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Where To Find Live Bingo In Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • Live bingo has gone extinct on the Strip, with no casinos offering it currently.
  • Bingo still thrives, however, at Plaza (downtown) and in a good number of casinos away from the Strip and Fremont Street.

While live bingo in Las Vegas tends to be more popular among locals, visitors also commonly seek a place to play. The game is appealing for those who want to kick back, enjoy a cocktail or six, relax, and watch balls get pulled for a chance at a substantial payday.

Making live bingo in Las Vegas more exciting is the presence of additional bonuses, progressive jackpots, and side games (sometimes carrying an extra cost) that provide a shot at bigger money.

Unfortunately, bingo in Las Vegas has largely disappeared from the main tourist corridors, although there are still options both downtown and just off the Strip if you’re willing to take a cheap Uber/Lyft.

Below I’ll delve into your live bingo options in Las Vegas and link out to the property’s webpage so you can quickly assess their schedule, costs, jackpots, and special events!

Live Bingo On The Strip

Unfortunately, live bingo on the Strip has now gone extinct. There are still appealing live bingo games available both downtown and away from the Strip (see below).

Live Bingo On Fremont Street

Plaza: Although Las Vegas as a whole seems to be moving away from live bingo, Plaza has embraced it.

Anchoring the Fremont Street Experience, Plaza has an expansive 280-person bingo hall and offers sessions at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm daily.

Adding to the excitement, Plaza offers a “Hotball Jackpot” per session with progressive prize amounts.

Plaza is currently the only live bingo game offered in downtown Las Vegas.

Plaza Las Vegas exterior llluminated at dusk
Plaza – ©kitleong/123RF.COM

Live Bingo In Las Vegas Off The Strip

Although live bingo has all but disappeared on the Strip and Downtown, Las Vegas still offers an impressive number of live bingo rooms just off the Strip.

Palace Station: As part of a recent renovation project, Palace Station created one of the nicest live bingo environments in Las Vegas.

The 350+ seat bingo hall is open 7 days a week and offers sessions that start at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm, and 11 pm.

Palace Station is accessible via a free Strip shuttle that departs from the Fashion Show Mall.

Courtesy of Station Casinos

Red Rock: Live bingo is offered during the odd hours from 9 am – 11 pm in Red Rocks’ 600+ capacity bingo hall. As an added bonus, all players at Red Rock receive 2 free cocktails per session.

Boulder Station: Boasting a massive 400-seat bingo hall, Boulder Station brings some serious live bingo action. In addition to a big room, Boulder offers an assortment of jackpots and side games to inject some excitement into your experience. Sessions run daily on odd hours from 9 am – 11 pm.

Jerry’s Nugget: Located in North Las Vegas, Jerry’s Nugget offers live bingo sessions from 11 am – 9 pm starting at each odd hour. In addition to traditional bingo, Jerry’s Nugget also offers a couple of jackpot side games that cost $1 – $2 to enter.

Sam’s Town: Offering daily live bingo sessions from 11 am – 11 pm on odd hours, Sam’s town also offers “Hotball Jackpots” throughout the day.

Mystic Falls Park at Sam's Town
Mystic Falls Park at Sam’s Town – ©kitleong/123RF.COM

South Point: Bingo sessions at South Point run from 11 am – 11 pm on odd hours. Jackpots offered by South Point’s bingo hall include Cashball jackpots each session and a $10,000 jackpot for a coverall achieved in 52 balls or fewer.

South Point Las Vegas Exterior

Gold Coast: Among the largest bingo halls around Las Vegas, Gold Coast can accommodate up to 720 players. Offering 7 sessions daily from 11 am – 11 pm starting on odd hours, Gold Coast also offers Cashball jackpots and exciting progressive jackpot add-on games.

Green Valley Ranch: Located in Henderson, Green Valley Ranch is a relatively inexpensive rideshare trip from resorts on the Strip and offers daily bingo in a large hall. Sessions run on the odd hours from 9 am – 11 pm.

Exterior of Green Valley Ranch with palm trees in the foreground

Sunset Station: Also in Henderson, Sunset Station offers a 450-seat bingo hall with sessions running daily from 9 am – 11 pm on the odd hours.

Casino at Sunset Station
Sunset Station’s Casino – ©kitleong/123RF.COM

Playing live bingo in Las Vegas can be a great way to limit your losses to a pre-defined amount while passing the time.

Although live bingo on the Strip has gone the way of the dodo bird, I hope that my rundown of options was able to help you identify a bingo hall that will work for you and your group!

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Feature Image Credit: © andreblais/123RF

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