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Flamingo Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat – The Good & The Stinky

Key Points:

  • Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat is stocked with a variety of birds and fish from around the world.
  • While you may want to plug your nose, the habitat area’s relative quiet, thick foliage, and water features offer a great contrast to “typical Vegas” attractions.

One of Flamingo’s more unique attractions is their wildlife habitat, which is home to an assortment of birds and fish, although the resident flock of Chilean flamingos receives the most attention.

Visible from inside the walkway that leads from Flamingo’s casino floor to the LINQ Promenade to the north, I’ve seen the habitat countless times through the window, but never made the effort to wander out to explore.

A sucker for free activities in Las Vegas, I decided to finally walk through the flamingo habitat with the intent of sharing my experience to help you gauge if it’s worth a visit.

Let’s start with what I liked.

Reasons To Swing By

It’s Beautiful: Not only is the habitat visually appealing, but it’s quiet, with the sounds of trickling water omnipresent. I enjoyed wandering the trails, reading the informational placards, and just observing the animals.

The animals almost play “second fiddle” to the views of waterfalls, tropical trails, and Flamingo’s hotel tower I was treated to through the tree cover.

Flamingo's hotel tower towers over and is visible between palm tree canopies.
A waterfall emptying into a pond below, surrounded by trees and bushes.

Animal Diversity: I knew that I’d see flamingos, but was surprised by how many varieties of fish were represented in the habitat. Species on display included Nishikigoi Koi, White Sturgeon, Grass Carp, and Albino Channel Catfish.

A flock of pink flamingos wonder the habitat.
Obligatory flamingo picture.

Few things calm a guy down like watching a plump Koi fish navigate a small pond.

A group of large Koi fish gather in a rocky pond.
I feel calmer already.

The Wildlife Habitat is also home to an assortment of non-flamingo birds including Wood Ducks, Red-Crested Pochard, Hooded Mergansers, Mandarin Ducks, and Radjah Shelducks among other species.

Even a few turtles were milling about.

A group of turtles sunning on rocks in a pond.
Sunning turtles

Lots of Information: Along the walkway are descriptions of what animal you’re looking at, where they originate from, and fun facts about them. Some nuggets I appreciated include:

  • Grass Carp are a minnow and can reach weights of 100+ lbs.
  • White Sturgeons frequently live over 100 years.
  • The oldest known Nishikigoi Koi lived to be 226 years old.
  • Although curved as adults, Flamingos are born with a straight bill.

In addition to informational placards, the Habitat offers free “Keeper Talks” at 8:30 am and 2 pm daily at the dock.

A dock extending out into a pond where the zookeeper talks occur daily.
Meet here for Keeper Talks!

Spend Time Reading the Bricks: I thought it was fun to peruse the memorial bricks that made up portions of the pathway near the wedding chapel.

I chuckled thinking how many of the marriages commemorated on the walkway have since dissolved, only to be etched in stone as a “forever reminder” of what once was.

All I know is, that when I pass away, my loved ones better pony up for a memorial brick so that I can live on in my happy place forever.

Fun Fact: They cost $225 and can be ordered here. On second thought, I may just buy my own memorial brick in advance to make sure it gets done :).

Bricks that make up a pathway that each pay tribute to a person, or couple.

Mixes Things Up a Bit: I found the quiet beauty of Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat to be the perfect contrast to the smoke, commotion, and crowds that are tough to escape on the Strip. If you need a moment of peace, this is the perfect solution.

Reasons To Steer Clear

The Smell: I can’t sugarcoat it. Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat has a very distinct “zoo odor” that I’d describe as a blend of rotting fish, stagnant water, feces, and algae. I was able to overcome this by breathing through my mouth.

Not Much Action: This is the type of attraction that’ll appeal to a certain demographic. I think you’ll know if that’s you. This isn’t action-packed by any means and would likely be considered boring to some.

Overall, I found the Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo to be a relaxing and interesting diversion. If you’re staying at the resort or nearby, I recommend grabbing a morning coffee and taking a stroll through the area before the heat and crowds build.

It’s a great spot to decompress after spending a few hours on a craps table or pecking the slots.

Oh, and while you’re there, make sure you make a donation and respectfully rub Buddha’s belly for luck. Can’t hurt, right?

A statue of Buddha placed in the habitat with trees and the Flamingo hotel tower in the background.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.