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Cheap Things To Do in Las Vegas – (Under $25) – Strip & Downtown

With prices on the rise across the country, travelers are being forced to re-evaluate how they spend their travel budgets to stretch their money. Visitors to Las Vegas are no different.

According to a profile survey conducted by the LVCVA, the average visitor spent $83.83 on entertainment over the duration of their trip. My goal is to help you fit as much as you can into that amount (or your own personal budget).

I figured it’d be helpful to keep and maintain, an updated list of cheap things to do in Las Vegas, both on Fremont Street and the Strip.

To qualify as “cheap”, an adult ticket must cost less than $25.

NOTE: While the focus here is on affordable activities, everything below does have a cost. I’ve also constructed the most comprehensive list of Free Things To Do in Las Vegas on the internet (90+ ideas!).

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Cheap Things To Do On The Strip

Pinball Hall of Fame: Located just south of Mandalay Bay, the Pinball Hall of Fame is a shrine to the game. Inside, you’ll find an impressive collection of pinball games that date as far back as the 1930s. While admission is free, you’ll need money to play (.25 – .50 per game).

Change machines are available!

Pinball Hall of Fame Exterior
Hard to miss.

See a Bar Made of Ice: Looking to beat the heat? Check out one of Minus 5 Ice Bar’s 3 locations on the Strip (Mandalay Bay, LINQ, and Venetian). Constructed completely of ice, this one-of-a-kind bar costs a hair under $25 to visit. While the price includes entry, gloves, and a parka, drinks are extra.

A wide angle photo of the Icebar which features a faux fireplace on the right and the bar on the left.

Taste Test Soda: The Coca-Cola Store on the Strip provides the opportunity to sample popular sodas from around the world. You’ll be amazed at what flavors other cultures find to be good, trust me. Yikes. Best yet, the taste testing experience is cheap!

Exterior of Coca Cola Las Vegas, which features a giant illuminated glass Coca Cola bottle.

Drink Your Fill at Blondies: One of my favorite bottomless drink deals in Vegas is found at Blondies, which serves as much draft beer and well drinks as you can handle from 3 pm – 6 pm, Monday – Friday, for a mere $20.

Blondies can be found in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Miracle Mile Shops Entrance
Cheap Drinks Galore – ©yooranpark/123RF.COM

Play Video Games: The HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor offers 1-hour gaming passes for $15 and 2-hour packages for $25. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner child, or are looking for something to do with kids in Vegas, this could be the perfect option.

Esports Arena Big Screen at Luxor

Play at an Arcade: On the topic of channeling your inner child, Arcades in Las Vegas are an inexpensive way to pass the time and can be found right on the Strip at several kid-friendly resorts that include Excalibur, NYNY, and Circus Circus.

The Big Ring carnival game at Circus Circus

Big Apple Coaster: Sitting atop NYNY, the Big Apple Coaster is a wild ride that sends riders upside down several times. In addition to being thrilling, it also surprisingly ranks as one of the cheapest things to do in Vegas, with tickets costing $19.

Worth. Every. Penny.

new York New York's Big Apple Coaster goes upside down
Big Apple Rollercoaster – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Rent a Pool Cabana: If you’re visiting with a group, a pool cabana could be a great splurge. Acting as a home base with guaranteed seating and shade, a cabana could easily cost less than $25 per person and keep you busy all day!

Pool Cabana at Downtown Grand
Our Cabana at Downtown Grand’s Citrus Pool Deck – Basic, yet effective.

See a Movie atop Cosmopolitan: During the summer, Cosmopolitan plays movies on their Boulevard Pool deck as part of their “Dive-in Movie” series. Examples of movies they screen on their marquee include “Encanto”, “Men in Black”, “Black Panther”, and more.

Better yet, you can get in for $15 per person.

Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Pool with no people in it, surrounded by purple loungers and daybeds.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Skate at Cosmopolitan: In the winter months, the Boulevard Pool deck transforms into an ice rink overlooking the Strip. Skate rentals are available, as are smores! Don’t miss one of the more unique things to do in Vegas during the winter!

Skaters glide across the ice skating rink at Cosmopolitan.
The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan – Courtesy of the LVCVA

Snag Some Art at Cosmopolitan: Scattered about Cosmopolitan are repurposed cigarette vending machines that now distribute art for just $5 per item.

A bright yellow art vending machine with numerous items to purchase for $5.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: Showcasing a rotating assortment of work from artists that have included Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol, and more, Bellagio’s Fine Art Gallery is also affordable, with tickets landing well shy of our $25 threshold.

I recently stopped in – Take a look inside Bellagio’s Art Gallery!

A statue/sculpture stands about 8 feet tall in the middle of the room surrounded by wall art depicting nature.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Ride the High Roller: Weighing in at 550 feet tall, the High Roller provides some of the best views of the Strip available. An iconic part of the skyline, it’s surprising that it also qualifies as one of the cheapest things to do in Vegas, with adult tickets starting at just under $25.

