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Las Vegas Pool Cabanas – Frequently Asked Questions

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A key amenity at most resorts, pools in Las Vegas are built to impress. After all, Sin City’s endless supply of sun makes the destination a haven for sunbathers. While most visitors make spending time by the pool a priority, many overlook the possibility of renting a cabana, assuming they are not needed, or out of reach from a price standpoint.

We too once resided in that camp, completely skipping the cabana and instead, getting to the pool early to reserve a lounger. Fortunately, we have since learned that lining up at the pool entrance in the morning like it’s Black Friday to stake our claim on some real estate is unnecessary. We discovered the value of cabanas in Vegas and will never look back.

We thought it would be helpful to put together answers to a few frequently asked questions that surround cabana rentals in Las Vegas to help others as they navigate the pool scene.

How much do Cabanas Cost in Las Vegas?

The price spectrum is wide depending on the property, amenities provided, quality of the pool, and demand during the dates you wish to book a cabana. Cabanas are typically cheaper mid-week and during off-peak times, with weekend dates in the summer costing a pretty penny.

The cheapest cabanas on the Strip can be found at properties like Excalibur, Luxor, Planet Hollywood, New York New York, STRAT, Paris, etc. The key is to shop around in advance as many pools now have an online reservation system that provides date-specific pricing upfront. Cabanas at less expensive properties can commonly be had for $50-$150 for the day. Relatively cheap pool cabanas on Fremont Street can be found at Downtown Grand and Plaza, both of which are a fantastic value.

More expensive cabana options will be found at upper echelon pools like those at Wynn, Caesars Palace, Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and Bellagio.

Tip: Before booking a pool cabana in Vegas, always check Groupon as there are frequently deals to be had!

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How are Pool Cabanas Billed in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas pool cabanas are either billed as a flat fee, a food and beverage minimum, or a combination of the two. It’s imperative that you understand upfront how your cabana will be billed.

A flat fee is exactly what it sounds like, a fee paid for the use of a Cabana that is not redeemable for drinks or food.

A food and beverage minimum billing arrangement means that the amount paid for the cabana can be applied to purchases made on drinks and meals. Personally, this is my preferred arrangement as I feel I’m getting more for my money… and I drink a lot… but mostly the first thing.

Others charge a combination. For instance, LINQ and Flamingo are examples of pools that charge a flat rate upfront, and there will be a food and beverage minimum that needs to be met the day of.

What Happens If You Don’t Hit the Food and Beverage Minimum?

Unfortunately, you still need to pay that amount, whether you used the balance on food and drink or not. So drink up, or order food to go if it’s close.

What’s Included as Part of a Cabana Rental?

While amenities included in cabanas differ slightly from resort to resort, most offer a fridge, TV, bottled water, a safe, and a personal server in addition to seating and shade. Some cabana options also offer complimentary snacks or light food options.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Pool Cabana?

Las Vegas pool complexes fill quickly and seating can be hard to come by if you don’t get there early. Reserving a cabana allows you to confidently arrive later in the morning with the knowledge you’ll have a spot to relax.

If visiting the pool with a group, a cabana can serve as your home base, ensuring you are able to secure seating near each other. As an added benefit, the cost of a cabana is greatly reduced when split a few ways. Our favorite use case for a cabana in Vegas is betting sports, watching the games poolside, and hopping in the pool during commercial breaks.

Cabanas also serve as a place to store your valuables as most come with a safe. This allows you to avoid the conundrum of having to either leave your valuables behind at a lounger unsecured or bring them into the pool with you.

Oftentimes, renting a cabana allows you to access a pool at a hotel you are not a guest at. Check with high-end pools to gauge if non-guests are able to rent a cabana to upgrade your pool scene.

Overall, a cabana provides guests an upgraded pool experience with as much sun or shade as they desire, free bottled water, a TV, and guaranteed seating. In our opinion, a cabana is often worth the upgrade.

What are the Cons of Renting a Cabana in Vegas?

The main knock against cabanas is the price, especially if renting one at a top-tier resort. During peak times, a cabana rental can cost upwards of $750+, although the hefty price tag is more palatable when splitting amongst a group.

Pool pricing for food and beverages also isn’t cheap. Even if you scored a cabana with a minimum spend arrangement, you’re likely to burn through it pretty quickly paying $35 for a bucket of Bud Lights. Our advice? Live it up. Go in with a plan for what you’ll spend and don’t stress the expense. Enjoy the experience, and win it back on the craps table later.

All in all, if you’re hoping to spend an entire day by the pool, a cabana can be a solid investment as it ensures seating, provides shade, a safe for your valuables, waters, a fridge, and allows you to watch the game you bet on. Especially if hitting the pool with a bachelor party, or bachelorette party, having a home base and keeping the group together is a must.

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