Transportation Options in Las Vegas

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Once you get to your hotel, there are a number of transportation options available to assist you in getting around Las Vegas to include public transportation, cabs, ride share, as well as monorail/tram systems. What are the best ways to get around Vegas?


One of the best ways to get around Vegas without a car is by employing ride share apps. Most Vegas casino properties now have Uber/Lyft pickup locations that are clearly labeled. This method of transportation has become popular because it’s cheaper than using cabs and you are less likely to get “long hauled” as Uber and Lyft drivers just follow the directions provided by the app.

If you ever do have concerns that a ride share driver took the “scenic route” you can easily ask Uber or Lyft to review the ride to see if a refund is in order.  

Uber Pool is a way to get a cheaper ride in Vegas. Essentially, you are volunteering to share a car with another person or group. It can delay your trip by a few minutes but if you aren’t in a rush you can save a few bucks.  

Cost examples: 

Bellagio to Fremont Street: $11 using Uber Pool / $14 using UberX 

TI to Mandalay Bay: $9 using Uber Pool / $10 using UberX 

Flamingo to Circus Circus: $7 using Uber Pool / $9 using UberX 

A new option offered by Uber known as Uber Express Pool offers a cheaper alternative to Uber Pool. This model is similar to Uber Pool as you’ll be sharing a car with others, however, instead of picking all riders up where they are, Uber will pick a centralized pickup point that all parties will walk to. Uber Express Pool will combine riders originating from roughly the same area and traveling to the same area (Example: Getting from Fremont Street to the Strip). The Uber will then drop everyone off at a central location between all rider’s destinations and provide you walking directions the rest of the way. Uber Express Pool will save you $2-3 as compared to Uber Pool on a Fremont to Center Strip ride.

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Taxi Cabs 

All Casino properties in Las Vegas have cab pickup locations and they are the quickest way to grab a ride in Vegas as you don’t have to wait for them to arrive like you do with Uber and Lyft. Fares are generally a bit more expensive than rideshare apps but if you are looking to take off quickly or don’t have a smartphone then cabs can be a good option.  

Cabs charge an extra fee to use a credit card so bring cash or prepare for an even more expensive ride.

 Las Vegas Monorail

The Monorail can be a great way to get up and down the east side of the strip. The Monorail runs from SLS to Westgate and then down the east side of Las Vegas Blvd. south to MGM Grand. There are stops at Harrah’s, Flamingo and the Las Vegas Convention Center as well. The Monorail is also an inexpensive way to get around in Vegas: 

Monorail Rates:

Single Ride: $5 

24 Hour Pass: $13 

2 Day Pass: : $24 

The main knock on the Las Vegas Monorail as a form of transportation in is that the stations are located behind the casino properties and are often quite a walk. If you’re OK with a leisurely stroll though, the Monorail is a great way to get up and down the east side of the strip and north to SLS or Westgate. Day passes can be purchased in advance here.

 The Monorail does not currently connect to the airport or downtown.

The Deuce Bus/SDX 

The Deuce bus is one of the cheapest ways to get around Vegas and runs along the Strip and Fremont Street. You can catch the Deuce at stops up and down the strip and can conveniently buy single ride, 2-Hr or 24 Hr passes at most stops. Busses run every 15 minutes during the day and the route is in operation around the clock.  

Deuce/SDX Bus Rates: 

2-HR Pass: $6  

24-HR Pass: $8 

3 Day Pass $20 

While the Deuce is an inexpensive way to get around the city, its often not the fastest as the bus makes frequent stops. If you’re in a hurry, take another mode of transport.  

The SDX (Strip Downtown Express) is the quicker way to get from the strip to downtown Las Vegas as the SDX makes fewer stops. You can buy tickets for the SDX at the machines located at the SDX stops – pricing is the same as it is for the Deuce above.

View SDX and Deuce schedules HERE for a list of stops!

Getting around Vegas on Foot 

The most common way to get around Las Vegas is on foot. There is no better mode of transportation to view all the properties and people watch along the way. Be warned, everything looks closer than it actually is. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t be afraid to catch a ride if you get tired!  

Free Las Vegas Transportation Options 

There are a few free trams in Vegas that may help you out. There is a free tram that runs from Excalibur to Luxor to Mandalay Bay at the south end of the strip on an elevated track.

There is also a tram that connects Mirage and TI and another that connects Bellagio, Crystals and Park MGM/Aria. 

Several hotels downtown and off the beaten path offer free shuttle service to the Strip. Check out our full list of hotels that offer Strip shuttle service here.

Renting a Car 

If you plan to rent a car to get around Vegas, ensure you book your reservation in advance as it will be significantly cheaper. If you go with a second-rate (meaning cheap) rental company, you can reserve a car for as little as $20 plus fees and tax (which will drive the cost up to about $45 per day).

If you wait until you get to your hotel, there will still be opportunities to rent, but it will be more expensive.   

Speaking of costly, paid parking in Las Vegas is making renting a car a more spendy proposition.  

Hopefully our rundown of how to get around Las Vegas was helpful! There are certainly options for all needs and budgets making a car rental unnecessary in most cases. Let us know in the comments what your preferred method of getting from place to place!  

Picking the right transportation option is the key to an affordable Vegas trip – Check out our other tips on doing Vegas cheap!

Updated 8/15/2019

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