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How to Find the Hidden Ghost Donkey Bar at Cosmopolitan

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UPDATE: Due to decreased demand and capacity restrictions, Ghost Donkey is currently closed.

Food options at Cosmopolitan receive a considerable amount of buzz on social media and for good reason. Whether enjoying one of Cosmo’s sit down restaurants, their Wicked Spoon Buffet, or a fast-casual option like Eggslut, you’re assured a unique and high-quality experience.

Although Cosmo’s known restaurants and bars are fantastic, their hidden food and drink options tend to drive the greatest amount of buzz. One of those options, Ghost Donkey, is an unadvertised speakeasy featuring handcrafted mezcal and tequila cocktails and one hell of a cool atmosphere.

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Find this door and walk on through.

So, Where Can Ghost Donkey Be Found at Cosmopolitan?

The secret bar calls Cosmopolitan’s Block 16 food court home which is located on the second floor near the Chandelier Bar, across the hall from Holsteins. What sets Ghost Donkey apart from the other tenants in the food court, however, is the lack of signage or storefront to alert the casual passer-by to its existence. To find Ghost Donkey, head to the back of the food court and find a door with the donkey (pictured below on it). Open the door, step in and you’ll find yourself in the small speakeasy with a distinct New York City vibe.

Immediate change of atmosphere when you cross the threshold of the door from Block 16 to Ghost Donkey.

The idea of a speakeasy, or hidden bar, is genius. Although Ghost Donkey’s existence is now relatively well known among Vegas regulars, there is still a feeling of “being an insider” sitting at a bar that many are oblivious to. A concept like Ghost Donkey incorporates all the character and uniqueness that the rest of Vegas seems to be moving away from.

Ghost Donkey also has an intimate vibe hard to find at a mega-resort which adds to its allure. With only 10 stools at the bar and seating for 10-15 more throughout the room, the entire space isn’t much larger than a typical hotel room.

In our opinion, there is so much more to this bar than the novelty of it being hidden. Ghost Donkey’s service, cocktails, and food options are honestly next level. Generally, I tend to be a $3 Michelob guy, however, I found the $17 Pisterolo to be an outstanding change of pace and worth the price tag. Although unable to define what half the ingredients are, I found the mix of tequila, ancho verde, roasted poblano, pineapple, and lime created a spicy, yet sweet concoction that when mixed with the salt lined rim was fantastic.

Pisterolo and a drink Menu. No, I didn’t eat the pepper. I have a no veggie policy in Vegas.

In addition to specialty cocktails, Ghost Donkey also serves a lineup of specialty nachos to include Truffle Nachos with white cheddar sauce, black truffles, and chives.

Ghost Donkey opens daily at 4 pm and the door stays unlocked until midnight on weekdays and 2 am Friday and Saturday. The drinks, food, and service are great. Combine that with the experience that finding a hidden bar like Ghost Donkey provides – Amazing.

Here is a link to Ghost Donkey’s full menu.

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