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Las Vegas Resorts with Free Shuttle Service to the Strip

Key Points:

  • Strip shuttles used to be a common amenity offered by off-Strip resorts, however, nearly all have been permanently axed.
  • Only one resort, Tahiti Villiage, still offers free transportation to and from the Strip.
  • Fortunately, other cheap/free transport options exist including The Deuce Bus and Downtown Loop shuttle.

Las Vegas can be an expensive destination, especially if you plan to stay at one of the numerous upscale resorts along the Strip.

With that in mind, some visitors look to save money by booking hotels away from the Strip that offer a free shuttle to where the action is.

I figured it would be helpful to build, and maintain, a list of Las Vegas hotels that offer a free shuttle to and from the Strip.

Guests staying on the Strip can also leverage these shuttles to escape the tourist corridor and check out properties off the beaten path! For gamblers, I recommend doing just that as slots are typically looser, and table game rules are more favorable the further you get from touristy areas.

Free Strip Shuttles From Downtown Las Vegas

Although The Cal and Fremont once offered a free shuttle to the Strip, service was paused at the onset of the pandemic and has not returned. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that these Strip shuttles are lost forever.

There is not currently a free shuttle that runs from Fremont Street to the Strip.

Other options to consider include:

Downtown Loop: A free shuttle service that picks riders up at several stops along Fremont Street, the Downtown Loop offers a stop at STRAT on the north end of the Strip. If you need to get to STRAT, or just want to get closer to resorts on the Strip for free, this could be a good option.

Deuce Bus: While not free, the cheapest way to get to and from the Strip is now the Deuce Bus which costs $6 hours for a 2-hour pass and $8 for a 24-hour pass.

A double decker bus with the Fontainebleau hotel tower in the background.

Free Strip Shuttles From Off-Strip Casinos

Tahiti Villiage: A resort south of the Strip, Tahiti Villiage offers a Strip shuttle that runs from 10am – 10pm and drops off at both Excalibur and TI.

Exterior of Tahiti Village Las Vegas.
Courtesy of Tahiti Village

And that’s it…What was once a common amenity has now almost disappeared completely from the Las Vegas market.

While some of the former shuttles once offered (listed below) are likely gone for good, I remain hopeful that options will be resurrected in the near future.

Discontinued Free Strip Shuttles

The following resorts in Las Vegas suspended their free Strip shuttle service at the onset of the pandemic and have yet to bring them back. Hopefully, we see some revived, although, I fear that many are lost for good.

  • Fremont
  • Gold Coast
  • Orleans
  • Palace Station
  • California
  • Sam’s Town
  • Red Rock
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • M Resort

The following resorts discontinued their shuttle to the Strip before the pandemic:

  • Rio
  • South Point

If shuttles are your jam, make sure you check out our piece on hotels that also offer free transportation to and from the Airport!

Feature Image: ©welcomia/123RF.COM

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.