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Where is the Uber/Lyft Pickup at the Airport in Las Vegas?

Taxi cabs and shuttles have dominated airport transportation in Las Vegas for decades, however, Uber and Lyft are now commonly leveraged as ride share’s popularity grows nationwide.

While the location to catch a cab at Harry Reid Intl. is clearly labled, the ride share pickup location is a bit murkier.

Given my own struggles finding the Uber & Lyft pickup location at Harry Reid on numerous occasions, I figured it would be helpful to construct step-by-step instructions to aid in finding them in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

TIP: Don’t request your Uber or Lift pickup from your phone until you arrive at the designated ride share pickup location as they commonly are staged and arrive quickly.

Ride Share Pickup Location in Terminal 1

  • If you didn’t check a bag, stay on level 2 and make your way towards the parking garages which are labeled.
  • You’ll know you’re on the right path if you pass over the baggage claim carousels below and see the “Hacienda” airplane hanging from the ceiling to the left.
A small airplane labled with "Hacienda" is hanging from the ceiling above baggage claim.
See this on the left? You’re on the right track – Keep walking! ©boarding1now/123RF.COM
  • Keep walking toward the parking ramp past the retail shops and restaurants that line the hallway after you pass over baggage claim. Slots will be in the middle aisle tempting you – Resist the urge and save your action for an actual casino.
  • Once you get to the parking ramp, take the pedestrian bridge to the Terminal 1 parking garage.
  • At this point, follow the signs to the designated Uber/Lyft pickup location.

If checking a bag, follow the signs to baggage claim to snag your bag. Once you do, take an elevator back up to level 2 and head towards the parking ramp following the steps above.

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Ride Share Pickup Location in Terminal 3

  • Once you de-board, follow the signs toward baggage claim. Note that If you land at the D gates, you’ll first need to take the red tram to terminal 3, then follow the signs to baggage claim.
  • Keep walking past baggage claim towards the doors to leave the terminal, but do not leave.
  • When you reach the doors, take a nearby escalator or elevator up one level to “Level 1”. Those escalator/elevator options can be found by doors 52, 54, or 56. This step is poorly labeled at the airport. I’ve found myself getting tripped up here a few times.
An escalator in Terminal 3 that leads to the second level needed to access rideshare.
This is the escalator you’re looking for. Look for the small orange “Rideshare” sign (on the pillar).
  • After taking an escalator or elevator up to level one, simply cross the pedestrian bridge to the Terminal 3 parking garage.
  • Once you make it to the parking garage, take the stairs or elevator down to the Valet Level.

Ride Share Drop Off at The Airport

Ride share operators Uber and Lyft can drop you off at either terminal’s departure lane which is the same drop-off point that traditional cabs ad the general public use.

Hopefully, my step-by-step guide to finding the ride share pickup locations at both Terminals 1 and 3 of Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas was helpful!

Have these instructions handy as signing in the airport directing visitors to Uber/Lyft pick-up locations is certainly lacking.

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Feature Image: ©brunopui/123RF.COM

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Thursday 5th of October 2023

Thank you! Going to the Sphere in a couple weeks!


Sunday 7th of August 2022

Thank you for this. Super helpful.


Friday 24th of December 2021

Thank you for posting. Last time in Vegas, it took us forever to find Lyft. By the time we found pickup location, lyft driver left. It didn't take long for another one to arrive. Great idea don't call for pickup until you are at pickup location.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.