Loosest Slots and Best Games Odds in Vegas

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Where can you find the loosest slots in Nevada? Where are the tightest? Are certain denominations of slots looser than the rest? What table games gave Vegas gamblers the best odds of winning big? How about the worst?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has released their 2017 gaming revenue report which details how much money casinos won per game, and by location. We wanted to take a peek and break down which market in Las Vegas had the loosest slots and what denominations of slot machine were the loosest. Additionally, we look at which table games in Las Vegas were best for the player, and for the house. We broke the information down into easily digestible bar graphs so that you know the best places to gamble, and games to play in Las Vegas.

We looked at the information for all Non-Restricted gaming establishments. Essentially, the big casinos.

Casino win percentage for slots is calculated by dividing the money the casino held (won) by the money actually wagered by the player during the course of play. Example: You put $100 in a slot machine and stretch your cash out for an hour. Eventually, you lose the entire $100 but you played $1,800 in spins in the process of doing so. In this case $100 (your loss) / $1,800 (total played) would equal a 5.55% casino win rate.

Casino win rates for table games are a bit different as its difficult to measure the total amount wagered by a player. Table game win rates can be thought of as the percentage of the player’s buy in that was held by the establishment as a win. Example: You bought into a blackjack table for $100, played a number of hands and cashed out for $85. The casino won $15 of your initial $100 dollars for a 15% win rate.

First, we wanted to look at how loose the slots were in and around Las Vegas to identify where players had the best chances statistically. As it turns out, the Vegas Strip had the tightest slots at a 8.04% casino win rate. On the flip side, casinos in the Boulder Strip Area featured the loosest slot machines at a mere 5.66% house win rate.

Parking Fees, Resort Fees and now tight slots!? You’re better than this Strip.

Next, we looked at slot denominations state wide and what slot denominations were the loosest/tightest. The graph below shows that penny slots, most commonly played by Vegas travelers, were very tight, giving the Casino a 9.83% win rate. Megabucks was even worse at 12.07%. Players statewide found the loosest slots at the $25-dollar denomination, only a 4.97% casino win rate.


Sports betting offered an interesting twist as the major sports gave the casino a very small edge (3-6%) over the player. Parlay cards however skyrocketed the house advantage to 24.12% in 2017!

Which table games gave Vegas gamblers the best odds in 2017? If you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, or at least extending your bankroll, stick to Baccarat, BlackJack and Craps – See the graph below. As always, to give yourself the best odds, avoid side bets and find a blackjack table that offers 3-2 blackjack. Boycott 6-5 tables.

The table games below gave players the worst odds and payed the bills for the casino. 3 Card Poker, Let it Ride and Pai Gow Poker gave the house the biggest win rate over the year. If playing Pai Gow, stay away from the fortune bonus and ignore the dealer when they point out the 1 hand out of 20 that you would have hit a 3-1 payment to increase your odds significantly.

Hopefully this guide is useful in your hunt for the loosest slots in Las Vegas! The key is to break away from the beaten path and you should not be afraid to play taller denominations to give yourself the best odds. As for Vegas table games, give yourself the best odds by sticking to classics like blackjack and craps and avoiding low odds side bets.

View the source information we used to gauge how loose or tight Las Vegas slots and table games were in 2017.

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  1. Learn to play poker. No house odds, but they do take a percentage of the prize pool for tournaments and “rake” a portion of each pot in cash games.

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