find the Best Pizza by the Slice in Vegas

Who serves the best pizza by the slice in Las Vegas? After all, there is no better way to cap off a day of booze, gambling, and countless other vices than with a greasy slice. Many strong opinions exist, but only one truth – The one we’re about to share with you.

Our methodology for identifying the best pizza by the slice in Las Vegas will be excruciatingly thorough. Photographic evidence, detailed notes, and expertise gained over decades of pizza consumption will be key to an accurate comparison of options. Another important metric figured into our pizza rankings is price point and perceived value.

To ensure we’re comparing apples to apples, we ordered a standard pepperoni slice at all establishments.

So here it is, the countdown of the top 7 pizza by the slice options in Vegas.

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Best Pizza By The Slice in Las Vegas

7. Pop Up Pizza: Our basic pepperoni slice at Pop Up was tasty but not overly memorable. Topping quality lagged compared to establishments that scored higher in our rankings as the pepperoni was comparable to the bagged pep you would buy at a grocery store. Oven heated at the time of purchase, it was okay, but not much more. Pop Up also offers higher-end, exotic slice options that we would suggest upgrading to.

Slice of pepperoni pizza from Plaza's Pop Up Pizza
Pop Up Pizza – Satisfactory, but a little “plain Jane”.

6. Slice Of Vegas: Located in the hallway that connects Mandalay Bay to Luxor, Slice of Vegas is both a sit-down restaurant and a spot to grab a slice to go. To grab a slice of pizza on the run, stop at the counter closer to Luxor where there is a cash register and pizzas on display. I bought a slice of pepperoni for $7.41 (tax included) which was pretty sizable. The pizza was thin, greasy, and floppy, with a firm crust. The slice earns points for being quick, cheap, tasty, and surprisingly filling, but isn’t an option I’d travel too far out of my way for.

Slice of greasy pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni Slice from Slice of Vegas

5. Sirrico’s: Tucked into the themed miniature city section of New York New York’s gaming floor, Sirrico’s has been my go-to late-night slice for years. Disappointingly, this was the only location that our slice was not re-heated at the time of purchase resulting in a lukewarm temperature at best. Making up for the temperature was the flavorful pepperoni which was generously applied. At a $7/slice price point though, there are better options.

Slice of pepperoni pizza from Sirrocco's
Sirrico’s Pizza at NYNY

4. Secret Pizza (The Pizzeria): You can find The Pizzeria, commonly referred to as Secret Pizza, on the second floor of Cosmopolitan next to Jaleo. Look for the hallway lined with records and follow it back to the cafeteria-like, no-frills, 10 seat pizza joint which is a stark contrast to Cosmo’s other dining options.

Note that not all pizza available for purchase is visible. My social anxiety got the best of me when pepperoni wasn’t one of the 3 visible pizzas and I deviated from my plan and ordered mushroom… only to find out pep was available, just hidden from view. If you don’t see what you are craving, don’t be shy and ask.

My slice, heated at the time of purchase maintained its structural integrity nicely, with minimal flop, and featured a nice crunch. Also notable was the lack of grease puddles on the golden-brown layer of cheese. A high-quality slice that ranks among the top options on the Las Vegas Strip.

Slice of mushroom and cheese pizza from Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan
Secret Pizza (The Pizzeria) at Cosmopolitan

3. Pin Up Pizza: Rated by our panel of experts (me) as the best pizza by the slice on the Strip (but #3 in Vegas as a whole), Pin Up serves one of the biggest slices out there when measured by surface area. Pin Up’s slices are thin, greasy, floppy, and tasty as hell which are the perfect components that comprise a satisfying drunk piece of pizza. Don’t let the number 3 ranking fool you. From a quality standpoint, it’s in the mix for the top piece of pizza in Vegas, the only thing holding it back is its slightly inflated price point ($7).

Surfboard sized slice of pizza from Pin Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood
Pin Up Pizza

2. Evel Pie: Almost an attraction outside of the pizza they offer, Evel Pie’s atmosphere is equally alluring. The Fremont East pizza shop has an Evel Knievel theme with memorabilia covering the walls and 2 pinball machines available for play. Pizza by the slice options are displayed at the counter and the slice is heated at the time of purchase. Once reheated, the thin crust had a nice “crispness” or crunch factor although the slice was large enough that folding it was necessary to maintain its structural integrity. Setting this slice apart though was the flavor of the pepperoni which was notably high quality and exuded the perfect amount of spice. We recommend taking advantage of Evel’s $6 slice and a beer deal.

Slice of pizza from Evel Pie on Fremont Street
Evel Pie’s take on Pep

1. Pizza Rock: The best pizza by the slice in a city with a lot of great options, Pizza Rock is the king of kings. Worth the 1 block walk from the Fremont Street Experience, Pizza Rock calls Downtown Grand home and offers both a sit-down restaurant and a walk-up window for slices to go. The slice at Pizza Rock was by far the largest of its competitors, heated at the time of purchase, featured a ton of high-quality spicy (but not overpowering) pepperoni. It’s a thin crust pizza with a thick edge which proved to be tasty, filling, and a great handle. Bravo, Pizza Rock. Damn, that was good.

Massive slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Rock at Downtown Grand
Pizza Rock – Look at that topping density. Look.

Interestingly, we found that the best pizza in Las Vegas was downtown and that the quality was delivered at a lower price point. Fremont Street pizza options tended to run $4-$5 while prices on the Strip were $7-$8 on average. While all of the slices listed are worth pouncing on, Pizza Rock is worth an extra trip and then some.

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Saturday 21st of August 2021

I'm so glad you guys had my favorite on your list!! Pin Up Pizza is my favorite and I always make sure to get a slice when I visit Vegas!! (FYI- their garlic knots are bomb!!!)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.