Adding to the value proposition, you can also commonly save a few bucks by booking your ride with, here.

I recently took my 5th ride – See my High Roller daytime ride review!

High Roller Observation Wheel with Brooklyn Bowl sign in the foreground
Linq’s Promenade anchored by the High Roller

VR Adventures on the LINQ Promenade: VR Adventures offers a number of experiences for $25 that include a jungle river raft ride, a rollercoaster ride, a haunted elevator, and even a trip around the world.

Topgolf at MGM Grand: If you’re looking for cheap group activities in Vegas, Topgolf could be a great option. Hitting bays can accommodate up to 6 guests and pricing starts at as little as $40/hr – That’s total, not per person. If you split that tab up, you have yourself one of the least expensive things to do in Las Vegas.

Driving range at Topgolf
Topgolf Las Vegas

STRAT’s Observation Deck: STRAT ranks among our favorite places to visit due to their cheap and unique attractions. Their SkyPod observation deck is over 1,140 feet above the Strip and costs $23 per person to access when purchased in advance here, with

Check out my recent visit to STRAT’s SkyPod and Observation Deck!

Strat Las Vegas Skypod Exterior

There are also 3 rides atop STRAT’s tower that are equal parts amazing and inexpensive. For a few dollars more, you can add one ride to your observation deck purchase… but I’d recommend that thrill-seekers add all 3.

Notably, you can also typically save a few bucks on your observation deck + rides purchase with as well.

XScream tilting riders out over the edge of the tower.
Insanity's arm extending riders out over the edge of the tower

Go Souvenir Shopping: The unique, and sprawling Bonanza Gift Shop is located on the north end of the Strip near Sahara and offers the largest selection of collectibles, gifts, and souvenirs in Las Vegas.

I recently stopped by and was amazed at the number of items that were available at a sub $10 price point.

Bonanza's weathered exterior marquee with STRAT's SkyPod towering over head in the background.

Twilight Zone Mini Golf at Horseshoe: One of the more unique mini golf courses out there, Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf is illuminated by black light and features characters and scenes from the hit show.

At a price of $11.95 per person, this 18-hole experience certainly qualifies as inexpensive.

I recently stopped by – Check out my Twilight Zone Mini Golf review!

The mini golf course photographed from a distance. Each hole is lined by white and black walls, the white glows under the black lighting.

Dino Safari at Horseshoe: Walk amongst animatronic dinosaurs at Horseshoe’s Dino Safari, which is designed to appeal to kids and families.

In addition to life-sized dinosaurs that move and make noise, the exhibits offer interesting facts about the creatures on display and will give your kids the chance to participate in some interactive activities.

Admission to Dino Safari starts at around $22 for adults and just under $20 for kids, and tickets can be priced out with:

I recently stopped in – See my review of Dino Safari at Horseshoe!

2 different types of dinosaurs standing next to eachother. The one in the foreground is on his hind legs and has a startled look on his face.

Swing Into a Comedy Club: There are a number of comedy clubs up and down the Strip that feature up-and-coming acts at a price point that is commonly below $25.

Most shows feature 3-4 comics with comedic styles that span the spectrum, meaning there’s usually a little something for everyone.

I recently stopped into Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at LINQ to see Gina Brillon + a few openers and was thrilled with the value received for $22 plus fees!

You can shop comedy options for your dates, here.

The stage at Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club before the show.

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Cheap Things To Do on Fremont Street

Neon Museum: During the day, adults can buy a general admission ticket to the Neon Museum for $20. For those unfamiliar, the Neon Museum is a 2.25-acre outdoor space packed with 250+ neon signs that once hung proudly around Las Vegas. It’s amazing.

I’ve personally taken a daytime guided tour, which is slightly more expensive than the self-guided option, and would recommend the additional expense. Our guide was a wealth of knowledge.

Neon Musem during the day
Credit: The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

At night, check out “Brilliant! Jackpot”, a show that brings signs in their north gallery to life with projection technology. Tickets start at $23.

See my Review of Brilliant! Jackpot!

A sign depicting a cowboy with a handlebar moustache with the letters STAR in the background.
Brilliant! Jackpot at the Neon Museum

The Movie Prop Experience: Located in Neonopolis along Fremont Street, The Movie Prop Experience is home to hundreds of set-used props and costumes from movies and shows like “Stranger Things”, “Harry Potter”, “Die Hard”, and so much more.

I recently stopped into The Movie Prop Experience and was impressed.

Adult tickets cost $20 and kids under 12 years old get in free.

Chucky the doll stands in a glass case.

Explore The Old Mormon Fort: A mere mile away from Fremont Street, the Old Mormon Fort was the first permanent settlement in Las Vegas, originally constructed in the mid-1800s.

The State Historic Park offers an indoor museum that educates visitors on the fort’s history, uses, and owners before letting them loose outside to explore the fort site.

