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Best Pools in Las Vegas – Lazy Rivers, Wave Pools & More!

A key resort amenity, pool quality is oftentimes more important to visitors than the casino, guestrooms, dining options, or other ancillary entertainment.

While many come to Las Vegas to test their luck and rabble-rouse, others look forward to relaxing and soaking in the desert sun.

With that group of people in mind, I wanted to create a guide to help you identify the best pools in Las Vegas, both on the Strip and on Fremont Street – After all, booking a resort with a tiny, shaded, or dated pool scene could be a tragic miscalculation.

Although there isn’t a “best” pool in Vegas (in my humble opinion), there are several solid contenders for that distinction.

Below are pools that I consider to be in the upper echelon.

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Notable Pools On The Strip

Mandalay Bay’s Beach

Mandalay Bay’s Beach pool complex has firmly entrenched itself among the best on the Strip. Why? How much time do you have?

What makes Mandalay Bay’s pool spectacular is the diversity of experiences it offers. The 11-acre complex boasts a 1.6 million gallon wave pool that churns out 6-foot tall waves, a real sand beach, a jogging path, a lazy river, and 4 swimming pools.

Nothing beats a relaxing float on a lazy river the day after you “overindulged”.

Mandalay Bay Pool from above
Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts
Wave Pool at Mandalay Bay
Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts

MGM Grand

Like Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand ranks among the top pools in Vegas due to the diversity of amenities spread out over a sprawling 6.5-acre complex.

Encompassed within MGM Grand’s pool deck are a 1,000-foot-long lazy river, 3 whirlpools, and 4 pools complete with waterfalls.

The environment has a tropical feel thanks to the abundance of palm trees and plant life, which also serve as a privacy barrier segmenting the pool deck into smaller sections.

The best way to get a feel for the size and scope of the pool at MGM grand is from above.

MGM Grand's pool complex from above
Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts
Lazy river cuts through palm trees and seating at MGM Grand.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace spans 5-acres with pools on 3 levels.

Comprised of 8 total pools spread across the complex, you’re sure to find space to stretch out and absorb some rays.

Like others on the list of top pools, Caesars earns mention not only for the expansive nature of its pool deck but for the sights your eyes feast on while lounging.

Nestled between hotel towers, Caesars’ does a fantastic job extending the resort’s Roman theme and decor to the pool creating a unique and differentiated experience.

Uniquely, guests have the opportunity to play swim-up blackjack in the shaded Fortuna Pool. Yes, it only pays 6:5 on a blackjack (Boo!), but being able to test your luck while being partially submerged is worth the trade-off.

Garden of the Gods Pool Complex at dusk
Garden of the Gods – Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment
Temple Pool at Caesars Palace
Temple Pool – Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment


Consistently recognized as one of the most luxurious resorts in Vegas, it won’t surprise you that Bellagio’s pool is also highly regarded.

Incorporating 5 pools and 4 hot tubs into a Mediterranean-themed pool deck, Bellagio provides a relaxing environment to rest and rejuvenate before tackling the day ahead.

Although expansive, the pool deck is divided into several separate courtyards creating a more intimate vibe.

Pool at Bellagio with hotel in the background
Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts
Main pool at Bellagio with hotel tower in the background
Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Flamingo‘s GoPool

Another pool in Vegas with a tropical vibe, Flamingo’s GoPool incorporates a waterfall and lagoons into a visually appealing complex that resides on the “rowdier” side of the “relaxation/party spectrum”.

While “untz seekers” are sure to enjoy the GoPool, those that prefer a quiet, relaxing experience may want to look at other options, like Flamingo’s “Family Pool”, which is physically separated from the chaos of the GoPool.

Among my favorite features of Flamingo’s design is the incorporation of palm trees in the middle of the pool.

A 21+ experience, guests can check the calendar of events at Flamingo’s GoPool in advance here.

Flamingo's GoPool at dawn
Flamingo’s GoPool before the chaos

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As one of the nicest hotel properties in Las Vegas, a top-tier pool experience is expected and Cosmopolitan delivers on that promise with two distinct pool scenes.

Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool is perched on the rooftop near the front of the property providing stunning views of the surrounding Las Vegas Strip. Boulevard is billed as being Cosmopolitan’s “upbeat” pool with music and a festive atmosphere.

Adding to the uniqueness of the Boulevard Pool is that loungers can be found on various levels surrounding the pool, allowing guests to find the perfect amount of seclusion, sun, or shade.

Complete with a poolside bar, and jacuzzi big enough to fit about 25 people, Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool is among my favorites in Vegas.

Uniquely, the pool deck also transforms into both a movie-viewing venue on select summer evenings and an ice skating rink during the winter months.

Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Pool with no people in it, surrounded by purple loungers and daybeds.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Pool is located on the south side of the property and is designed to be a quiet place to relax without the constant thumping of bass.

“Chill” is the best way to describe Chelsea which also remains open year-round.

Chelsea Pool with partially submerged loungers. In the background is a cabana with purple accents.
Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Pool – Courtesy of MGM Resorts


As you would expect, one of the most luxurious properties in Las Vegas also has one of the best pool experiences on the Strip.

