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Review of the Hunger Games Exhibition at MGM Grand Las Vegas

Key Points:

Update: The Hunger Games Exhibition has permanently closed. Check here for additional family-friendly itinerary ideas.

Calling MGM Grand home, The Hunger Exhibition immerses fans of the hit novel and film franchise in the story.

Highlights of the Hunger Games attraction include a “train ride”, trivia, a costume gallery, interactive experiences, a re-creation of President Snow’s office, and an interactive archery experience.

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a Hunger Games “die-hard”, I’ve seen the movies, enjoyed them, and figured it would be fun to finally experience The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at MGM Grand with the intent of sharing my experience.

The exterior of The Hunger Games Exhibition at MGM Grand Las Vegas.

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition Cost

The Hunger Games Exhibition in Las Vegas carries along with it a bit of sticker shock, with tickets starting at $49.95 (kids are $39.95) when purchasing directly with the attraction.

Before buying, I recommend also checking the price available on, which is commonly less expensive.

For this visit, I scored a ticket on for $34.95, which was inclusive of taxes and fees. After purchasing the ticket online, I received an email receipt that instructed me to visit the attraction and let them know I had pre-booked with

Once I arrived, I checked in, they found my ticket, and I was in. Pretty slick.

My Experience at the Hunger Games Exhibition in Las Vegas

I arrived exactly when the Hunger Games Exhibit at MGM Grand opened, so I had the place to myself.

As mentioned, checking in at the ticket counter was painless, and after filling out a waiver on a tablet (which took no more than 2 minutes), I was all set.

I was instructed to stand in front of a large door and wait for it to open. Once it did, I stepped into the forest scene pictured below.

A forest, which is backlit with an eerie green color.
Into the forest, I go.

The authentic movie costumes came early and often, with this pair of hunting costumes belonging to Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne.

Two maniquins posing in the forest, wearing authentic costumes from the movie.

After turning the corner to exit the forest, I reached a screen where a “Message from the Capitol” was played before I boarded a “train” to go there. Of course, there were more authentic movie costumes to see.

A screen that played a message from the capitol.
3 movie costumes on maniquins displayed next to the screen.

“Train Ride” To the Capitol

After the video, I was instructed to board the train to the capitol and take a seat. During the simulated ride, a member of the staff who acted as an actual train attendant provided instructions and foretold what I could expect after getting off.

A bench on the "train" with 6 windows that had a view outside into the surrounding forest.

The train was home to a scene from the movie franchise and more authentic costumes (below).

A movie scene on the train that had 3 maniquins wearing costumes from the movie.
The scene on the train.

Hunger Games Trivia

Once I stepped off the train, I found myself inside a game of Hunger Games movie trivia. It was pretty cool – The screen displayed a question with 2 possible answers. You then vote with your feet, standing in either the A or B circle.

I mentioned that I’m not exactly a “die-hard” fan, but those that are will likely enjoy this as the questions get pretty granular and “in the weeds” if you will. I wasn’t overly successful.

A room with a TV screen displaying trivia questions. On the floor are two giant circles labled A and B, that you stand in to answer the question on the screen.

President Snow’s Office

Once I had my fill of trivia, I moved into a reproduction of President Snow’s office, where guests are invited to take photos, and even sit in his chair for a picture.

President Snow's office, which has white marble walls and desk, a red rug, red chair, and chandelier hanging above.
President Snow's desk and chair photographed head on. Behind the chair is a golden statue.
Pretty unique photo opp for fans of the show.

Costume Gallery

While authentic Hunger Games costumes are omnipresent as you work your way around the exhibition, there’s a room dedicated exclusively to them with descriptions under each.

Katniss' Wedding dress is featured prominently on a podium in the middle of a room full of costumes.
A wall of movie costumes on manequins.
3 Maniquins wearing Hunger Games cosumes.

Interactive Activities

Of all the exhibits within the Hunger Games attraction, I found the one following the costume gallery with 4 different interactive activities to be the most underwhelming. That’s not to say you, or your kids, won’t get much out of it… I just didn’t find them to be overly deep or interesting for more than a minute or so.

Here’s what they are:

Beetee’s Propaganda Lab: A station that allowed you to select your own clips for a propaganda video. Uniquely, there was a camera, so your face could appear in it.

A touchscreen computer that allows you to create your own 4 step propeganda video.
It’s like a “choose your storybook” but for making propaganda.

Fight Trainer: Participants stand in front of a screen and follow the movements of the actor on the screen to replicate a fight move. The screen can sense your motion and shows how close you are to perfecting the move. It’s kind of like how the video game “Just Dance” works if you’re familiar.

An actor on screen performs a fight move that the participant is challenge to follow along with.
Yes, you will look ridiculous following along in slow motion.

Science of the Arena: The screen below allows visitors to explore the science of the arena, including mutations and game changers.

A multi screen station where people can explore the science of the arena, mutations, and game changers.

Explore the Districts of Panem: Lastly, you can select districts within Panem to learn more about them, and the people that reside there.

A large touch screen with a map of the districts that make up Panem.

Hunger Games Archery Experience

The most engaging and enjoyable portion of The Hunger Games Exhibition, by a wide margin, was the archery experience.

I try to go into experiences like this with an open mind and no preconceived judgment, but I had my doubts that an interactive archery experience would be that great. Well, they pulled it off.

Upon entering the archery experience, you see there are two rows of firing positions, each with a bucket full of arrows and a bow.

The employee working the room was spectacular and gave good, easy-to-understand instructions for how to operate the bow and arrow combination. I’ve never shot an arrow in my life and found it to be pretty intuitive.

After a few practice shots, it was time for action.

In front of each firing position was a massive screen that displays digital targets. Your goal is to shoot as many as possible each round. At the conclusion of the round, you’re given your individual score. During gameplay, the employee pointed out loudly which targets were worth more, etc.

What I loved about the game is that the foam-tipped arrows were easy to shoot, flew straight, and the screen was extremely accurate about registering hits.

There were 3 or 4 total rounds, and I’m embarrassed to say that I was relatively tired afterward. I had to have fired 30-40 arrows.

Although I was alone, my competitive juices were flowing. I can only imagine that this would be a blast with friends or family.

Several firing stations facing a large screen which displays the targets. Next to each station is a box full of arrows.
Firer is holding a bow out from his body with an arrow attached, aimed at the screen.

Is the Hunger Games Exhibition Worth the Money?

Hunger Games: The Exhibition is likely a “must” for superfans of the franchise and an “If you can score a deal” for casuals like myself.

Superfans are sure to enjoy things like Hunger Games trivia, President Snow’s office, and the abundance of costumes on display that were worn in the movie.

The interactive activity room and the 4 stations within it felt like a miss to me… Perhaps it’s only intended to be a time killer for folks waiting to get into the archery experience, but the stations weren’t overly interesting or fun.

Casuals and superfans alike are almost guaranteed to enjoy the archery component which surpassed my expectations and was a blast.

To my fellow casuals out there, I think you’ll find value here if you can score a $35 ticket as I did… $50 may be a tad steep, however.

No matter what, ensure you shop around for the best deal before you book. Tickets to this attraction are almost always offered at a discount on (here). Double-check before you pay face value.

Especially, if you’re looking for something to do with kids in Las Vegas, you should give Hunger Games: The Exhibition at MGM Grand some consideration.

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