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Look Inside The Oft-Overlooked Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • The Coca Cola Store is stocked with a wide-ranging variety of merchandise that extends well beyond shirts, hats, and magnets.
  • My favorite aspect of the attraction is the “Around the World Tray”, which allows you to sample popular soda options from other countries, which can be eye opening.

A Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas is ironic as the brand is almost non-existent in the casino properties that surround it. That’s right, Las Vegas is essentially a “Coke Desert” with the majority of Strip resorts having exclusive deals with the brand’s arch-rival, Pepsi.

With that in mind, a store devoted to all things Coke feels like a form of protest. Almost like a middle finger to the status quo. Sticking it to the man (I just watched School of Rock).

I thought it would be fun to swing into the Las Vegas version of the Coca-Cola Store to help you determine if it’s worthy of a slot in your itinerary.

A Coca Cola neon sign modeled to look like the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Why It’s a Worthwhile Stop

Genuinely Unique Merchandise

Obviously, this is a store dedicated to selling merch plastered with the trademarks of brands underneath the Coke umbrella.

While the typical assortment of shirts and hats were available, I was impressed with the more unique and eclectic items.

That included soda can-shaped pillows, luggage, Christmas ornaments, “old-timey” wall art, model cars and trucks, earbuds, pocket watches, and even sculptures made from shredded Coke cans.

I also thought it was cool/nostalgic that many items for sale had historic logos from a bygone era.

Here are a bunch of photos from inside the Coca-Cola store to give you an idea of what’s for sale:

The ground level floor of the store photographed from above on an excalator.
Shelfs of pillows designed to look like Coke, sprite, etc. cans.
A table with vintage soda shirts with shelving in the background with additonal shirts, pillows, etc.
Christmas ornaments and decor on shelving.
Clothing modeled on 3 manequins in front of a stylish advert covered wall.
Trucks and Cars depicting various brands on a shelving unit.
Mugs, bottles, and other drinkware on wall shelving that extends into the distance.
An elephant created with pieces of shredded red Coke cans.
This took some talent.
Earbuds that look like little red Coke cans.

The Soda Bar

On the top floor of the store is a soda bar that sells soda (obviously), floats, coffee, Icees, and even some light snacks like chips and pretzels.

The reason you visit, however, is the “Around the World Tray”, which comes loaded with 16 different sparkling and still beverages from around the world. I’ve personally now tackled the tray 2 times, and had the most fun experiencing it with my kids, who were shocked at what flavors are popular in other countries.

If you’re looking for family-friendly activities on The Strip, consider this a great option.

A line of patrons queues up for the soda bar on the top floor of the store.
The soda bar.

Reasons to Skip It

A Mess at the Soda Bar

To be expected, but crowds, kids, and soda don’t mix. There were a few spots in the cafe area where it felt as though my shoe was stuck to the ground, and that stickiness was detectable on my shoe for about half the day.

Not a deal breaker by any stretch, just watch where you step if you venture upstairs.

It’s Just a Store…

To some, this is the appeal. To others, this is a reason to steer clear. Ultimately, I think you’ll know by now if this is the type of store that interests you and your group.

Ultimately, I think the Coca-Cola Store is worth a stop if you’re a “die-hard” fan of the brand. Merchandise options extend well beyond your typical shirts, hats, and keychains into some pretty eclectic and cool categories. If you’re into Coke, this is a prime spot to find a souvenir.

The soda bar upstairs is a draw in and of itself, and I can’t recommend the “Tastes of the World” soda tray enough. While I didn’t do it on this visit, My wife and I did it on one of our first trips to Las Vegas and found it to be a blast.

A few years later, we had the opportunity to introduce our kids to the challenge at Disney Springs in Orlando, and they thought it was hilarious. Seriously, if you’re coming as a family then you have to stop in and make a memory.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.