While absent are the wave pools, lazy rivers, and sand beaches that draw the masses to other top pools in Vegas, Wynn excels at quiet, relaxing, elegance.

Their main pool is shaped like a long barbell and is surrounded by privacy producing greenery and plant life. Wynn’s pool is in the top echelon due to the beauty and class that the complex exudes.

Uniquely, Wynn’s pool also offers craps and blackjack tables poolside.

Wynn's Main pool
Wynn's pool with Encore in the backbground

Resorts World

One of the newest additions to the Strip offers an impressive pool experience that blew me away the first time I experienced it.

Perched atop Resorts World’s roof, the pool deck provides spectacular views of resorts to the south like Wynn, Encore, TI, Palazzo, and The Venetian.

The 5.5-acre complex is comprised of 9 different pools that range from shallow options designed for families to an infinity pool that overlooks the Strip.

Like other top pools in Vegas, Resorts World’s pool area is spread out and separated by trees and cabanas, providing a more private and intimate experience.

Unique amenities available to guests include yard games like cornhole, submerged loungers, and even hammocks.

Pool with a fountain at Resorts World
Pool with submerged loungers at Resorts World
View from Resorts World Las Vegas' Infinity Pool

The Venetian & Palazzo

With a combined 7 pools that match the level of quality guests have come to expect at Venetian and Palazzo, this combined rooftop pool deck ranks among the best in Vegas.

In addition to your “run-of-the-mill” pools, Venetian boasts 3 infinity pools and a splash pad. Palazzo offers a 1-foot deep lounge pool. Both pools offer a number of hot tubs and their own bar.

With a variety of available seating options, you’re destined to find the perfect amount of sun and privacy.

Venetian Las Vegas Pool
This’ll do.
Pool at Venetian Las Vegas
The pool at Venetian – Early morning shot that explains the absence of sun… and people.

An Honorable Mention

Paris‘ Soleil Pool

While the circular rooftop pool won’t blow you away, the Soleil pool deck’s location on Paris’ rooftop is pretty darn unique, sandwiched between the hotel tower and the replica Eiffel Tower.

paris's pool with the Eiffel Tower in the background
Paris’ Solel Pool – Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment
The circular Soleil rooftop pool and Paris' hotel tower viewed from above.
Paris’ pool and hotel tower.

Notable Pools On Fremont Street

Circa‘s Stadium Swim

Circa’s Stadium Swim has easily earned the title of being the best pool on Fremont Street, boasting a 143-foot screen that displays live betting lines and sporting events.

Although the screen steals the show, the pool itself is no slouch with 6 separate pools, 2 jacuzzis, and 2 swim-up bars.

Every one of Circa’s 330+ loungers, 30 cabanas, and 38 daybeds all point toward the screen so you’ll never miss a minute of the action.

Stadium Swim at Circa with Plaza in the background

Circa keeps the water heated to a balmy 86 degrees all winter long, meaning you can take advantage of this haven while most resorts have their pools shuttered.

Although guests of Circa, The D, and Golden Gate have complimentary access to the pool deck, non-guests can access Stadium Swim for a small cover (typically $20, but it can be more during peak times/special events).

Stadium Swim Rooftop Pool Deck at Circa Las Vegas
Circa’s Stadium Swim rooftop pool deck screen

The Tank at Golden Nugget

Although recently dethroned as the top option on Fremont Street by Circa, Golden Nugget’s Tank still packs a punch.

The pool itself is built around a 200,000-gallon aquarium that houses an array of tropical aquatic life including sharks.

Jutting through the middle of the aquarium is a clear tube waterslide that allows riders to get up close and personal with the sharks.

One of my favorite aspects of The Tank, however, is the poolside gaming that’s offered. My wife and I have spent numerous late nights at their craps tub that’s commonly offered at a $5 minimum.

The Tank at Golden Nugget

If booking a hotel with an upper-echelon pool is a priority, you’ll have a difficult time going wrong with any of the above resort options. Have a great time in Vegas, and enjoy your poolside relaxation!

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Sunday 16th of April 2023

Try again. Waves no longer anywhere near 6 feet in the wave pool. Maybe 2 feet. I don't think "wave pool," is a correct term any longer with the size of the, "waves."

Night Legend

Thursday 1st of December 2022

Best pools in my opinion are the ones with waterfalls ie. Flamingo and Mirage.The Go Pool at Flamingo is adults only and has a really chill vibe.

Danielle Renee Williams

Thursday 12th of May 2022

I am a disabled local. I love having dinner at the bucahnal spelling probably wrong I am extremely dissatisfied with after paying over $80.00 For the buffet. I as a local is charged $40 for parking I was shocked. Can Caesar’s do something about this It has caused me several times to change my plans. While family was visiting 2 car loads of family now became $40.00 per car. I have no problem paying for the buffet it is the best meal I have ever tasted. Making me a local pay for parking is just wrong in so many ways. Please change these parking arrangements for LAS VEGAS LOCALS THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Terrel Earl

Tuesday 1st of February 2022

I love going to Las Vegas is my favorite vacation but my favorite hotel is Excalibur The Mirage and Treasure Island it got stores and restaurants The Pool Spa Fitness everything the show

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