At just $3, the Old Mormon Fort definitely qualifies as cheap entertainment!

See my Old Mormon Fort Review, with more pictures!

Crumbling exterior walls surrounding the Mormon fort site.

See a Show at 4 Queens: While shows rarely qualify as one of the cheapest things to do in Vegas, two well-received options can be found at 4 Queens. Tickets to both can commonly be found for around, or just a hair above $25 on (linked below).

The first, Mike Hammer Comedy Magic has earned an impressive 4.5/5 stars on after 250+ customer reviews.

The other, Hypnosis Unleashed is one of the only hypnosis shows in all of Vegas and has earned 4.5/5 stars on after 65+ reviews.

Kevin Lepine on stage with sleeping audience members behind him

Some Cheaper Options Away From The Strip

Catch a Karaoke Show: Whether you sing yourself, or you prefer to sit back and watch others make a fool of themselves, karaoke can be an inexpensive way to enjoy Sin City. While the drinks will set you back some money, admission is completely free at most of these karaoke bars.

Visit Springs Preserve: A short drive from the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, Springs Preserve is a collection of attractions that include a butterfly habitat, botanical gardens, splash pad, playground, and 3 museums that educate visitors on the history of southern Nevada and the region’s scarce water resources.

A cactus with multiple prongs reaches up toward the blue sky with a large palm push in the background.
Botanical Gardens at Springs Preserve

The premier draw to Springs Preserve, however, is Boomtown 1905, which is a recreation of an early 1900s town that guests are able to explore. A blast from the past, you’re able to walk right into a bank, saloon, mercantile exchange, residential home, and even a hotel.

Best yet, tickets can be bought for $18.95 per adult, which gives you access to everything Springs Preserve has to offer.

I recently visited Springs Preserve – Take a Look!

A street view of Boomtown 1905, where all the buildings on wone dside of the street are visible.
Boomtown 1905 at Springs Preserve
Interior of the Arizona Club Saloon which has bright green walls, a wooden bar, and tables with chairs scattered about.
Inside the Arizona Club at Boomtown 1905.

Visit the Clark County Museum: Once administered by Mark Hall-Patton, or as you may know him, “The Beard of Knowledge”, The Clark County Museum educates guests on the history of Southern Nevada from the ice age through today.

I recently visited the Clark County Museum and was blown away by the experience, especially Heritage Street, which is a collection of historic homes that tell the story of their former occupants and Clark County.

Best yet, the museum is a mere $2 per person to visit ($1 for kids!) – Talk about cheap!

A few houses line the shaded Heritage Street.
Heritage Street at the Clark County Museum

The Natural History Museum: Located a short 5-minute drive from Fremont Street, the Natural History Museum offers exhibits on marine life, geology, ancient Egypt, dinosaurs, the African Safari, and Nevada Wildlife.

Adult tickets cost $12.

I recently visited the Natural History Museum and must say that I was underwhelmed by the experience. At $12, it still qualifies for the cheap list, even if it wasn’t my personal favorite, however.

Two stuffed lions take down a horned animal in a staged scene.

Dueling Pianos: On that same note, there are a number of dueling piano bars in Las Vegas that are free to enter – Just pay for drinks!

Entrance to Eastside Lounge at Encore with 2 pianos sitting in the middle of the lounge and Encore's pool in the background viewable through the windows
Eastside Lounge at Encore is one dueling piano option.

Drink Cheap: No, don’t pay $10 for a bottled domestic beer at the casino bar. Instead, leverage our guide to find happy hours on Fremont Street and cheap drink deals on the Strip and create your own money-saving pub crawl!

Casino Royale Exterior
Cheap beer inside – ©aneese/123RF.COM

Visit a Speakeasy: Speakeasies in Las Vegas are gaining popularity, and are relatively cheap. Free to enter, cocktails usually cost $15-$20 each. A speakeasy is much more than a bar – It’s truly an experience.

I’d recommend checking out The Ski Lodge at Cosmopolitan, which easily ranks as one of my favorites.

Interior of The Ski Lodge with LED screens behind the bar simulating windows overlooking a snowy landscape
The Ski Lodge

Gorge Yourself at the Buffet: Although most buffets in Vegas come with a hefty price tag, both The Buffet at Circus Circus and The Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station (downtown) land in the $25 price range, qualifying as the cheapest buffets in Vegas.

While I’d describe neither as high-end, they both give you the chance to eat a lot of calories for a relatively small cash outlay.

The buffet at circus circus from a distance
The Buffet at Circus Circus

Take Advantage of Freebies: Lastly, I’d urge you to scope out our rundown of 90+ FREE activities in Vegas. After all, free is cheaper than cheap!

A hot air balloon and blimp made of flowers in Bellagio's Conservatory
My favorite freebie – Bellagio’s Conservatory

While it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable things to do in Vegas, I hope you found an item or two for your itinerary. Despite the bad wrap, Vegas can still be a value destination if you know where to look!

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