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Look Inside the Bonanza Gift Shop in Las Vegas!

Key Points:

  • The Bonanza Gift Shop is packed with an eclectic variety of souvenirs that range from shirts and hats to toys and luggage.
  • The main draw of Bonanza is the vast selection of items available – This is the mother of all gift shops.
  • That being said, this isn’t a “ritzy” shopping experience. Most items are on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

If you’ve been to Las Vegas, then you’ve likely driven past the Bonanza Gift Shop which is located on the north end of the Strip and boasts 99-cent souvenirs, 3 for $10 T-shirts, and other outrageous deals.

Not only do they claim to be the largest gift shop in Las Vegas, but Bonanza claims the crown of “World’s Largest” on their exterior signage.

I personally had driven past Bonanza’s weathered exterior and massive sign countless times over the years, but never made much of an effort to make a stop in – Until now.

Curiosity finally got the best of me.

Bonanza's weathered exterior marquee with STRAT's SkyPod towering over head in the background.

I thought it would be fun to visit the sprawling, somewhat disjointed, souvenir shop with the intent of giving you a peek inside to determine if it’s worth slotting into your itinerary.

Where is the Bonanza Gift Shop in Las Vegas?

Certainly not centrally located, the Bonanza Gift & Souvenir shop is located on the Strip at the intersection of Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. kitty-corner from Sahara and across the street from the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

Other notable landmarks nearby include Ahern (formerly Lucky Dragon) and Golden Steer, both about a block west on Sahara, and STRAT visible to the north on the Strip.

My Experience at the Bonanza Souvenir Shop

I stopped in at around 10 am with the intent of finding a couple of inexpensive souvenirs for my daughters.

There’s plenty of free parking out front, but the area isn’t all that glamorous. Even at that early hour, there was a steady flow of “rougher” transient folks moving through and hanging out in the parking lot in front of the store. Pretty typical for Vegas, however, and I never felt unsafe.

The inside of the store is a meandering, scattershot, unfocused monstrosity – and I say that in the most positive way possible.

When they say they have everything, they mean everything.

It’s a really enjoyable souvenir shop to explore as there is something completely different around every corner.

As I expected, Bonanza offered the predictable assortment of hats, shirts, keychains, magnates, jewelry, shot glasses, flasks, casino memorabilia, and trinkets emblazoned with the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on it.

In addition to standard souvenirs, unique oddities were also on the shelves like moccasins, “Davey Crockett” styled raccoon hats, dreamcatchers, suitcases, pipes, dog clothing, toys, cups shaped like *coughs*… body parts, candy, and even an entire section of toy slot machines.

I snapped a bunch of pictures to help you visualize what the Bonanza Gift Shop is all about and think you’ll know at a glance whether this store is for you.

A rack of colorful chocolates and candies at the Gift Shop.
Candies, many of which emblazoned with images of the "Welcome to Las Vegas Sign" on a display rack.
An assortment of gummy candies and suckers on display.
Rack after rack of shirts with various "Las Vegas" messaging. Many of which are priced at $10.99.
Women's shirts on numerous racks, and hung on the wall in the background.
A wall full of Moccasin display models, and boxes down below.
Native American lamps, picture frames, dreamcatchers, and other goods on display.
Fur raccoon hats in the style of Davey Crockett hange from a rack.
Mugs in the shape of human body parts are lined up like soldiers on a display rack.
Drink glasses that come with straws in the shape of a certain male body part are displayed on a rack.
Keychains with various names on them hang from a 2 spinning racks.
Various Flasks with the "Wecome to Las Vegas" Sign sit on a shelf.
Hundreds of shot glasses on a display case.
Assorted "Jamacian themed" pipes are lined up on a display case.
Toys and childrens clothing on display on racks and a backwall of a room in the shop.
Dog shirts with "I Love Las Vegas" written on them are hanging on a rack.
Suitcases of various sizes and colors are lined up on the sales floor.
An entire section of the store dedicated to toy slot machines.
Socks with unique and fun designs hang from a pole in the store.

As you’re likely able to surmise from the pictures that you just scrolled through – There’s a lot to see, and the selection is wide-ranging.

What really caught my attention, however, were the prices. If you’re looking to snag a few cheap souvenirs for family and friends, then Bonanza could be a great option.

There was an abundance of items priced under $10 in addition to proclamations of “3 for $10” and “Everything 99-Cents!” nearly everywhere I looked.

The Verdict: Is the Bonanza Gift Shop in Las Vegas Worth Visiting?

Think of the Bonanza Gift & Souvenir Shop as the mother of all souvenir shops in Las Vegas.

The draw, in my opinion, is the size and selection as opposed to the quality of the items. This isn’t a ritzy shopping experience, but most people shopping for magnets, shot glasses, and keychains aren’t exactly looking for that anyway.

Visiting Bonanza could be a great alternative to hopping from divey shop to divey shop on the Strip and Fremont Street, allowing you to instead make one single stop to satisfy your souvenir needs.

The eclectic sales floor is loaded with deals, oddities, and the standard Las Vegas souvenir assortment you’d expect. It’s a fun store to explore.

While stores like this aren’t my personal cup of tea (I much prefer throwing dice), I think folks looking for cheap souvenirs in Las Vegas should find time to visit.

If you’ve decided to make a stop, I recommend working it into your visit downtown from the Strip or vice versa as it’s situated between the two tourist corridors.

If you don’t mind taking a few extra steps, you can even access the gift shop via The Deuce bus route which offers a northbound stop at Sahara (across the street) and a southbound stop at Hilton Grand Vacations (a 10-minute walk to the south).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.