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Las Vegas Transportation Options

There are a number of Las Vegas transportation options available to assist you in getting around during your vacation to include busses, cabs, rideshare, as well as monorail/tram systems. Below, we put together an all-inclusive list of transportation options in Las Vegas spanning all budgets and luxury preferences to help you plan for your trip. As you’ll see, there are plenty of ways to get around Vegas without a car.


Among the most convenient and cost-effective Vegas transportation options are rideshare apps. All Vegas casino properties now have Uber/Lyft pick-up locations that are clearly labeled. This method of transportation has become popular because it’s cheaper than using cabs and you are less likely to get “long hauled” as Uber and Lyft drivers just follow the directions provided by the app.

If you ever do have concerns that a rideshare driver took the “scenic route” you can easily ask Uber or Lyft to review the ride to see if a refund is in order.  

Cost examples: 

  • Bellagio to Fremont Street: $14 using UberX 
  • TI to Mandalay Bay: $10 using UberX 
  • Flamingo to Circus Circus:  $9 using UberX 

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Pickup locations for taxis at resorts are typically in a more convenient location than their rideshare peers, and cabs are lined up ready to go at all times meaning there is no wait for your ride. Although cabs are among the quickest Las Vegas transportation options, that convenience comes with a price. Fares are generally 20%-30% more expensive than rideshare apps but if you are looking to take off quickly or don’t have a smartphone then cabs can be a good option.  

Adding to the expense, cabs charge an extra fee to use a credit card so bring cash or prepare for an even more expensive ride.

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The most expensive and luxurious transportation option in Vegas are limos. Limousine services from companies like Presidential, Bell, and Omni are typically billed by the hour and you can expect to pay around $60/hr for a stretch option.

Las Vegas Monorail

The Monorail can be an inexpensive way to get up and down the east side of the strip. The Monorail runs north from Sahara to Westgate and then down the east side of Las Vegas Blvd. south to MGM Grand. There are stops at Harrah’s, Flamingo, and the Las Vegas Convention Center as well. Here’s a breakdown of Monorail costs: 

Monorail Rates:

  • Single Ride: $5 
  • 24 Hour Pass: $13 
  • 2 Day Pass: : $23 

The main knock on the Las Vegas Monorail as a form of transportation on the Las Vegas Strip is that stations are located behind the casino properties and are often a significant walk. If you’re OK with covering some ground on foot though, the Monorail can be a great way to get up and down the east side of the strip and north to Sahara or Westgate. Day passes can be purchased in advance here.

 The Monorail does not currently connect to the airport or downtown, however, you can learn more about the Las Vegas Monorail system here.

The Deuce Bus

The Deuce bus route runs up and down the Strip and connects to the Fremont Street Experience downtown. Stops are numerous, clearly marked, and located in front of nearly every Strip casino. Just start walking in either direction on the Strip and you’ll hit one. Riders can use the self-service kiosk to conveniently buy a single ride, 2-Hr or 24 Hr passes at most stops. Buses run every 15 minutes during the day and the route is in operation around the clock.  

Deuce Bus Fares:

  • 2-HR Pass: $6  
  • 24-HR Pass: $8 
  • 3 Day Pass $20 

While the bus is among the cheapest transportation options in Las Vegas, it’s often not the fastest as frequent stops are made. If you’re in a hurry, employ another mode of transport.  

Check here for more info on The Deuce bus route to include notable stops.

Getting around Vegas on Foot: The most common way to get around Las Vegas is on foot. There is no better mode of transportation to view all the properties and people-watch along the way. Be warned, resorts appear closer than they are in reality. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t be afraid to catch a ride if you get tired!  

Free Las Vegas Transportation Options

There are a few free trams in Vegas that may help you out. There is a free tram that runs from Excalibur to Luxor to Mandalay Bay at the south end of the strip on an elevated track.

There is also a tram that connects Mirage and TI and another that connects Bellagio, Crystals, and Park MGM/Aria. 

Several hotels downtown and off the beaten path offer free shuttle service to the Strip. Check out our full list of hotels that offer Strip shuttle service here.

Downtown Las Vegas Loop Shuttle

The free shuttle allows riders to hop on and off at notable destinations downtown like Circa, the Mob Museum, City Hall, Symphony Park, Pawn Plaza, the Arts District, and even Strat. Check out the full Downtown Loop route/stop list and other tips here.

Renting a Car

If you plan to rent a car to get around Vegas, ensure you book your reservation in advance as it will be significantly cheaper. If you go with a second-rate (meaning cheap) rental company, you can reserve a car for as little as $20 plus fees and tax (which will drive the cost up to about $45 per day).

If you wait until you get to your hotel, there will still be opportunities to rent, but it will be more expensive.   

Paid parking at many Las Vegas resorts is making renting a car a more spendy proposition, although there are still places to find free parking on the Strip. Ultimately, there are numerous ways of getting around Las Vegas without renting a car. In our opinion, a rental isn’t necessary. More on the pros and cons of renting a car in Vegas here.

Underground Loop Transportation System

A new addition to the Las Vegas Convention Center campus, Elon Musk’s Boring Company has drilled two tunnels that will ferry convention-goers across campus via autonomous electric vehicles. Although no plans to expand the system citywide have yet come to fruition, Boring has drawn up preliminary plans to connect the airport, Strip properties, and downtown Las Vegas via their subterranean Loop system. At this point, both Wynn and Resorts world are exploring connecting to the Las Vegas Convention Center via Boring’s Loop solution. Read more on the current convention center system, and potential citywide expansion here.

Hopefully, our rundown of Vegas transportation options was helpful! There are certainly options for all needs and budgets making a car rental unnecessary in most cases. Let us know in the comments what your preferred method of getting from place to place!  

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This is the best summary of getting around Vegas that I've seen.

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