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Things To Do at Every Fremont Street Casino

Things To Do at Every Fremont Street Resort

According to a 2019 Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority profile survey, 42% of visitors visited downtown during their trip. The reasons for making the trip are numerous. Gambling is cheaper, and slots are slightly looser when compared to those on the Strip. Additionally, people venture downtown to see the neon facades that have all but disappeared elsewhere in town and to catch a glimpse of the overhead light show running daily.

Even if you don't plan to gamble, there are an incredible amount of reasons to visit downtown Las Vegas given the number of things there are to do. Whether you're looking for a great steak, an inexpensive comedy show, or a thrilling zipline attraction, Fremont Street has you covered.

Below, we'll dive into what things there are to do at each hotel and casino on Fremont Street, to include a comprehensive list of non-gambling activities.

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