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Look Inside Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition – Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • Diana is an expertly presented museum with artifacts that include handwritten correspondence, dresses, and other “royal-used” items.
  • The exhibition does a meticulous job of detailing Diana’s life and contributions in addition to telling the story of others in the royal family.
  • As a non-royal watcher myself, I found Diana to be both informative and interesting.

Although it’s been over 25 years since Princess Diana passed away, she remains as popular and beloved as ever. In fact, recent polling from YouGov indicates that she has an absurdly high 72% favorability rating.

Las Vegas has a knack for creating popular niche attractions, and the Princess Diana Tribute Exhibition is just that.

Located within the upscale Crystals shopping center, Princess Diana Las Vegas aims to tell the story of Diana and others within the royal family with the aid of 700+ artifacts from her life.

I thought it would be fun to swing by and experience the new Princess Diana Exhibit at Crystals for myself, with the intent of sharing my experience.

Princess Diana Las Vegas Cost

Tickets to Diana: A Tribute Exhibition start at $32.95 (kids $24.95) if purchased directly with the attraction, here, and a small discount is offered to seniors, members of the military, families, and Nevada residents.

Refreshingly, fees are built into the price quoted above. No surprises here.

I was strolling through Crystals, walked up, bought a ticket, and was inside the attraction within 5 minutes. Pretty slick, and no huge crowd to battle.

If this is on your “must do” list, I’d recommend advance purchase just to be safe, however.

My Diana Experience

After zipping through the ticketing process, I was in. The Princess Diana Exhibit starts by detailing the People’s Princess’s childhood and then moves chronologically forward from there.

Each room is packed with compelling visuals, informational placards, and artifacts and I figured it would be beneficial to share some of my personal favorites.

The portion of the attraction dedicated to Diana’s childhood was especially enlightening for me, as it’s the part of her life that’s least documented and discussed here in the United States.

A wall display with a photo of Diana as a child titled "Silver Spoon, Golden Heart"

The most fascinating artifacts from her early days were examples of her actual schoolwork. Being able to see and read someone’s actual handwriting is immensely personal, and a really interesting touch.

A room of the exhibit with Diana's schoolwork haning everywhere. Examples of her schoolwork is even used as wallpaper.

Her relationship with Prince Charles was obviously well-documented from start to finish.

A room in the exhibition dedicated to Prince Charles and his status as a bachelor.

As a history dweeb, I especially enjoyed reading the newspaper coverage of their marriage from various cities.

3 different framed newspaper articles covering the marriage of Charles and Diana.,

Of course, the most popular artifact on display from this portion of Diana’s life was a replica wedding dress that provided guests with a unique photo opportunity.

While this dress (and one or two more) is a reproduction, there were numerous dresses on display that were actually worn by Diana.

A replica production of Princess Diana's wedding dress in a glass case.
A side profile of Diana's wedding dress. Behind it, a tail extends about 15 feet. Above the tail is a glass floor where guests are invited to step up and take a picture beneath white christmas lights on the ceiling.
Hop up and take a picture!
Display cases shwoing more momentos from Diana's wedding, including the flower girl and ring bearer outfits.

The life and works of Charles and Diana were well documented, which included the birth and childhood of their two boys, Harry and William.

Large portriats of Diana with her two boys.
Two portraits showing Diana and Charles with each of their sons as a baby.
6 pictures of Diana with her family.
A room in the exhibit with artifacts and information about Diana's Royal Tours.
A room in the exhibit with artifacts and information about Charles and Diana's Story.

The exhibit did a fantastic job highlighting what Diana was like as a person, her charitable works, and why she was beloved. A few of her personal letters were on display, which provided a window into her thoughts, personality, and values.

A number of hand written personal letters from Diana on display.

Extending beyond Diana, the exhibition also dives into Charles’ history and marriage to Camilla.

A room in the exhibit dedicated to information about Charles.
A wall depicting aftifacts and information about Charles' relationship with Camilla.

Some of the more unique displays found in the Diana Exhibition were her dresses. In one room were a collection of authentic “human-sized” dresses actually worn by Diana.

In another were a large number of “Doll-sized” replicas of dresses she had worn.

A room with a ton of doll-sized replica dresses on display.
Several dresses Diana wore in real life on display behind glass.

Of course, Diana’s untimely death and the funeral were also focal points of the exhibition.

A replica memorial depicting a pile of flowers at a gate.
A wall at the exhibit titled "A Final Farewell" lined with information and artifacts.
Harry, William, and Charles  pictured walking together at Diana's Funeral.

Lastly, the attraction ends on a positive note, focusing on Diana’s “Legacy of Kindness”, her sons, and their lives, marriages, and work.

A wall with an image of Diana and the phrase "Legacy of Kindness".
A wall with a large image of Harry and William in a military uniform with the phrase "The Legacy Lives On".
A room of the exhibit dedicated to Harry and Meghan.
A corner of the exhibit dedicated to William and Kate.

Is the Princess Diana Exhibit in Las Vegas Worth the Money?

While I’m not overly passionate about “all things royal”, I found the Princess Diana Exhibit in Las Vegas to be a nice combination of information-rich and captivating. In fact, I feel as though I almost got more out of the experience because I was clueless going in. I learned a LOT.

What made this attraction unique and engaging was the way they told the story. As a kid that grew up watching the History Channel, I’m a sucker for artifacts and history, and Diana had plenty of interesting items to look at – Chief among them were the hand-written schoolwork and letters that were on display.

If a non-royal-watcher like myself found this interesting, I think this qualifies as a “must-do” for anyone passionate about Diana and the royal family in general.

In fact, I’d estimate about 50% of the people walking through the exhibits with me were from Britain, and I overheard a patron with (what I assume to be) a British accent glowing to an employee about “How well everything was put together”.

British tested. Brtish approved.

If you’re looking for a museum attraction in Las Vegas and are remotely interested in Princess Diana and the royal family, give this a shot – I doubt you’ll regret it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.